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 Post subject: Patch notes
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:50 am 
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PS4/X1 Update 1.7

- Added Simplified Chinese translations
- Overhauled in-game graphics for Clunk
- In-game abilities are now unlocked at the start of games, rather than unlocked manually
- Numerous changes and balance tweaks to character skills and upgrades.
- Numerous performance improvements
- Improved visual effects for many character abilities
- Added multi-click skill help and visualised trajectories for multiple skills
- Closed off bases during the start of the game, to give players time to purchase upgrades and synchronize match start

New Characters:
- Max Focus
- Deadlift
- Dizzy
- Smiles
- Commander Rocket
- Qi’Tara

New Costumes:
- Scourge Captain McPain
- Unicorn Nibbs
- Malicious Max
- Summertime Chucho
- Kunoichi Dizzy
- Bullbarian Deadlift
- Pyromancer Smiles
- Commander Cook-it
- Soulhuntress Raelynn
- Dark Masquerade Qi’Tara

New in-game Announcers:
- Ringmaster
- Renegade Command
- SlowWolf

- Extensive tweaks to all playable characters, too many to list here!

PS4/X1 Update 1.6

NEW character: Ix the Interloper
Ix was a courageous Luxuxi spirit who peacefully roamed the crystal moon of Luxor, until a disaster struck. Intergalactic megacorporations started to drill Luxor on a massive scale, as it housed unusually energetic crystals. At first Ix tried to ‘discourage’ the miners in various ways, which had no effect. In an outrage Ix merged its life force with some high-energy crystals; giving Ix a corporeal form. Harnessing the energies of this new crystalline body, Ix razed the facility to the ground. Blabl Zork got wind of this raw talent for drill destruction. He then convinced Ix to join the Awesomenauts by presenting the mercenary team as an environmental force for good.
This is a FREE new character!

NEW premium skin: Steel Seraph Ix
As angels are usually peaceful and quite focused on their herbal infusions, the Heavens did little more than weep as soulless robots and demonic mercenaries slowly spread across the galaxy. However, one of these angels could no longer stand idly by and decided that the time had come to intervene in the realm of mortals. Turning the weapons of the robotic overlords against themselves, this angel became an armored being of high-tech destruction. Now this fusion-powered, nano-enhanced, tungsten-plated angel is feared across the galaxy. In their frightened whispers its adversaries call this mysterious being 'the Steel Seraph'.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW premium skin: Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy
A hero's journey is filled with many great challenges. Like saving the townsfolk from a mysterious invading army from another dimension, that's headed up by a hooded figure who's actually being manipulated by an otherworldly dragon who'll morph into a demon when close to being defeated. It's all in a day's work for Bravely Scoop in Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

-Changed how kills are credited by the game. Before when a turret or droid made the last hit against a naut it would be credited with the kill on the scoreboard. The solar reward for the kill would either be given to the last naut that did damage in the last second or else it was split among the entire enemy team. With this change the kill will now be credited to the last naut that did damage in the last second. This is purely a change in how the scoreboard counts kills.
-Added assist counters to the scoreboard. Whenever a naut dies it will give an assist to all enemy nauts that directly affected the killed naut in the last 5 seconds or supported an ally that directly affected the killed naut. All forms of damage or negative modifiers directly done against the naut will count towards an assist. All forms of healing or buffs to allies that directly affected the killed naut also count as an assist.

Xbox One
-Fixed that the “Bionic Family” achievement could not be unlocked. (fixed via a server-side update on September 23rd).
-Fixed that the “No Holograms in the Band Achievement” was unachievable
-Fixed incorrect counting for the Swimming in Solar achievements. Solar should now be counted correctly. Overall progress should be significantly faster.
-Improved feedback in the leaderboards screen, making it more clear that missing information in the leaderboard is due to a user’s privacy settings.
-The game will no longer freeze when another player disconnects from the match.
-Prevented a rare crash when network issues occur while searching for an online match.

Playstation 4
-Fixed that some music didn’t loop.
-Fixed that Chucho’s motorcycle’s flying sound didn’t loop.
-Fixed that the Anniversary event didn’t coincide with the PS4 launch date
-Fixed that new users would appear in the leaderboards with 0 games played

-The indicators for the amplify damage, stun, speedup, snare, slow, silence, invulnerability, weakness, empower and blind status effects have been overhauled so these indicators no longer overlap and to make them easier to check during gameplay.
-Scaled down the reconnection symbol.
-Restored the dark background of the HUD’s healthbar at the bottom of the screen.

-Updated the visuals of the main menu.
-The scrollbar of the announcer select screen no longer appears over popups
-Increased the width of the left column in the configure controls screen to that it is wide enough for all languages.
-Removed the duplicate “Confirm” in the legend at the bottom of the screen in the announcer select screen while in-game.
-Increased the font size in character select for better readability.
-Aligned all Russian text properly.
-Moved the loading circle in character select when locking in a character further down.

-Tutorial map, fixed collision near enemy base
-Made the enemy merc in the tutorial intro cutscene visible.
-Made sure the tutorial popups would no longer fall behind HUD elements.
-Replaced all Lonestar visuals in the tutorial with the new Lonestar visual.
-Removed character level from the character name in the tutorial messages.

General gameplay
-Changed the visual appearance of the Blind status effect.
-Fixed issue between enemy and allied droids. Previously when opposing droids would move up or down a ledge at the same time they would jump over each other and idle until one of the droids was destroyed. Now droids that jump over each other will turn back and fight each other instead of idling.
-Removed bots for Ted McPain and Skolldir from the game since they were doing way worse than all other bots. If someone makes a better version of these bots we’d be happy to bring them back at a later point.
-Fixed that certain effects would partially update while reconnecting. This would cause bugs like Nibbs being able to move during Flame Breath when she was reconnecting at some point during the Flame Breath.
-Fixed a lot of rounding errors in tooltip percentages
-Sawblade droids will now walk back and drop down when getting stuck on top of the enemy base.
-Fixed that in very rare cases turrets could start with almost no health, or regain their health on host migration.
-Fixed an issue where health generated by Wraithstone would not be accurately displayed in the tooltip
-The “Awesomenauts, roll out!” achievement will now unlock properly after three characters are unlocked, instead of at the end of your first match. Players who have already unlocked this achievement won’t lose it again.

Custom Games
-Added two more custom game options: a multiplier for passive health regen (which can also be negative) and shop healing.
-Increased the size of the randomnauts item popup - it should fit all of the item descriptions now.
-Fixed issue where damage after the original naut died would always be base damage. This was only the case when playing a game mode with “random naut on death” active.
-Made shop available anywhere by default in the Randomnauts and Random Team Deathmatch modes so it is easier for players to check which upgrades they have received.
-The number of active droids per team is now limited to 48 to prevent performance problems in some special cases. Normally, if the limit is exceeded, no new droids will spawn, but if ‘enable base’ is unchecked in custom game settings, the oldest droids will be blown up to make room for the new ones (since they’re probably just hacking away at the enemy base to no avail, having fulfilled their goal in life).

General balance
-Increased starting solar from 235 to 270
-Reduced added Solar of Piggy Bank from 130 to 100
-Solar Krab Burgers, heal per coin reduced from 70 to 65
-Droids give 4% more XP per level, making it easier for the team that’s behind to catch up

AI station 404 map
-Creeps can now jump a little bit higher.

Sorona map
-Moved the glass platforms directly behind the front turrets up a bit so some characters can make the jump now from the glass platforms to the jungle area.
-Fixed an instance where the droppod’s glow would be in front of the asteroids while falling down on the Sorona map.
-Fixed depths on both Sorona and Starstorm Station, making all foreground elements consistent with the other maps.

Starstorm map
-Fixed a visual bug near the bottom lane turrets on the starstorm map that caused them to clip through the level art.
-Adjusted the platforms in the middle of the bottom lane to make fights in the area more dynamic.
-Fixed the starstorm minimap visual to now correctly represent the map.
-Fixed depths on both Sorona and Starstorm Station, making all foreground elements consistent with the other maps.
-Fixed an issue where on the Starstorm map some characters acted glitchy on the glass platform in front of the bottom front turret.

Baby Kuri Mammoth
As every Awesomenaut now has access to this item and it’s still fairly weak, this is the time to give it a little buff
-Baby Kuri Mammoth, effect increased from 25% to 30% debuff reduction

-Made Augmented Ayla’s Rage ball a bit more transparent.
-Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Ayla is in Rage mode.
-Fixed an issue where Ayla would stay enraged when she was made invisible by Vinnie’s cloud.
-Added a subtle visual overlay when Ayla’s Fiery Jawbreakers item was in effect.
-Fixed that she goes into stealth while using Rage. Picking up the Stealth orb still stops Rage.
Some slight nerfs and diversity tweaks
-Biter Mask, slowing power reduced from +13% to +11% per stage
-Ion Blowtorch, health requirement improved from 40% to 45%, price reduced from 175 to 160 per stage
-Fixed an issue where it was possible for Ayla to fly up into the droppod area by quickly activating Rage.
Rubberband ball currently rewards Ayla for being inactive, this change makes the upgrade stimulate a more active playstyle.
-Rubberband ball, heal orbs only spawn when dealing damage.
Ayla does both a lot of killing and dying. These tweaks push her Rage skill more towards sustain, away from damage.
-Rip Apart bear, self-damage reduction increased from 12% to 18% per stage.
-Angry Drawings, damage reduced from 19% to 17% per stage.
This upgrade made Ayla too tanky, time to replace it.
-Prison Guard Keys, hit enemies deal 15% less damage for 1 second.

