The updated 2.13 Beta is Live


The new and improved Beta for 2.13 is now live for you to check out! The Beta is all about testing out the recently announced XP system and all the changes to support it.

A lot of tweaks have been done to improve the the system and the item balance. For full Patch Notes, see here: 

For instructions on how to access the Beta, check this link: 

Have fun, and as always, tell us what you think!

Art contest for Ix the Interloper!


It’s time for phase 2 of the Design-Your-Naut 2 contest! In this phase, we are looking for your ideas on how to visualize the winner of phase one: Ix the Interloper!

You can submit your ideas here! You can use whatever medium you can muster (even bake a pie) as long as it results in a single image file. The contest is open until Tuesday, November 3rd, Midnight Pacific time.

Once all the submissions are in, we will pick the five finalists. These will all receive a cool t-shirt and custom icon in-game.

These five finalists will then all be put up for a vote to determine the final winner! The winners’ idea will be recreated ingame, and the winner will also receive an Awesome Clunk statue!

Time to get creative, and show us your awesome ideas!

Halloween has come to Awesomenauts!

To celebrate Halloween we wanted to do something special this year. That’s why we’ve created two very cool pieces of DLC on top of the regular level decorations, starting with Wicked Coco!

Wicked Coco is a skin that we’ve gotten lots of requests for ever since she narrowly lost a vote to the also awesome Coco McFly. We felt this would be the perfect time to actually get her into the game!

Anyway, on to the second bit of DLC, the Vincent Price inspired Ghosthouse announcer! We think he turned out pretty awesome, but you can listen for yourself here:

Hope you’ll have as much fun with these as we had making them!

Ix the Interloper won Design-Your-Naut 2!

The votes have been counted and the results are in! Ix the Interloper by Conorbebe is the winner for phase 1 of the Design-Your-Naut 2 contest. Ix will be added to the Awesomenauts cast soon! In short, Ix can link up with another friendly or enemy ‘Naut, and then swap places with them. But that’s not all there is to Ix, for the full details check his Facebook entry here.

Congratulations to Conorbebe and the other finalists, as they will all receive some sweet swag. Thanks again for all the awesome and creative ideas that poured in during this contest.

Soon phase 2 of the contest will commence, to determine the visuals for Ix! We’re already looking forward to seeing all the artwork you will come up with. And again, the winners will be voted by the community. We’ll keep you posted!

Time to Vote!

It’s time to let your voice be heard! We’ve selected our favourite five ideas out of the more than 900 submissions for the Design-A-Naut contest, and need your help to pick the character that will eventually make it into the game. They’re all so awesome, we just can’t decide ourselves!


Click here and vote for the design you’d like to see in the game. The idea with the highest number of likes by the end of Friday October 16th is the one that wins, so check them out and let your voice be heard!

Will it be P. Geist, the Hardboiled Detective Ghost? Or the twins from the True Talon Monastary, called Ow Ling & Ow Lei? Valentina, the Ancient Spear-Wielding Warrior currently leads the pack, but Ix the Interloper (the Crystalline Being from Luxor) and Samuel the Time-Travelling Mercenary from the Future can still catch up! Check out the full designs on our page, and vote for your favorite!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their awesome concepts over the last couple of weeks. We had an incredibly hard time narrowing down the massive list to just five different concepts, but we can’t thank you all enough for the amazing amount of fantastic ideas, incredible inspiration, and general awesomeness of your submissions!