Patch 2.3 is out now!

Update 2.3, which we have dubbed “Secrets of Space,” is one of biggest updates we have ever released for the Awesomenauts. In addition to the new playable character, it brings an incredible amount of balance tweaks (with all characters receiving some balance love), three new skins (including the long-awaited and oft-rumored Cynical Vinnie skin), a new in-game song, and a substantial array of improved graphical effects. The patch notes are over six pages long, and you can read up on them over here.

Let me give you the short version of it though!

news_2.3_outBam! A new character!

news_penny_skinsBoom! Three new skins!

Ooh shiny! Polished skills, bullets, shinier shinies!

New music! “I’ll Make You a Star, Baby!” by Sonic Picnic

Awesomenauts Gallery on Tumblr over 1k entries!

The Awesomenauts Gallery on Tumblr has reached a thousand entries of fan art! There’s certainly some great artists within the Awesomenauts community, and we would like to thank everyone who has made some Awesomenaut fanart for supplying us with inspiration, ideas and a good laugh here and there! It’s always humbling to see that people like your work so much that they decide to make their own versions, homages and interpretations of it. On to 2k!

Check out the amazing artwork of a very talented community!