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Welcome to Voltar’s Vault, here we’ll reveal all upcoming new characters, changes and features coming to Awesomenauts!
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Voltar's Vault has opened, revealing the Secrets Of Space!

This patch is the biggest patch we've done for Awesomenauts ever and adds a whole lot of stuff. Play as the new character Penny Fox or choose one of her 2 alternative outfits. Like every Awesomenaut, Penny Fox comes with her own music theme and killing spree theme.

Apart from this new character 2.3 also adds a new skin for Vinnie & Spike, new in-game music and loads and loads of balance improvements.

This patch also contains many visual improvements and graphical overhauls! For example: Ted McPain's Airstrike now looks more intimidating and a whole lot of user interface and special effects tweaks have been added to make Awesomenauts play more intuitively. The whole game just feels better.

Check out the full patch notes here!


Penny Fox

Database Entry Found
As an honorary Star Scout, she is on a self invented mission to rid the galaxy of all evil. She also loves to collect weird aliens and put them in jars for her private collection.

Unfortunately her scooter broke down in the Raki system. While searching for spare parts on the Starstorm station, she found a mysterious robotic claw artifact and the biggest adventure of her life!


Penny Fox ITEMS
//Threat assesment of target underway
//Large equipment cache detected
//Printing results...
ErrorElectric Bike Lock 1/2
Increases the Damage of Pounce.

Damage +20%

Returned by the Sunny-daisy school
ErrorZurian Mechanic
Gain 1 charge when hitting an enemy with Pounce.

Retain 1 charge: yes

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?.. is the button glowing?.. well you need to turn it on then."
ErrorPhotovoltaic Lightning Charger
Reduces the cooldown of Pounce.

Cooldown -2s

Only one charge allowed! The superDRM selfdestructs the charger after unplugging.
ErrorBig Bang Horn 1/2
Increases the stun duration of Pounce.

Stun duration +0.2s


*You can't actually hear it in space.
ErrorVolatile Wheels
Increases the distance traveled by Pounce.

Distance +50%

How to have fun:
1.) Light the wheels
2.) Drive and watch it all burn!

Don't do this at home kids!..
Do it at your neighbours!
ErrorStunt Helmet
Increases the knockback of Pounce.

Knockback x2

Original helmet with signature of Voltron himself, most badass stuntman in the universe!
ErrorScout Binoculars
Increases the range of Swipe.

Range +4

ErrorDeath Lens
After landing a Swipe, your next Strike becomes ranged and deals increased damage.

Damage 15
Range 13.6

Warning! Too much energy through the dark side will destroy planets!
ErrorBug Jars 1/3
Increases the damage per charge of Swipe.

Damage per charge +2

Gotta cath 'em all!
ErrorSentient Rock 1/2
Increases the damage of Swipe.

Distance +6

These depressed and coldhearted creatures are found in deserts on Sorona.
ErrorChicken in Lunchbox 1/2
Enemies hit by Swipe will receive extra damage.

Amplify damage +15%

Please don't eat me! I have a family!
ErrorHeartshaped Net
Resets the cooldown of Swipe whenever you spend only 1 charge on Swipe.

Resets on 1 charge: yes

Disclaimer: Doesn't actually catch hearts... Ba-dum-tss!
ErrorThe Nine Tails Badge
Increase your movement speed, based on the amount of active charges you have.

Speed per charge +0.4

Move so fast it's like you are in multiple places at the same time.
ErrorCookie Monster Badge 1/2
Increases the damage of Strike per active charge.

Damage per charge +4

You, cookie showing and me, hunger growing!
So share it maybe?!
ErrorSpiderbird Collector Badge
While at max charges your Strike becomes a ranged attack.

Damage 15
Attack Speed 109.1
Range 9.4

To become an Akela Scout, the Fox Troopers need to gather a bag full of hard to catch Spiderbirds.
ErrorLiving Treasure Map Badge 1/2
Increases the attack speed of Strike.

Attack Speed +10%

Awarded to Scouts who can find the treasure by solving the riddles it speaks.
ErrorHerring Snack Badge
Instantly heal yourself for each charge whenever you spend charges.

Heal per charge +4

Mastered the impossible cookie recipe trial!
ErrorGrey Man Group Badge
Increases the maximum amount of charges to 5.

Extra Charge: Yes

These musical creatures play the flute well! But you have bested them in a flute-down!
ErrorPower Pills Light 1/3
Increases maximum health.

Max Health +18

Insert pill into rear end of digestive tract.
ErrorMed-i'-can 1/2
Automatically regenerate health.

Health +100 per minute

Hello... anyone there? Please get me out of here!!!
ErrorFoxy Boots
Increases walk speed, enables a quadruple jump.

Movement +1.6

For chicks with drive who don't take no jive!
ErrorSolar Tree
Gain additional Solar over time.

Solar +17 per minute

These rare plants grow near Solar veins. Keep away from light and water.
ErrorPiggy Bank
Gives 115 Solar.

Solar +115

This product was brought to you by Zork Industries, exploiting Zurians since 2780.
ErrorStarstorm Statue
Increases all damage you deal.

Damage +5%

Made out of scraps and offerings, it reads "SHIVA KAMINI SOMA KANDARKRAM"

//Priority message received
//Contents Concerning Allied and Enemy force deployment

//Commencing message...

Excerpt from Patch Notes 2.3
When rejoining a match the player will be forced to play with the same naut, loadout, bought items and amount of Solar. Plus a small Solar bonus depending on how long it took to get back in the game.

This change should address the issue where players would leave a battle only to rejoin with a different 'naut to try and change the outcome of the match.

New Music
//Rythmic Audio samples found
//Attempting Codec Decryption

//Reconstruction complete

//Commencing playback

New Skin
//New Visual data detected
//Reconstructing Image using super-complex algorithms

//Image demonstrating alternative Visualisation complete

//Putting on screen+++

New Vinnie & Spike Skin
//Rogue signal+++
//Possible aquatic lifeforms located
//Tophat anomaly detected
//Locking in results


New Skin
//Disguise acquired by target
//Attempting analyses

//Display error.45x[2aE]#3b
//Error resolved

//Reconstruction complete
//Printing results+++


New Music
//Droppod transmission intercepted
//Relaying on-board communication systems

//Streaming signal+++


New Starstorm Music
//Picking up signal from the Raki system
//Aligning satellites

//Broadcasting transmission


Fan Art Showcase
Loading Screen
//Replacement footage found for Running Shot
//Obtaining 3 new images from the community each major patch

//First 3 mystery shots are primed and ready to go with 2.3
//Outgoing signal: Requesting awesome art for future patches!

The Voice of Penny Fox
//Voice samples recorded
//Searching database

//Match found

//Target identified as
//Penny "Foxy" Fox

//Special entry: Warning! Approach with caution!

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