-Fixed an issue where Chucho would become stuck at the top of the level in the Starstorm map or Sorona when riding his bike.
-Fixed an issue where Chucho could still mount his bike even when it was cocooned.
-Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Chucho is on his bike.
-Fixed an issue where Trick-up-your-Sleeze, B.O.O.M. Gas and One Armed Chameleon damage scaled like health instead of damage.
-Fixed an issue where the One Armed Chameleon effect could be prolonged by tapping teleport between shots.
After the stun was nerfed One Armed Chameleon became way less effective, so it was changed to be damage focused instead.
-One Armed Chameleon, stun removed, range increased by 50%, base damage increased from 70 to 80 per shot.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth.
Toning down of a too-strong upgrade
-Neon Nitro Muffler, damage-over-time reduced from 210 to 180 per stage.
Changes meant to make Chucho’s playstyle more active.
-Turret, cooldown after destruction reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
-Turret, cooldown after self-destruction reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.
-Hyper Bike, mounting cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
-Fixed that the attack speed effect of Blabl Zork correctly triggers when enemies pick up the Sticky Bomb using the Black Mail upgrade.
-Fixed that Matt “Parasite” Roid now correctly increases shot damage by 12% when combined with One Armed Chameleon’s effect.
-Fixed that the smaller bomb spawned by Trick-Up-Your-Sleeve is correctly increase by 14% per stage of Krokk License to Kill.

-Placed Clunk’s healthbar lower again

-Ball Lightning, reduced lockout of auto attack from 1s to 0.53s
Moved some of her late-game damage to her early-game.
-Shock, base damage increased from 27 to 30
-Static Gloves, base damage increase per stage reduced from +4 to +3
-Flexible Heat Sinks, attack speed per stage reduced from 12% to +10%
-Heavenly Fire, Blaze generated by Heavenly Fire deals 50% of the damage of the regular effect
-Shock, removed movement penalty.
-Shooting ball lightning now interrupts auto attack.
Combining slow upgrades has been obnoxious for a long time, time to replace one of them.
-Syphon Disruptor, now increases damage of Shock during Blaze by 25%, price 180 solar.
-Disruptor, 1 stage removed.
-Disruptor, slow increased from 8% to 12% per stage.

-Derpl now keeps his air momentum when going into siege mode
-When teleporting Derpl will now place his Grid Trap at the intended location.
-Fixed that buying both Pussycat Album and Barrier Magazine would give Derpl too much shielding when not in Siege Mode.
-Fixed that if a Nuke was charging when you transformed out of Siege Mode, the charge-up graphics would disappear.

Froggy G
-Added a visual indicator for when Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition is active.
-Fixed an issue where the damage increase given by Piranha Cartridges was incorrectly communicated by the tooltip when Froggy had a level higher than 3.
-Improved invincibility over network. This should fix the issue where Froggy G would receive damage when dashing through Yuri mines.
-Fixed that the bonus damage granted by Mutant Worms: Ninja Edition would be canceled by engaging teleport.
A slight buff to an underwhelming upgrade.
-Hydro Smash, attack speed buff increased from 40% to 50%.
-Clock Necklace, gain a heal over time that heals 180 over 4 seconds upon landing a Dash.

-Fixed issue where flying nauts or droids would not fall down when cocooned.
-Fixed an issue where flying characters like Yuri and Ayla while in Rage would not drop down when cocooned.
-Cocoon now interrupts Swiggins Anchor Hook, Leon’s Tongue Snatch and Yoolip’s Gripping Gaze. It also breaks any active chains. We concluded that continuing these skills after a Cocoon would just be confusing and messy behaviour.
-Fixed an issue where Prefab Cocoons would not trigger if the Cocooned enemy was partially overlapping a turret.
-Fixed issue where Raelynn’s snipe or Yuri’s laser would remain visible while being cocooned.
-Fixed issue where the last pieridae transformae would also spawn a droid when Cocooning a flying droid
Some nerfs intended to affect his godlike teamplay, while at the same time giving him a slight buff for SoloQ
-Moon Nectar, base heal per nectar reduced from 52 to 47
-Cat Pillar, price per stage increased from 185 to 215
-Prefab Cocoons, price per stage reduced from 190 to 180
-Prefab Cocoons, now explodes instantly
-Prefab Cocoons, damage reduced from 185 to 160 per stage.
-Fixed that the droid generated by Piriade Transformae give XP to the enemy team.
-Changed Cocoon from an interrupt to a time freeze to the person being Cocooned
Monarch Blessing is now an almost guaranteed win for each teamfight. Some changes to tone it down.
-Monarch Blessing, base shielding reduced from 25% to 20%
-Spiritual Cooking, extra health reduced from 125 to 90 per stage.
-Gettin’ Out of Da Hood, speed decreased from +30% to +25%.
While considered strong in teamfights, Genji is pretty bad at pushing.
-Butterfly Shot, damage vs. structures increased from 50% to 75%.

-Alligned the visual of Gnaw’s spit bullet with the collision (it was off by a fraction)
-Fixed an issue where a cooldown would be visible in the skill dock, there shouldn’t be any cooldown, only a delay to create the weedlings.
Some buffs to help with lategame scaling
-Rotten Teeth, now also reduces Damage over Time duration, by 1s per stage
-Dental Braces, effect replaced. Landing bite weakens enemy damage vs. Awesomenauts by 15% for 1s
-Chattering Teeth, price reduced from 205 to 165
-Diamond Teeth, price reduced from 225 to 190
-Filed teeth, effect now also works on DoT, effect reduced from 30% to 25%

Jimmy and the LUX5000
-Fixed that Skullplate Trophy didn't speed up the last attack in the Rattle Smash Combo
-Flaming Stroller, only applies one first damage tick when touching multiple flames at once.
Jimmy is currently in a decent position, therefore little changes were made at this time. Improving his charge consistency and some other upgrade changes are being discussed for the future.
-Dirty Diapers, removed one stage, cooldown reduction increased from 0.8s to 2s, price increased from 135 to 180 solar.
-Danger Pins, damage reduced from 250 to 210.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
General Fix
-Steel boxing gloves, fixed that it was possible to trigger a shield while activating a skill
This change both reduces the potency of Lux’s most crutchy upgrade as well as removes one of the most frustrating aspects of playing against him.
-Danger Pins, pulse lifetime reduced from 0.3 to 0.25 seconds, to better match its visual.
Missiles are too weak right now for the downsides they bring when firing.
-Missile Barrage, damage increased from 150 to 170.
This lifesteal upgrade makes Jimmy a bit too tanky in teamfights.
-Nano Repair Bots, heal per stage reduced from 80 to 70.
Lux is a bit too tanky right now.
-Base health reduced from 1550 to 1500.

-Scissors now cancel the Cut and Trim damage if thrown at the same time as the attack.
-Fixed issue where Cut and Trim wouldn’t cause silence when coming out of Vanish
-Fixed issue where Scissor Throw icon would pop up during Cut and Trim, even without buying Scissor Throw
-Made knockback on scissors upgrade consistent between regular and powered-up scissors.
-Scissor Throw, cooldown increased from 0.25s to 0.3s.
Ksenia is regarded too strong in the highest levels, some adjustments to tone her down
-Remembrance Machine, slow per stage reduced from 15% to 10%
-Acrobatic Double Jump, maximum jump height decreased from 5.6 to 5.2
-Vanish, cooldown increased from 11s to 12s
-Occam’s Razor, slow reduced from 25% to 20%
-Deja Vu Blocker, silence reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s per stage
General Fix
-Fixed that Ksenia would no longer go out of stealth based on the Vanish timer after picking up the stealth orb in Aguillon. Stealth would in that case last the 20s given by the orb.
The current Fury Blowout generates scissors too quickly for Ksenia.
-Fury Blowout, now only gains 1 scissor maximum.

-Pinot Noir, base regen increased, price reduced 155 from to 115 solar
Changes to make Leon more of an assassin, less of a pusher / army manager / king of the backdoor
-Leon can have one clone at a time
-Buff base damage from 90 to 95
-Stealth, duration now limited to 8 seconds
-Steel false teeth, merged into one stage, heal value increased from 68 to 85, price increased to 190
-Spectacles magnet piercing, added second stage, maximum blind duration 3s
-Fixed that the “stunned” message triggered multiple times when being pulled by Tongue Snatch.
Considered overpowered, this upgrade gets a slight nerf.
-Cheese & Garlic Mints, silence reduced from 0.8s to 0.6s per stage.
-French Baguette, movement speed increase increased from 14% to 20%.
-French baguette, price reduced from 130 to 90 solar
Avoiding combat and just pushing is a bit too effective of a strategy for Leon.
-Structure damage reduced to 75%.

