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In August 2013 we successfully completed a Kickstarter for Awesomenauts: Starstorm! This crowdfunded Expansion features lots of extras for Awesomenauts: including Spectator Mode, Replays, several new characters, a new map, and new gameplay modes!

Now completing everything and then releasing it as one big package would make sense, but you wouldn't have anything new to play with in the meantime. So instead we wil continuously release new features as soon as they are ready to roll!

To help put everything in perspective (including non Starstorm features) we created this Roadmap to illustrate when your favorite features will arrive!

Whenever you buy Starstorm, you will always get the entire* Roadmap (excluding certain Kickstarter Backer exclusive goodies). Everything that was completed up to the point of your purchase will be ready and waiting for you to jump into!

Please keep in mind that the dates below are estimates and so are liable to changes.

*Certain items, like the map, will be available to all, Starstorm user or no. Only Starstorm users will be able to select the map and play it in practice. Non-Starstorm users will only be able to play it in a random online rotation. Also, skins for non-Starstorm characters will be available for purchase by all and not restricted by the expansion.


Every one or two months
  • Various fixes and/or balance improvements
• Betas for various new features and balance changes
• New skins
• Surprises!


October 23rd
  • Beta for patch 1.24  


October 31st (patch 1.24)
  • First batch of Custom Games settings

• AFK Kicking
"Ahrpl" The Pirate Derpl Premium Skin


November 14th 2013 (patch 1.25)
  • Voltar Announcer
• Gnaw Announcer
• New Song 1 ("Spanking Stars")


December 12th 2013 (patch 2.0)
  • Starstorm Early Access on Steam

• Ted McPain Character
• Killer Koala Icons



January 13th 2014 (Patch 2.1)
  • Second batch of Custom Games settings
• Balance update


February 26th 2014 (Patch 2.2)
  • Balance update
• Kickstarter Botnames added
• Kickstarter Backernames added to credits
• Bugfixes


April 10th 2014 (Patch 2.3: Secrets of Space)
  • Penny "Foxy" Fox 'Naut

• Special Effect upgrades throughout the game

• Balance update
• New song 2 ("I'll Make You a Star, Baby!")


Q2 2014
  • Locally stored replays
• Sentry X-58 Character


Q3 2014
  • Starstorm map
• Song for the Starstorm map
• Skree Character
• The Fifth Character


From here on the planning becomes very vague.
Dates may vary and further gameplay features will be determined as we get closer.


Q4 2014
  • Spectator mode and Replays Stored Online: browse, download and view them
• Global Chat in Main Menu
• Chat in loading screen towards game
• More Custom Games settings
• Public Custom Games browser
• Digital artbook (Bronze Tier Backers and up)
• New Song 3

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