Awesomenauts Assemble PS4 Update 1.4 Coming next week!

While we’re busy improving the Steam version of Awesomenauts, our friends at Abstraction are hard at work bringing those improvements over to console. This work is paying off as next week Awesomenauts Assemble will be updated to version 1.4!


Version 1.4 is the biggest update for Awesomenauts Assemble ever, bringing a new Naut, Sorona and Voltar reworks and lots of fixes and tweaks! Some of the improvements include a new song, new attack graphics and new bot AI.

The update will be live August 26th so get ready!

Update 2.11 White Hawk Down is out, 2.12 coming soon!

To anyone who hasn’t seen the last update yet, 2.11 has been out for a while! Bringing with it a new Awesomenaut, Rocco. He’s a tough as talons ex-cop , who shoots arrows all across the map! Even better, he’s free for every owner of Awesomenauts!

Along with the new character the a lot of things have been updated and tweaked. For the full updated Patch notes, go here.

Meanwhile we’re hard at work at update 2.12: The Cutting Edge. We’ve already revealed the upcoming character, Ksenia! For more news on what’s coming, keep an eye on Voltar’s Vault!

The Alienware Awesome Cup 2 was won by BOOM!

Some of you have suspected this might happen for a long time, as BOOM has risen to the top of the Qualifiers as soon as they started competing. Still, they faced stiff competition as matches were heating up in finals played last weekend.

But despite a great showing from newcomer Spade & His Incredible Team and AAC veteran team .ion. None could stop the Brazilian team BOOM from reaching the grand finale versus .ion. After BOOM showed their prowess in their first match, .ion made a strong comeback in the second.

However, in the final match team BOOM scored a resounding victory against .ion and thereby won the tourney!

Final standings:

1st Brazil team BOOM $1.800 – 3x Alienware Alpha
2nd Europe .ion $900 – 3x Alienware Alpha
3rd Europe Spade & His Incredible Team $900
4th Canada Team BO$$ $450

A huge thank you to everyone who played in the Alienware Awesome Cup 2! We hope you all had a good time, we sure did. For all records, standings, replays and VODs, check out the amazing Awesome Cup Site provided by our friends at Gosu gamers.

Update 2.10: Seismic Shift is here!

The new update is now live! If you haven’t done so, fire up Steam and watch it grab the new version automagically. As we’re continously pushing Awesomenauts forward, 2.10 is a kickass new update that improves existing elements in a big way while also adding some new cherries to the pie.patch210_outnow

Both the adjusted Sorona and the overhauled Voltar will give everyone more flexibility in approaches and playstyles. Our hottest map, Sorona, has a slimmed down midsection which drastically improves the pushing experience. It also received new openings in the jungle areas, making defending and attacking that last turret a lot more fun.

Voltar got the biggest changes however. All skills of this classic character have been completely overhauled while retaining their original spirit. With a new dual targetting base attack, individually launchable attack drones and a sweet bursting healpot, Voltar truly remade himself. He had the technology, as he told us many times.

Additionally, the replays also received some kickass new features: Kill-Cam and Replay-to-Video. Enabling players to quickly view their proudest moments as well as their most embarassing. After which they can render them to a video and share them with the world!

As for the cherries, I think we can all agree the new skins are both Awesome! Voltar Bonaparte make Voltar the cunning ruler he was always meant to be while Gnariachi shows off the amazing musical talent of Gnaw and his amazing Mariachi Weedlings. Check him out in the video!

For a more extensive list of details on this update see the Vault.
And for a full list of everything that has changed see the Patch Notes.

Patch 2.9: Nibbs is here! And she’s gonna set the stars on fire!

Great news! We just launched Awesomenauts 2.9 onto Steam! That means that the long-awaited fifth Starstorm ‘Naut is now available! Hide everything flameable, because Nibbs is here… and she’s gonna set the stars on fire!

Nibbs is the fifth character to join the Starstorm line-up, and she was unlocked as one of the stretch goals of this crowdfunding campaign.

With Nibbs we’re also presenting the most powerful Zurian in the Universe: He-Zurian! Riding his trusted Battle Nibbs into the frey, he will stop at nothing to rid the galaxy from the evil Skreeletor!

But that’s not all, patch 2.9 brings a droppod-load of balance changes and even a few complete character overhauls. Gnaw’s plants are now on a timer and can be buffed by his spit attack and Ayla’s rage ability got some reworks as well!

For the full 2.9 patch notes listing all the changes, head on over to our forums and for the awesome Nibbs’ Premium Skin check out the Steam store!