General buffs to improve Lonestars standing
-Bull Charger, damage increased from 180 to 210
-Hyper Bull, increased its push frequency by 50% while reducing the effects per tick to make its push more solid while remaining as strong as before.
-Super Breed 2.0, extra health increased from 220 to 300.
-Incendiary bomb, damage over time increased from +75 to +82
-Eagle Bullets, price reduced from 180 to 170
-Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +13%(8) to +15%(10).
-Crystal Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +27%(16) to +31%(20).
-Cheetah Bullets price reduced from 180 to 155
-Red & Blue Missiles damage increased from 90 to 100
-Dynamite Throw, charge up speed and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Blaster, base damage increased from 60 to 65.
Combining slow upgrades has been obnoxious for a long time, time to replace one of them.
-Ribbit Snail Slime, Hyper Bull drops a healthpack upon disappearance that heals 250.

-Fixed an issue where the Eternal Flame orbs would still spawn after teleporting while firebreathing
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
-Autographed Picture of Voran, damage increased from +9%(3) to +12%(4), and fixed incorrect numbers in description
-Darkenstone, damage increased from 10% to 15%.
-Fixed an issue where using Orb while Fire Breathing , the Eternal Orb fire balls would still spawn.
Nibbs is too reliant on crowd control effects to be able to land her damage consistently. These changes should help make her damage output more reliable.
-Orb of Omicron, base damage increased from 200 to 225.
-Fire Breath, flame speed increased by 15%.
-Eternal Flame, orbs now deal a damage-over-time effect, dealing 150 damage over 5 seconds per stage.

Penny Fox
-Fixed rare bug in randomnauts where aim input would be locked if you died while playing as Penny and shooting the Energy Pulse.
-Fixed an issue where it was possible to activate skills without charges.
-Penny now always spawns with full charges, making her a bit more viable in Deathmatch modes.
Some slight nerfs and diversity improvements
-Pounce, base damage reduced from 92 to 87, damage per stage from 51 to 48.
-Electric Bike Lock, damage increased from 10% to +11%, price increased from 135 to 160 per stage.
-Cookie Monster Badge, damage increase increased from 7% to 10% for 230 solar.
-Pulse, base damage per charge reduced from 95 to 90.
-Spiderbird Collector Badge, added a very small AoE on hit
-Living Treasure Map Badge, attack speed increased from 10% to +12%, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar.
-Herring Snack Badge, Heal per charge reduced from +35 to +30, price increased from 175 to 190 solar.
-Grey Man Group badge, price reduced from 200 to 175
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
-Changed that Herring Snack Badge scales as a healing skill instead of a damage skill.
-Claw, damage increased from 83 to 88.

Professor Yoolip
-Fixed that it was possible to summon a single Robo Dino while shooting out Gripping Gaze
-Fixed an issue where the stun caused by Gripping Gaze lasted 0.4 seconds too long.
-Yoolip’s Gripping Gaze will now stop immediately when hitting a target that is immune for stun. Examples are a Derpl in siege mode or a Yuri with active Time Warp upgraded with Spacetime Continuity Device or a Vinnie using Smoke Screen with Clown’s Mask. Before only Yoolip would be stunned for the duration of Gripping Gaze while not stunning those targets.
Walking Rod changed because it was hardly ever picked due to its highly situational nature.
-Walking Rod, now gives Dinos a 100% speed up for 1.5 seconds after deploying or until they bite something.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
This change should both improve Yoolip’s early game and significantly weaken one of his most mandatory items.
-Summon Robo Dinos, base lifetime increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.
-Antigravity Ball, second stage removed.
-Fixed an issue where Gripping Gaze would always deal 2 ticks less than it should according to its description.
-Summon Robo Dinos, Dino lifetime reduced from 4.5 to 3.5 seconds.
-Wrench Smack, damage increased from 90 to 95.

-Added a visual indicator for when HC Bomb is active.
Some light buffs to compensate and improve build variety
-HC-Bomb, damage increased from 150% to 200%
-Iron rifle, shield absorb damage value increased from 165 to 225
-Fixed a bug where, when simultaneously using a jump pad and charging a snipe shot, you couldn’t jump immediately after firing the shot.
Raelynn is mostly effective at defending, these changes are meant to stimulate her to become more active.
-Timerift, damage against droids reduced to 50%.
-Snipe damage against droids reduced to 75%
-Timerift, charge up speed and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Timerift, height increased from 3.5 to 5.
-Higgs Grenade, one stage removed.
-Protoblaster, damage increased from 70 to 75.
-Skull Bracelet, price reduced from 170 to 150.
-Joe Doll, price reduced from 170 to 140.
-Receding Ponytail, price reduced from 300 to 270.
-Unknown Alien hand, price reduced from 185 to 150.

-Fixed that Mirakuru accurately gives +120% life regeneration.
-Fixed that Classics adds +10% instead of +8% damage to a charged Precision Arrow affected by Little Johnny.

-Fixed that the Penguin Squire heal over time effect is correctly given to allies when combined with Holy Cup upgrade.
-Added a visual hit indicator when dealing damage with Frozen Hammer.
Scoop is a bit too good at everything. These changes should both tone him down, and improve his diversity.
-Banner of the triple scoop, dps per stage reduced from 55 to 47.
-The holy cup, healing increased from 65% to 75%, solar price reduced from 200 to 180.
-Ice cream van music, merged into one stage, solar price increased from 140 to 200.
-Fixed an issue where the health gained from Snow Shovel would be inaccurately displayed in the tooltip when the player’s level was higher than 1.
Scoop’s base attack is considered too weak and goes underutilized, thus this structural buff.
-Sword Strike, attacks per second increased from 2.2 to 2.4.
Halberd has been a weird upgrade for a while, granting great amounts of health at seemingly random moments. Time to replace it.
-Halberd of Justice, get +30% damage for 4 seconds when landing a Frozen Hammer.
A price buff for an overpriced upgrade.
-Penguin Throne, solar cost reduced from 225 to 175.

-Base health, increased from 1550 to 1600
Compensate for the movement speed buffs most Nauts received in 2.13.5 and Baby Kuri Mammoth affecting Black Hole Sun
-Glass case of emotion, price reduced from 205 to 115 solar
-Ringtones for the deaf, silence duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
These items are overpriced for what they do.
-Disguise Moustache, price reduced from 280 to 210.
-Ejection Seat, heal increased from 175 to 200, price reduced from 175 to 150, per stage.
-Counter intelligence cross, fixed a small typo in the description.
Bug Detector has been mandatory for a long time, replaced it with something else
-Bug Detector, make the shield deal 150 damage per second to enemies in contact with it
With the removal of Bug Detector, Black Hole Sun needs to be compensated a bit.
-Black Hole Sun, base gravity increased by 20%

-Improved Skolldir in situations where he couldn’t hit enemies right next to him, by spawning his impact fist a little closer to him and letting it fly a little longer (keeping the effective range the same).
-Fixed that Perfumed White Flowers lifesteal sometimes didn’t connect, while the 3rd Bash hit did.
Axethrowing Trophy stun is still considered strong, added a slight nerf
-Axethrowing Trophy, added stun reduced from 0.3s to 0.2s

-The cooldown for Saw will now only be visible when it is returned to Skree. Before there was also a cooldown visible when sending out the Saw.
-The minimap icon for the Totem of Power no longer appears as a solid purple block in replays.
Changes to make Sawblade more of an active skill
-Sawblade cooldown starts upon return of the blade
-Sawblade cooldown reduced to 8
Reduce Sawblade stalling potential
-All Sawblade damage a gainst droids reduced to 75%
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
These changes are meant to make Skree more effective at brawling, less at stalling. Also reduces mandatoriness of the Sawblade size upgrade.
-Sawblade, static damage against droids reduced to 50%.
-Sawblade, flying speed increased by 15%.
-Sawblade, size increased by 15%.
-Suitcase Monster, size reduced from 50% to 30%.
-Totem, charge up and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Fixed an issue where Sawblade would disappear when let fly to it’s maximum range.

Improve build variety and buff Swiggins
-Flying fish compass, effect merged into one stage, priced at 190 solar
-Anchor Hook, base damage increased from 280 to 310
-Blue Heart Medal, impact damage reduced from 55(20%) to 50(16%) per stage
-Treasure Lottery Map, duration increased from 1s to 2.5s
-Fixed an issue where you could create multiple anchors when throwing Swiggins anchor down in the Starstorm level
Swiggins gets punished hard for missing a relatively unreliable skill, these tweaks improve upon that.
-Anchor drop, added cooldown upon Anchor destruction reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.
-Anchor drop, chain length reduced by 15%.
-CC immunity on treasure lottery map, now starts directly when hitting an enemy naut.

