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 Post subject: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:44 am 
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"Incriminating Dirt" (Dirt) and "Addresses of the Stars!" (Stars) have a stacking inconsistency when factoring in "Galactic Police Scanner" (Scanner).

Dirt will multiply the 90 base damage and the 90 burst damage added by Stars by *1.12 or *1.24, meaning they stack multiplicatively. This is due to the bonus burst damage from Stars being flat while the bonus damage from Dirt is a percent effect.
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster = 90
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster*BoizorBlastDamage1 = 1.12
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster*BoizorBlastDamage2 = 1.12
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster+!BoizorBlastChargeCharging&BoizorBlastChargeDamage1 = 90

Dirt will also multiply the damage bonus from Scanner (+24% per pellet damage), as will Stars (+100% per pellet damage). However, both of these damage bonuses are percent effects meaning they stack additively with each other (the scanner damage will be multiplied by *2.24 instead of *2*1.24=*2.48 as expected).
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*!BoizorBlastChargeCharging&BoizorBlastChargeDamage1 = 2
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*BoizorBlastDamage1 = 1.12
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*BoizorBlastDamage2 = 1.12
DamageBoizorBlast_damage@BoizorBlastLandMore1 = 2.43

This is the smallest bug of all time I know.

 Post subject: Re: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:39 am 
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balance issue? :thinking:

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 Post subject: Re: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:04 pm 
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FishmanDerP looking for those Max Focus buffs.

Thanks for reporting.

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