Awesomenauts Assemble! update out now!

The first patch for Awesomenauts Assemble! on PlayStation 4 is now available! This update brings the alien-blasting Ted McPain and the daring collector Penny Fox over to the next-gen console!

In addition to the new characters console players will now be able to host custom games as well as enjoy tons of new tweaks and fixes to the visuals, balance and networking!

AwesomenautsAssemblePennyAndTed (2)

Of course, this is just the beginning of the updates heading in the consoles’ way. On that front our friends at Abstraction Games are already working on the next PlayStation 4 patch as well as getting the Xbox One ready for action.

Patch 2.5: Shadows of the Void released!

Patch 2.5 has launched and brings you a new character, an AI Editor and is now fully playable in Brazilian Portuguese!

The AI Editor will let users tinker around with existing bots or create new ones from scratch. This means you can create bot behaviour for every character in Awesomenauts! These custom bots can be used in Custom Matches and ,if good enough, may end up in the game itself for everyone to enjoy. The editor already features a wide range of functionality and debug tools but will receive new features periodically for users to play around with. You can follow community progress and find custom made bots in the newly added Modding Forum!

We’re also showing some love to our large Brazilian Awesomenauts playerbase, who brought us gems like the LBA (Liga Brasileira de Awesomenauts) tournament and many other cool spin-off competitions, by supporting their language in the game! Now they can play Awesomenauts in their native Brazilian Portuguese.

This patch also sees the entry of our newest Starstorm member: Skree! This little floating Techno-Shaman has been burrowing around in the deep recesses of the Starstorm Station. Down among the wires and all the crude machine-parts, Skree built many idols to the Robot Tech-Gods he found all over the place. After the Starstorm was accidentally jump-started back to life by one of his many tinkerings his statues did the same, convincing Skree that the spirits of technomancy wanted him to pursue a new vision-quest. This event led him to the Awesomenauts where he uses his gigantic Saw Blade-tossing and Idol-crafting skills to hunt down all non-believers of the Technomancy!

You can read all the 2.5 patch notes here and see the entire Vault (featuring Skree’s Premium Skin and music) right here!


Watch these awesome showcase matches between teams 3HM, JIS and BBQ, commentated by the talented casters FourCourtJester, SlowWolf, Weazel. These videos are made possible by the new Replay System, that we introduced in Awesomenauts Patch 2.4! We will be continuing to polish up our replays system to make sure it provides the best possible game commentary & rewatching experience possible!


JIS fields EggPlant as Clunk, shierzhi as Skølldir and Tuwiuu as Coco Nebulon

BBQ fields Fudge as Skølldir, Henke as Derpl Zork and Maecus as Raelynn


3HM vs BBQ

3HM fields Kingrichard as Penny Fox, MrPOW! as Ted McPain and Steve as Sentry

BBQ fields Fudge as Penny Fox, Henke as Ted McPain and Maecus as Sentry


Thanks to the teams and FourCourtJesterSlowWolf & Weazel for these awesome showmatches! We certainly hope there’s many more commentaries to come!