Ted McPain
-Fixed an issue where the DoT dealt by a Double RPG Airstrike would reduce the duration of the DoT and apply Ted’s earlier landed DoT faster
Grenaide is still considered obnoxious, replaced with knockback to also allow escapes and technical plays without being overbearing
-Grenaide pour homme, effect replaced by a knockback pulse
Base Stimpack effect is considered a little underwhelming, made it stronger for a longer cooldown, moved some effect to base
-Stimpack, base attack speed buff raised from 35% to 40%
-Stimpack, base duration increased from 3s to 4s
-Stimpack, cooldown starts at the end of Stimpack effect, cooldown reduced from 12 to 10
-Ammo Weekly, Attack speed increase reduced from 15% to 12% per stage
-Armpit Shaving Cream, price decreased from 165 to 155 solar per stage
Changed Tedris Ville, as it’s become a crutch
-Tedris Ville, damage reduced from 190 to 135
-Tedris Ville, range reduced from 20.8 to 15
-Tedris ville, cooldown reduced from 3s to 1.2s, only activates when not firing Machine Gun
Improvements to the auto attack row diversity
-Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, reduced arming time from 1.5s to 0.8s
-Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, grenade damage per stage reduced from 100 to 80.
-Teddy’s Bullseyes, added second stage of +1 ammo for 135 solar
Reduce Ted’s stalling potential and reduced Airstrike strength
-Wheelbarrow with Ammo, damage reduced from 15%(66) to 12%(54)
-Airstrike, cooldown increased from 10s to 11s
-Airstrike damage against droids reduced to 75%
-Fixed issue where Ted would appear to be shooting with the shotgun but was actually shooting with the machinegun.
The airstrike was never designed to reveal hide areas, this was originally a byproduct of its technical implementation. Because the airstrike was overhauled to work on the starstorm map it lost this area revealing ‘bug’. Previously the hide area in which the airstrike spawned was revealed for the entire duration of the airstrike. We felt this revealed the hide area for too long, potentially limiting the enemy team's options for an ambush. At the same time it had limited utility because the airstrike had to be placed inside the area. By making the airstrike reveal all hide areas it hits we expect it to be more intuitive to use. At the same time the airstrike only reveals at the moment it strikes so it no longer just cancels a hide area for long periods of time.
-Airstrike, now reveals all hide areas hit by Airstrike at the moment the strike triggers.

Vinnie & Spike
-Reduced the amount of particles used with Cod Father’s visual overlay effect.
-Reduced maximum falling speed by 30%.
Some slight build diversity changes and fixes
-Rigged casino games, reduces base spike dive damage by 40%, solar price reduced from 225 to 180
-Clown's Mask, changed to 1 stage of 3 seconds CC immunity, cost 200 solar.
Vinnie is on the weak end of the spectrum right now, both in strength and build diversity. These changes should help with both.
-Spike Dive, base damage increased from 370 to 400.
-Dead Seahorse Head, effect increased from 11% to 18% per stage.
-Chrome File, damage per stage reduced from +15%(55) to +12%(48).
-Bag Full Of Gold fish, damage reduced from +24%(88) to +20%(81).
-Alien Abduction Kit, price reduced from 185 to 165.
-Withered President Mask, duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
Big quality of life improvement.
-Vinnie & Spike now ignore glass platforms when holding down the ‘down jump’ button.

-Fixed an issue where due to lag there would be a disparity between the visual and the healing done by the healpod
-Healbot, fixed an issue where the Healbot would always finish with its destroyed animation instead of the heal-flash
-Healbot, fixed an issue where the description said it needed to charge for 0 seconds instead of 2
-Necromancer Voltar skin, fixed a visual bug that would make the skull on his chest invisible when aiming upward
This upgrade offered an unreliable increase in healing, this will make it more reliable.
-Happy Thoughts, increase base heal by 15% per stage, instead of max heal by 25%.
Voltar's in air movement has always been clunky, this will tighten it up.
-In air maneuverability increased by 50%.
Putting it just out of reach of Piggybank after drop, making piggy less mandatory on Voltar.
-Psychokinetic Repulsion, price increased from 140 to 185.
Healbot is too divisive, healing more than healthpack at base while doing nothing for a long time if it fails.
-Healbot, base heal reduced from 450 to 330.
-Healbot, base cooldown reduced from 17 to 13 seconds.
-Changed that Healbot scales as a healing skill instead of a damage skill.
-The counter in your skill button now keeps better track of how many drones are active.

-Added a (barely visible) spawn and (very visible) despawn animation for the healthpacks that can spawn from yuri’s mines after buying the Uranium Spikes upgrade.
-Time Warp, fixed issue where its effects would not stop while Yuri was cocooned by Genji.
Reduction of his damage vs. droids, to encourage a more active playstyle
-Mine damage against droids reduced to 50%
Make Yuri less overpowered.
-Mine base damage reduced from 425 to 410
-Timewarp cooldown increased to 15s
-Chrono rift changed to reduce cooldown, 2 stages at 1s for 190 solar, per stage

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PS4 patch 1.5
This is the same version as the Xbox One launch version

NEW FREE character: Rocco
When a job's too dirty for The Intergalactic Police Department to take on, they call Rocco. This old Bird's the most relentless, gruff and tough-as-talons hitman vigilante this side of the Milkyway. Rocco is feared by the most dangerous solar cartel gang bosses, Shisu mobsters and other crazed alien psychopaths for his "ravenous methods". Not shunning any kind of weapon, Rocco prefers his ACOG Blackout G-Mag Laserbow, which has got him out of a tight spot more than once. Rocco's aggressive behaviour did result in a lot of powerful enemies however, including a corrupt Galaxial congressman who made him a wanted man, and forced him to quit the force. Instead of a retirement at the Kentucky Friends and Poultry Retreat he joined the Awesomenauts to plot his next move on his path to rid the universe of all space-scum.
This is a FREE new character added to the base game.

NEW FREE character: Ksenia
Ksenia was once the best hairdresser in the galaxy. Year after year she won the renowned Venus hair style tournament with her outrageous hairstyle creations. She enjoyed the great fame that came with the status as master hair dresser, unfortunately her father Vladimir Pewchenko a rich weapons manufacturer on planet Russia (formerly known as the moon) had other plans for her. With a virtual reality hood dryer showing her a hair cutting simulator, he made her into one of the best assassins in the galaxy. While thinking she was cutting hair, in reality she was cutting down Pewchencko's enemies. With no competition left her father assigned her to the Awesomenauts, where she still wears the VR hood. Many suspect that Ksenia is actually just watching soap opera's on her hood and perfectly knows what she is doing.
This is a FREE new character added to the base game.

NEW character: Professor M. Yoolip
As a scientist professor Milton Yoolip loves to create wondrous inventions and contraptions. One day after combining the time machine into some comfy slippers, he teleported to the Mesozoic era and got stuck with the dinosaurs after losing one of his teleportation slippers. He spent years to craft a new slipper to travel forward in time to return to his beloved granddaughter Ayla.
Yoolip is part of the Overdrive expansion and is sold as a separate DLC.

NEW character: Chucho Krokk
Chucho comes from a rich, if slightly shady family called the Krokk. He has taken up the family mantle of being a BAD-ASS BOUNTY HUNTER. This self-styled “Time Krokk” is on the hunt for an Awesomenaut who has been illegally travelling through time.
Chucho is part of the Overdrive expansion and is sold as a separate DLC.

NEW character: Jimmy And The LUX5000
Jimmy, Amy and the LUX5000 Toddletron are a mighty team. They have won numerous fights in robobrawls held in the many arenas and slums of Circuit City on Calias. Being big fans of the Awesomenauts they skipped the seasonal diaper league tournament and joined the team for some grown-up fights.
Jimmy is part of the Overdrive expansion and is sold as a separate DLC.

NEW: Lonestar’s new graphics
Sheriff Lonestar got a brand new attire! His visuals and animations were completely redone resulting in cooler, crisper and much more awesome art! Sonic Picnic has even extended his theme song and killing spree music. The theme song is over twice as long now!

NEW: Starstorm map
The massive Starstorm station is ready for battle! On this map there's two big new factors to keep in mind: warpholes and bottomless space! Leaping into one of these wormholes will conveniently teleport you to the top of the map. Bottomless space is less convenient however as it tends to kill all Awesomenauts who fall into it...
This is a FREE expansion, playable for everyone who owns Awesomenauts!

NEW song: One Happy Galaxy
Together with the Starstorm map comes a new song in the regular gameplay soundtrack on all maps: One Happy Galaxy! Bounce along those awesome beats by Sonic Picnic!

NEW FREE skin: Augmented Ayla
There was a time when the Killer Koalas were as legendary as the Awesomenauts are today, and one of their members actually came from the future! Ayla used one of Yoolip's inventions to travel back in time, and she became the youngest member of the Killer Koalas. They gave her a pretty neat eye-patch to help her focus her psychic abilities. She became known as one of their most feared members and was nicknamed 'The Eraser'.
Augmented Ayla is a FREE skin added to the base game.

NEW ultimate skin: Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco
There are countless dimensions that are quite similar to ours, yet with subtle differences. In one of these dimensions, wars are not fought with weapons, but with music. One of the DJs enlisted in the ranks of the great music syndicate known as the Awesomenauts is called Rocco. Cybertronic Supersonic Electronic Rocco is now one of the most prominent DJs in the galaxy, and uses his music to bring peace to worlds ruled by dissonance.
This is a paid DLC and comes with custom voice lines, custom music and special in-game music effects.

NEW ultimate skin: 8-Bit Yoolip
Professor Yoolip’s most dangerous invention is probably the 8-Bit Game Cartridge-to-Reality generator, which is capable of reading any game cartridge from that ‘80s and turn the world contained within to reality. When he first tried this invention, it unleashed an 8-Bit version of himself… just sitting there, waiting for someone to take control of his destiny. Now he and his Robo Dinos are ready for some old school action!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set, a new jingle and killing spree, and fully customised sound effects and graphics!

