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Straight out of Awesomenauts and right onto your desk: Miniature Clunk is ready to rock your eyeballs!

Be the envy of everyone ever by owning one of these very exclusive little statues!

Sporting his newest Vinyl armor, this Clunk miniature stands about 4" tall from base to top. With his exposed Overdrive Engine he is ready to ruin any tabletop or shelfspace you throw at him*!

Disclaimers: Although these shots are based on the model that is used to create the miniatures with, small details may vary in the end result. Please note we need 1,000 pre-orders before we can start production.

* Do not actually throw anything at miniature. Why would you even consider this? Y-you monster!

Order the Clunk Miniature now!

Miniature Clunk Turntable
Drag and swing Clunk around to look at his every most intimite corner!

Miniature Clunk



Miniature Clunk Trailer


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