NEW premium skin: Sentry Specimen X-58
When Sentry infiltrated the commercial space ship Nostrilmo he found a gross pulsating egg. He quickly imprinted his consciousness on the embryonic alien within. Years later, the Nostrilmo crashed into the Starstorm station and unleashed a never-before-seen horror upon the Awesomenauts!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW premium skin: Skull Chopper Chucho
After slaying the last demon in Europe in a dark forest late in the fifteenth century, the legendary demon hunter got atop his steel horse and set off to another world in need of his services. One of the villagers saved by the man said he had a face pale as bone and introduced himself Skull Chopper Chucho, and that he would return if our world was ever threatened by hellspawn once more.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW premium skin: Wicked Coco
Witches were hunted down throughout the middle ages, but one of them managed to escape to a place where the inquisition was unable to follow her: a planet near the outer brim of the universe, called Okeanos. On this world she was finally free to practice her magic. Over time, the Witch traded her trusty broom for a more modern combat waveboard and updated her wardrobe, but every once in a while she still dons her old outfit.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW skin: Dragon Huntress Ksenia
Only one dragon remained in this world, but it would fall to her blades all the same. She leapt forward and killed her opponent with a single blow. Pieces of armor, weapons, and gold dropped all around her, but she cursed as the ring she had hoped to find was nowhere in sight. "Dammit, now I'll have to grind this part for the seventh time." Ksenia was already browsing through the menu to restart this particular chapter of her favorite game: 'Warrior Princess: Dragon Huntress'. Ksenia played the game whenever she had a few minutes in between the clients that visited her barber shop - she was a Dragon Huntress at heart!
This is a paid DLC.

NEW skin: Cosmic Captain Ksenia
At the Hairdresser Academy Ksenia was chosen by a cosmic force along with four fellow students. They were tasked with fighting evil monsters that threatened the galaxy. Sadly, the 'cosmic force' turned out to be some hacker kid that had been rejected from the academy a year earlier, and Ksenia's fellow chosen-ones were squished when a 20-story tall monster waltzed into town. Ksenia still managed to defeat the monster on her own, and even though she never heard from the 'cosmic force' again after that, she continued to hunt down giant monsters as a part-time job during her time at the academy.
This is a paid DLC.

NEW skin: Shinobi Rocco
Rumor spread of a new, hooded figure dispensing justice to the injust. Where they were once hunted by Rocco the Lawman by day, they were now hunted by Shinobi Rocco by night. They say Evil never sleeps, but they never told you that's because the Righteous made Evil afraid of the dark.
This is a paid DLC.

NEW skin: Sun Wukong Skree
A merchant travelling to the western edges of the Galaxy once met a strange being on an asteroid. The being came into this world by the name of Sun Wukong, and claimed to wield unimaginable powers. The merchant scoffed at his new companion, and told him "You look like a Monkey, but if you truly are a primate you would be a King among them." Sun Wukung glared at the merchant and zapped him with lightning, burning to him to a crisp. "They called me the Monkey King once, but none remain to do so now. I have become Skree, and I am free!"
This is a paid DLC.

NEW skin: Clockwork Yoolip
Professor Milton Yoolip has made many inventions, but his best work is quite possible a fully-sentient robot that mimics his every move. Whenever duty calls but Yoolip would rather spend his time tinkering on new gadgets or go to the park with his granddaughter, he sends Clockwork Yoolip to take his stead. Few people even notice the difference, given the Professors eccentric personality and the many tools he usually carries around.
This is a paid DLC

NEW skin: Sir Jimmy Lionheart
The Lionhearts are forged for battle, so the everlasting peace they had brought to the realms grew boring after a couple of years. That's when they heard about the Awesomenauts, a band of mercenaries embroiled in perpetual war, and set off to a land far far away to once-again fight side by side.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Ghosthouse
Shadow falls across the land - the midnight hour is close at hand. An Army of the Undead has risen from their graves and Baron Dreadfort himself commands the ghosts and ghouls that wander the streets. He speaks to you from beyond the void, sending shivers down your spine, yet beckoning you to participate in a game of Awesomenauts. The battlefields you have visited before appear as from a nightmare, and it feels as if on this particular night, there is so much more at stake than just your life…
This is a paid DLC.

NEW announcer: Rockstar announcer
Zippy Starburst is undoubtedly the biggest rock legend on this side of the Galaxy. His long and colorful history includes the introduction of head-tentacle banging and the ground-breaking album 'The rise and rise of Zippy Starburst and the Worms from Sorona'.
This is a paid DLC.

NEW announcer: The Mind Collection
From deep within the unexplored corners of the galaxy comes a threat called The Mind Collection – a clustered, shared awareness spread over countless assimilated species. This force will slow for nothing, and neither strength nor technology can keep it at bay. It seeks only to expand itself and slithers from system to system like an oil spill, leaving nothing but itself in its wake. Pray that The Mind Collection never reaches your world.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Skree
Lookit all deez puppets, man! Dey be fightin’ and scrapin’ over all deez here shrines Skree built. I is gonna spy on dem and see how dey be goin' after each other in da battle station. Dis gonna be fun, ja, ha, ha! Yes, yes, Skree's own wicked commentary gonna add to da fun, live from da control chamber! My people, dis gonna be a great day for da gods!
This is a paid DLC

NEW: random announcer option
Use this option to make the game select a random announcer at the beginning of every match! This only uses the announcers you own.

NEW game system: Leveling
Awesomenaut teams will now level up during games based on the experience they accumulated. Each level will increase their damage and health. The new system will make damage and health upgrades less dominant in games, improve the flow of games by smoothing out the damage/health curve during a match, reduce the length of long games and overall make it more fun to play!

Reworked balance
The XP system brings a complete rework of the balance of the game. There are so many changes that we can't list them all individually here.

NEW: Sharper characters and levels
-Increased the resolution of Froggy G, Leon Chameleon, Raelynn, Clunk, Derpl, Yuri and the team-droid. Their in-game art is now just as sharp as the art of the newest characters.
-Increased the resolution of the level art in all the levels (only on High/Medium graphics quality, Low remains as it was).
-Optimised and restructured textures so that peak texture usage is only a little bit higher than it used to be on High/Medium graphics quality, and unchanged on Low graphics quality

NEW: round collisions
Most area effects now have round, instead of square, collisions. In several instances, graphics and area of effect radii have been tweaked. This change will make skills and visual feedback a lot more precise. The most notable improvements include Clunk's Explode, Derpl's Nuke, Ayla's Rage and Yuri's Timebubble.

NEW: Better tooltips
Tooltips in shop have been updated. They should be easier to read and have more detailed information.

NEW Custom Games options
Lots of new options for Custom Games! Including some really crazy ones like slipperiness, stealth for everyone, spawning a Solar Boss on death, dealing knockback on every hit and even not being able to walk back.

Fixes and improvements
This patch comes with hundreds of smaller fixes and tweaks to all aspects of the game! Too many to list them all here!


PS4 patch 1.4
Discuss here!

Voltar and Sorona reworks!
Both Voltar and Sorona got a big rework this patch! Especially Voltar is a New Man (tm) now! See the notes below for detailed information.

NEW Naut: Nibbs

Nibbs is a dragon warrior in service to the Sisterhood of Coba. This demonic group was bound to the Omicron dimension who, as soon as the Starstorm ripped a hole in the continuum, started an invasion of conquest.

Right after going through the portal, Nibbs's ship landed on the space station. Scouting around, she mistook Gnaw's tail for a juicy piece of fruit. After he was bitten, the startled Gnaw led her right back to the Awesomenauts who managed to convince her to stay with a wide variety of exotic treats.

Orb of Omicron
Send out an orb to which you can teleport with a second press.

Fire breath
Hold your position and unleash your fiery breath on your foes.

Dragon frenzy
Strike with your claws. Each hit will give a stack of frenzy, increasing your attackspeed.

Nibbs is a paid DLC

NEW premium skin: Battle Nibbs and the Hu-Zurian
For Graygrowl! Battle Nibbs is here! Clad in fiercesome armor, and with freshly-brushed fur, she pounces onto the battlefield with the most powerful Zurian in the Universe! The hunt for Skreeletor is on!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set

NEW unique skin: Gnariachi
Legend speaks of a Skroggle that once ate an entire mariachi band. Though fulfilled, he never felt the same afterwards. Mariachi never dies. Gnariachi was born.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a unique character theme, killing spree theme, voiceover, and special in-game audio effects for weedlings.

NEW Premium skin: Loninator (Sheriff Lonestar)
Hailing from an even more distant future than 3587, the Loninator has come to wrangle the Bovinion who would one day stop the rise of the Genetically Engineered Cowboy Overlords.
This is a paid DLC

NEW skin: Voltar Bonaparte
The death of Napoleon has always been shrouded in mystery: he vanished from history in 1821, and was never seen again. In 3521 we finally learned the truth of what had happened. He had the technology. He had remade himself, ready to start his conquest in Awesomenauts.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Wraithlord Scoop announcer
What do you do when you're an immortal warrior, doomed to pursue your own unending thirst for vengeance? That's right! You get a hobby! Tremble, mortals! For Wraitlord Scoop has picked up the mic and is taking to the airwaves to comment on thine matches! He's not the most cheerful fellow of the bunch, but none of the other Awesomenauts have had the nerve to tell him that.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: The Scrolls of XiPang
And behold! The king said, build me a palace of splendor, for it pleases ourselves and our queen. From that day, the land was sapped of its riches. The king gathered also the ire of his people, who rose up to besiege the palace. Thus started the age... of strife.
This is a paid DLC.

NEW announcer: Coco
Coco Nebulon takes the mic as she tries to stay focused on the battle at hand. She will probably be distracted all the time by all the shiny lights and her girlfriends calling her on her cell.
This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Wildlife documentary
Zork Industries Broadcasting Corporation presents: Awesomenauts, the Documentary. Let this retired explorer take you on a journey the likes of which you have never seen. The Wildlife Announcer will turn every Awesomenauts match into a documentary in which the circle of life continues ever onwards.
This is a paid DLC

NEW song: Sirens Before The Storm
In the depths of the Starstorm station the Awesomenauts discovered an ancient intergalactic-space-composer-bot. He had used the formula for the intersonic quantum barrier to come up with beats so awesome that they are still used today as the Sirens before the Storm.

NEW language: Russian
Thanks to the great help of the community the entire game has now been translated to Russian!

NEW: added more bots made by the community
-Derpl by TheMesp
-Raelynn by Veanko (The previous Raelynn bot has been replaced by this new, better one.)
-Scoop by Nailcliper
-Sentry by Ignotis
-Skølldir by HarryButchers and hurleybird
-Yuri by Ignotis
-Removed the Genji and Vinnie & Spike bots, as there were not playing well enough and had a significantly lower win rate than any of the other bots.
-Updated bots with new versions made by the community: Ayla, Clunk, Leon, Lonestar, Skree and Swiggins

NEW features
-Naut icons visible on the minimap, know exactly who’s where at a glance.
-Healthbar and name are now hidden from enemy players in hide areas
-The scoreboard now shows a timer for players that are dead. This timer does not include the droppod time.
-Split up SFX volume into voices, announcer and other sfx in options menu

Colourblind improvements
-There is now a colourblind functionality setting that will turn healthbars red and blue. Neutral creeps will retain their original green colour when this setting is turned on.
-Changed DoT (now purple) and Damaged (now off-white) colours on the healthbar to be better compatible with newly implemented colourblind functionality

-Gnaw, Raelynn and Ayla are now available right from the start and don’t have to be unlocked any more (only relevant to new players or players who had not unlocked them yet).
-Accounts now level 25% faster
-Fixed that holidays level art sometimes triggered on the wrong date
-Fixed that in the tutorial the mud was sometimes hard to remove from the turret.
-Fixed matchmaking issues due to unknown league
-Fixed that damage was sometimes applied twice when the internet connection was really bad
-Fixed that AFK timers had accidentally been set back to 90 and 150 seconds in patch 2.6. These were increased to 120 and 180 seconds in patch 2.5.6 and were supposed to still be that way.
-Muting a player in-game now also mutes attack/defend/help commands
-Fixed that there was always one loading screen hint missing
-Fixed that sometimes the screen remained black for 10 seconds before the intro video began
-Fixed that leaderboard reset sometimes didn't happen correctly

Polished graphics
-Skølldir’s earthquake now looks approximately 3.14 times cooler
-Froggy G’s Fish Gun impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Lonestar’s Blaster impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Lonestar’s Blaster bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Eagle Bullets and Crystal eagle bullets.
-Lonestar’s and Derpl’s rocket impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
-Leon’s Sword attack now shows an impact graphic on enemies you hit.
-Voltar’s Healing wave charge-up graphic has been slightly improved
-Derpl’s Turret attack impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
-Derpl’s Turret attack bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Hollow point bullets.
-Clunk’s Missiles bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
-Added anti-aliasing to skill icons (in the skill dock at the bottom of the screen during gameplay) to make them look better on lower resolutions
-Added a small lightning spark to Ayla’s rage ability
-Improved teamcolour on Sentry’s shot and abilities.
-Added fidelity to the heal aura on Voltar’s healpod ability.
-Healpod visual has been scaled down.
-Improved teamcolour on Ted’s Airstrike.
-Froggy’s Dash and Whirlwind have improved teamcolour.
-Coco’s Ball Lightning has improved visuals and teamcolour.
-Disco Voltar’s drones now have a customised laser shot.
-The Core’s damage state had a date with Nicola Tesla for a more shocking visual effect.

-Can now change the language from the settings menu in the game (instead of only by changing the console language)
-Fixed issue where with Randomnauts you could circumvent the random pick
-Fixed missing league in menus
-Improved anti-aliasing on text for better readability, and making it less pixely
-Improved the spacing between characters in the font. Due to a bug the distance after a short letter (like i) was shorter than the distance after a wide letter (like w).
-Fixed that in the character select menu some character animations stopped after you had selected the character
-Fixed some issues in the menu flow around weird combinations of adding and removing splitscreen players
-Fixed that the friendslist in the leaderboards was empty for some players

-Sounds that have several variations now won’t randomly play the same sample several times in a row. This is especially noticeable in voices like taunts, where characters won’t repeat the same taunt twice immediately after each other any more.
-The Private Mels skin for Lonestar now has a more fitting revolver sound for his gunshot.
-Sentry’s voice is made 10% softer to be in line with the volume of the other characters
-Swiggins’ voicelines when using skills now play less often
-Lonestar’s gun has a new more awesome sound
-Added impact sounds for whenever someone is hit by anything. We already had pain sounds for hits but there is now also a sound that represents the hit itself. This sound differs with whether the character is a metal or flesh character.
-The SUSI announcer got some extra voice lines.
-Fixed that pain sounds always played the strong variation, even when you got only a little bit of damage. This happened because all damage had been multiplied by ten in patch 1.3, but the threshold for pain sounds had not. Pain sounds now again have a weak and a strong version like they did before.

Item shop
-Fixed that recommended items were not shown in the shop
-Refund button can now be changed in the control configuration menu
-Fixed that in 3 player splitscreen the "refund" text in the store was just out of view
-Fixed that the items Solar krab burgers and med-i’-can varied in location in the store.
-Fixed an issue where solar krab burgers and space air max would switch places in the store.

General balance and gameplay
-Added a visual indicator on the HUD for the following skills with a secondary press interaction: Coco’s Ball Lightning, Raelynn’s Snipe, Derpl’s Nuke, Swiggins’ Anchor Drop, Sentry’s Black Hole Sun, Skree’s Saw blade.
-Fixed that things like grenades and anchor collided with the sides of glass platforms
-Fixed that damage increase icon (sword) was still visible when in stealth
-Added a visual countdown for the Eye of Aiguillon invisibility buff
-Baby kuri mammoth now also reduces knockback effects
-Fixed that bullet detonation didn’t break stealth (e.g. Coco’s Ball lightning, Derpl’s Nuke, etc.)
-Fixed that you could get stuck while downjumping through platforms and the Skree totem
-Fixed that you could get hit by bullets in the path between the teleport enter and exit positions.
-Fixed an issue where players were able to wedge themselves into the droid spawners.
-Cocoon, Voltar Drones and Airstrikes now don't affect skills anymore that depend on others being near. For example, Ayla's Rage damage is not increased anymore if a cocooned enemy is near, while it still is for any normal enemy that is near.
-Fixed that turrets and droids could steal your kill, making the Solar drop on the ground. Now if a turret or enemy is killed by a turret/droid just after you hit it, you get the Solar automatically.
-All melee attacks from nauts will now prioritize other nauts first, then droids and then buildings.

Wraith Stone
We realized the item we created to replace Solar Tree wasn’t used by many players. We are trying to find a useful yet balanced solution. During the beta we tested out a new upgrade called Zork’s Barrier. From the feedback we got we found out that some players prefer Wraithstone (+heal from critters) and some others prefer the shield. We tried to fit the items to the classes who would have most use out of each. Resulting in the following changes.
-Wraith Stones effect is replaced by Barrier magazine which provides a passive damage absorbing shield of 5% per stage (110 Solar per stage, 2 stages) for Clunk, Coco, Derpl, Genji, Lonestar, Scoop, Sentry, Skølldir, Skree, Swiggins, Voltar.
-Fixed an issue where wraithstone would not work correctly
-Wraithstone will now also have a fixed price when this function is turned on in custom games.
-Wraithstone price reduced from 155 to 120 Solar.
-Wraithstone health drop increased from 200 to 300.

-Droids now prioritize enemy droids over enemy nauts, when choosing a target.
-Droids should now have less issues with jumping over each other and finding their target.
-Fixed an issue where the spawning of droid waves could desynchronise per team. Droid waves will now always spawn at the same moment for both teams.
-Humming bird droids health reduced from 550 to 400, this also includes the humming birds from Genji (The last Pieridae Transformae) and Raelynn (T-800 dome)
-Removed the shield on hummingbird droids including on the ones of Raelynn and Genji

-Lowered the glass platforms behind the back top turrets and added a platform there
-Replaced the moving platform in the neutral areas with two static platforms
-Fixed an issue where players would sometimes receive a knockback when one of the top turrets was destroyed.

AI station 205
-Increased the amount of time between the fire areas by 33%
-Minimap now shows appropriate number of health-orbs and their location
-Droids should have an easier time to find their way up to the top lane.

-Moving platforms in the mid area are now static.

The ground rumbles and rocks shift as the earth comes to life as a rare phenomenon occurs over Sorona’s battlefield: a long awaited nightfall. Due it’s two suns there is a rarely a time without their scorching heat, so when a night dawns over Sorona’s sands the worms inhabiting the earth gorge themselves on the cool surface-rocks.
Sorona has received some big changes, including a reduction in size: the mid area is about 10-20% smaller now. Also the maximum flying height has slightly been reduced and there is now a road from the neutral area to the area behind the front turret. Also some new platforms are introduced and locations of solar and health orbs have been altered. This design should reduce the funnel at the end of a game on Sorona and reduce overall game time on this sandy map. We also removed some Solar from the worm location to reduce farming situations.

These changes are intended to make Ayla’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make her play differently.
-You can see the cooldown of Evil Eye while in rage
-Chain whack now has 20% lifesteal on base
-Chain whack range increased from 2.5 to 2.6
-Hungry Zurian lifesteal reduced from 30% to 15%
-Rage damage increased from 60 to 63 per hit
-Rage now deals a flat amount of 33 damage to self
-Rage now deals a flat amount of lifesteal instead of a percentage of the damage (15 lifesteal instead of 33.3%)
-Rage lifesteal replaced with a shield against incoming damage -25%
-Rage now deals 15% more damage for every extra target in range (max +75%)
-Rage now gains 15% more shielding for every extra target in range (max +75%)
-Reduced the cooldown for turning rage on and off to 0.5s
-Angry drawings no longer adds additional self damage
-Angry drawings damage reduced from 22 to 19
-Angry drawings added a third stage
-Fiery jawbreakers: removed increase in self damage
-Fiery jawbreakers now lets you pull enemies towards you when you turn on rage after using evil eye
-Fiery jawbreakers, removed the old attack speed upgrade on this item
-Rubberband ball’s effect replaced and will now let Ayla leave a blood trail, which she can pick up after rage has ended, healing her for 20 per stage (2 stages 115 per stage)
-Hungry Zurian description changed from ‘add’ to ‘increase’
-Evil eye can now be used while chain whacking
-Rip apart bear now reduces self damage by 5 per stage ( 2 stages)
-Base movement increased from 7.4 to 7.6
-Space air max movement reduced from 1.6 to 1.4
-Sonic listening device health drop increased from 200 to 300.
-Sonic listening device price reduced from 160 to 120 Solar.
-Fixed an issue where quickly turning rage on, off and on would cause weird cooldown and shutdown behaviour of the skill.
-Added tip to loading screen that explains that Ayla’s Rage becomes stronger when more enemies (droids and Nauts) are near

-When you have the Salvo Value Pack and/or The Juggernaut “Fat Pete” and/or Missile Barrage items, your Missiles icon in the skilldock will now change with every type of missile.
-Fixed a bug where Explode damaged enemies when cocooned
-When Clunk gets hit with Genji’s cocoon while exploding Clunk will no longer receive the explode’s self damage

-Coco’s Shock attack graphic now no longer snaps to 45 degree angles, but instead rotates freely like the actual gameplay effect itself. This only changes the visuals, the gameplay already had free-aiming.
-Health reduced from 1300 to 1250
-Blaze slow power reduced from 20% to 10%
-Syphon disruptor slow power increased from 20 to 25% (this is not a buff: the max slow power remains the same since the base slow is reduced)
-Disruptor slow power increased from 7% to 8.7% per stage
-Silver coating speed increase reduced by 10%
-Shock attack speed is now doubled and the damage divided by 2.
-Static gloves damage reduced from 20 to 10 per stage.
-Ball Lightning is now visible on the minimap, both for Coco and for others. This does not give Coco additional sight in the fog of war.

-Fixed that Derpl was not CC immune when sieging in
-Hollow point bullets price reduced from 220 to 195 Solar per stage
-Deployment pads price reduced from 160 to 120 Solar
-Solid fist missiles price reduced from 225 to 200 Solar
-Brim force field replaced with pussycat album which caps high incoming damage back to 450 damage.
-Sweet syrup bullets price reduced from 195 to 175 Solar
-Siegemode gatling fire range increased by 10%
-Nuke will no longer home in on targets
-Grid trap snare duration increased from 1.5 to 1.6
-Empowered grid snare duration increased from 0.5 to 0.6
-Reduced the collision size of gatling bullets to fit their graphics better

Froggy G
-Fixed a bug where Froggy G would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving
-Tornado now deals half damage per tick (83 damage) but ticks twice as fast
-Mutant worms: Limited Ninja edition now also triggers on the groundpound effect of hammer pants
-Ice cubes slow duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
-Hammerpants will now receive the effect from ice cubes
-Tornado damage increased from 75 to 83
-Fixed issue where dash would sometimes get cancelled while there was no wall or other obstacle in the way.
-Is now able to dash while snared, Froggy still can’t move but he will be invulnerable and deal damage while dashing.
-If Froggy receives stealth while already in whirlwind or dash it will now properly break the stealth.

-Caterpillar King Statue collision box of the returning healing shot is now consistent with the other projectiles part of this shot
-Fixed that humming droids created by The last pieridae transformae sometimes spawned way below the cocooned sawblade droid.
-Fixed an issue where the animation length of cocoon wasn’t consistent with the actual duration of cocoon.
-Improved the jump logic for genji when jumping close to the ground, avoiding Genji floating right above a platform while you wanted to jump.

These changes are intended to make Gnaw’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make him play differently.
-Fixed that Spit couldn’t pass through platforms from below
-Weedlings now live for a limited time (30 seconds)
-Weedlings base health increased from 400 to 450
-Weedlings attackspeed increased from 66.7 to 74.1
-Fertilizer effect replaced and will now increase weedling life time by 100% when fertilized by acid spit
-Removed body collision on weedlings
-Weedlings damage increased from 70 to 75
-Corrosive spores now deal normal damage
-Spit can now fertilize and heal weedlings for 20% of max hitpoints
-Bag of seeds effect replaced and will now increase damage of weedlings by 50% when fertilized by acid spit
-Drip and spit projectiles collision boxes increased to fit their graphics better
-Feather ball effect replaced and will now increase weedling healing by 10%
-Fixed that Gnaw's bite sometimes couldn't hit Skree's totem of power

-Enhanced Muscle Fibers was renamed to Sharp Edged Razors because Skølldir patented on this item name
-Fixed a bug where Leon’s damage would change with certain combinations of items and conditions
-Dummies will now automatically attack
-Agressive AI chip replaced with French baguette which increases movement in stealth when a wounded enemy (below 50% health) is near (+3 movement).
-Basic AI chip and French baguette switched places in the shop
-Clover of honour now also works on turrets.
-Hungry sword now lifesteals a flat amount of 25 health per hit and dummies lifesteal 12.5 per hit
-Spiked tongue piercing damage reduced by 10%
-Morning star piercing damage reduced by 10%
-Clover of honour now displays the correct Solar price
-Dummies will now jump less when there is no higher spot to reach

-Fixed grenade trajectory not pointing in the actual throw direction when walking in the opposite direction.
-Fixed grenade trajectories not showing actual point of collision when throwing against turrets or heroes.
-Dark matter flashbang has been replaced with Bovinian postcard which reduces the cooldown of dynamite throw with every hit of your blaster by 0.1s (2 stages for 140 Solar per stage).
-Cattle rebooter price reduced from 160 to 135 solar.

-Fixed a bug where Penny would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving
-Energy pulse’s amplify damage effect won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (10%)
-Chicken in lunchbox, amplify damage increase won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (+5% per stage)
-Death lens damage reduced from 150 to 125 per stage
-Herring snack badge price increased from 160 to 175
-Herring snack badge healing reduced from 60 to 40

-T-800 Drone now dies 5 seconds after Raelynn dies
-Timerifts no longer affect other timerifts
-Snipe and timerift will now only slow Raelynn’s speedup effect down when actually used and not when they are on cooldown.

-Binding of Justice’s damage also gets cancelled when cocooned
-Hammer of frost collision size reduced by 10%
-Hammer of justice will now bounce off of turrets and the drill core.
-Fixed a bug where Halberd of justice healed for double the amount
-Snow shovel price reduced from 195 to 145.
-Milk of the righteous price reduced from 190 to 145 per stage.
-Titanium coneshield now activates at 70% health instead of 50%.
-Halberd of justice increased heal from 30% to 50%.
-The holy cup price reduced from 115 to 90.

-Changed description of movement to “tactical”.
-Circuits of Time decoy’s now die 5 seconds after Sentry dies
-Reduced health from 1650 to 1500
-Black hole sun stored damage will now decay after 10 seconds, however base and flat damage will not be affected.
-Blackhole sun’s accumulated damage will not be reset anymore by Genji’s cocoon.
-Fixed that Black Hole would sometimes apply damage twice.
-Black hole sun now shows the correct amount of max damage in the description.
-Reduced the growing delay on black hole sun from 0.3s to 0.1s.
-Health increased from 1500 to 1550
-Blackhole sun minimum and maximum damage increased by 50
-Black hole sun gravitational pull increased by 10%
-Bug detector gravitational pull reduced from 35% to 25%
-Fixed an issue where Sentry’s beacon would disappear after rapidly clicking the skill.

-Bash now deals 75% damage against turrets
-Earthquake now functions more reliably

-Totem of Power, fixed an issue where the totem would spawn when hitting a wall
-Totem of Power, now drops less through glass platforms
-Fixed an issue where Ornamented Pipe would cause Totem of Power to fall through the ground
-Fixed bullet collision inconsistencies with Skree Totem.
-Soul connectors now work with starstorm statue and mask of fear.

-Swiggins no longer falls when starting Anchor hook
-Swiggins resets knockback when activating Anchor hook
-Improved the arc of Swiggins’ Anchor Drop
-Reduced the base length of Anchor Drop’s chain by 15%
-Removed a stage of Aquarium Pump
-Aquarium Pump’s attack speed is increased from 10 to 15% per stage
-Aquarium Pump’s cost is increased from 135 to 160 solar per stage
-Energized Hook’s cost is reduced from 180 to 175 per stage
-Reduced the price of Pneumatic Spoon from 190 to 165 per stage
-Slighty increased Swiggins’ jump height
-Improved the accuracy of Swiggins’ Ink Shot
-Swiggins now has a 0.6 second delay when picking up his anchor (to punish people running around with their anchor on the ground)
-You can now see Anchor Hook’s cooldown while not having your Anchor
-Swiggins now has an animation when picking up his anchor
-Anchor hook will now show when the hook is hooked in the skilldock
-Anchor hook is now a lot more stable and a whole bunch of issues with it should now be fixed
-Teleporting away, when stuck to Swiggins anchor now breaks anchor.
-Anchor hook stun duration decreased from 0.2s to 0.1s
-Resolved an issue where poolboy could be triggered twice in succession
-Cooldown when anchor is destroyed increased from 10s to 15s
-Fixed that if with Swiggins you spammed the Anchor Drop button quickly you could pick up the anchor immediately while it actually should have chained someone
-Fixed an issue where poolboy’s effect would not be turned off normally.
-Removed the health regen on anchor
-Added the stun duration in the description of anchor hook.

Ted McPain
-Ted’s shotgun shell system was reverted to how it was before, it shows 1 damage number now.
-While using Stimpack, Ted is no longer stunned (he can’t use skills while using Stimpack, but he can move)
-Grenaide pour homme stun duration increased from 0.2s to 0.4s
-Sniper toothbrush movement speed increased from 25% to 30%
-Wheelbarrow with ammo price reduced from 210 to 180 per stage
-Double rpg price increased from 170 to 190
-Angel wing toilet paper description now states auto reload instead of the amount of bullets.

Vinnie & Spike
-Spike dive now breaks stealth.
-Spike dive can be done while snared, Vinnie won’t move but will be able to deal spike dive damage.

-Carpet mines, Yuri will now throw all 3 mines at the same time, two in the front and one behind him (thanks Ten_Tacles for the idea!).
-Coins hit with Yuri’s laser will now always be pulled towards Yuri even if Yuri stops the laser.
-Wraith stone replaced with solar krab burgers

Voltar got some big changes to improve his mechanics. He is basically a new character now, give him a try and learn his new way of playing! Our intention was to fix a number of issues:

-His burst damage with suicide drones which doesn't really fit his supportive role. To fix this we changed the suicide drones to fire one at a time, with a short cooldown.
-Drones shoot bullets that often don't hit and aren't very reliable. To fix this we have replaced the shot with a fast laser shot and increased the range and accuracy of drones.
-His low skill ceiling. Healbot and healing wave are too easy to use and his max potential is easily reached. To fix this we have made healing wave a single target Awesomenaut only heal, which can heal more individually and also deals damage to enemies, positioning is now more important. Since it has been changed so drastically we have renamed the skill to Techno Synaptic Wave. Healbot has reduced health and is easier to take down, and deals one pulse instead of multiple over time, again to improve positioning and timing. Overall both skills feel more active now and Voltar needs to move around more, to reach max potential.
-His dominance in group healing and weak single target healing. With all his healing abilities being able to heal in an area, made us balance him for good teamplay. This however harmed his ability to heal single targets and also work effectively in solo matches, where it is often hard to play the supportive role. As explained we have made healing wave a single target ability this removes the scaling in groups. To further increase his skill ceiling and to reduce his strength in groups, we have added a mechanic where his techno synaptic wave heals more the further he is away from his target. This should allow for more interesting positioning for Voltar and provide options for enemy teams to pick him out of a group.
-His Solar gain, which has always been almost double the amount of other nauts. We removed his Solar gain on wave and reduced the prices of all his items. By adding damage to his techno synaptic wave and increasing accuracy of the drones he has an easier time of last hitting enemies and gaining Solar.

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PS4 Patch 1.3.1 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

-Fixed that trying to join a broken gameroom would often take very long
-Fixed that if splitscreen players were being kicked out of a match (for example because of connection errors) only the first player would be removed from the gameroom, leaving a broken gameroom
-Fixed that the level AI Station 404 was not selectable any more in Practice and Private matches (it is still removed from public matches as this was intended)
-Put the "rematch" option back in the game for public matches
-Fixed that the shop was so close to the edge of the screen that the safe frame of an incorrectly calibrated television/Playstation®4 would cut off part of the right most items
-Fixed that in splitscreen some tooltips in the shop were so close to the top of the screen that some text was cut of by the safe frame on an incorrectly calibrated television/Playstation®4
-Fixed that the text "Refund" fell off the screen for the top players in splitscreen
-Fixed that the shop graphic was incomplete in splitscreen
-Increased the size of tooltips in the shop to make them more readable on smaller televisions

PS4 Patch 1.3
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NEW Awesomenaut: The Scoop of justice!
Scoop is a brave Gelati knight. The Gelati are brilliant craftsmen famous for their delicious Castle Ice Cream. The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits. Although cocoa trees haven't been seen for ages and they are thought to be extinct, the Gelati see it as their holy duty to find a real piece of chocolate and create the ultimate flavour of ice cream: stracciatella. Scoop was assigned by the lords of his house to aid the Awesomenauts in protecting the universe from the new Omicron threat.

Scoop’s skills are as following:

Wrapping of justice
Wrap yourself in healing bindings which heal you and damage your enemies.

Frozen hammer
Throw out a hammer of ice that snares multiple enemies. The longer it flies, the more damage you deal and the longer the snare lasts.

Sword strike
Hold attack button to alternate between a direct stab and a sweeping cleave attack that heals you.

This new character is free for all players, so this is NOT a paid DLC. Enjoy!

NEW: Removal of the loadout and introduction of ZORK’S MEGA SHOP!

At Ronimo we love to criticize our own work and improve where we can even if it means making large changes. Making Awesomenauts a better game is our #1 priority!

For a long time now we have evaluated the loadout system and recently we came to the conclusion that the game needed something better.

From a design perspective the loadout system was meant to increase item build options, but what we found was that it actually works quite the opposite. With the ever increasing size of the Awesomenauts team, new gameplay, situations, added mechanics and with no information on enemy team composition or selected level players were forced to pick the best items for every situation before the battle. This limited options, effective builds and created frustration when the situation in game was not optimal for your chosen build and reduced overall fun.

So we made the radical decision to remove the loadout completely and came up with something better and what is better than a loadout you ask?... ZORK’S MEGA SHOP that’s what’s better!

With a completely new interface and expanded shelves, you now have 6 options in the shop per skill row. You still can buy 3 items per row, but you will have all the items available to you to choose from during the game. This will give you more control over your build, allows for situational items to become a lot more interesting and hopefully we’ll see more items being picked..*cough*baby kuri mammoth*cough*! We are certain you are going to enjoy this major overhaul! :)

NEW: AI Station 205
This is a revised version of AI Station 404 with two lanes, a new hazard and pimped graphics. The original AI Station 404 is still playable in Practice and Custom Games, but will not be selected anymore in online public matches.

NEW: Bots made by the community!
A whopping nine new bots have been added to the game, and the four existing ones have been improved! These are:
-Ayla by Veanko
-Coco by nailclipper
-Genji by thesilverskull190
-Gnaw by Veanko
-Raelynn by Pirate-Rob
-Skree by Veanko
-Swiggins by hurleybird
-Ted McPain by Gatronix
-Vinnie & Spike by TheMesp
-Clunk by Veanko
-Froggy by gmfreaky
-Leon by Veanko
-Lonestar by Veanko
Online bots now use difficulty level 3, which means they cheat half as much as they did before. In Custom and Practice modes you can still set bots to difficulty levels 4 and 5 to give them insane cheats for extra challenge.

NEW menu music
The menu music has been extended for much more awesomeness!

NEW premium skin: Grim Genji
From the darkest reaches of space, the Void Moth comes to spreads its wings over all of creation. To aid him in his eternal struggle against the Space Butterfly, the Void Moth has sent out it's most powerful prophet, Grim Genji, to go forth and gather more souls for his master. This DLC comes with a fully customized voice set by Jesse Cox! Grim Genji was designed by community member Li Yang 'Xethoz' Lim for the Design-a-skin competition and was chosen by the community as the most awesome concept from more than 250 submissions!
This is a paid DLC

NEW ultimate skin: Magma/Jotunn Skolldir
Old spacesailors tell the tale of Jotunn Skølldir, who was banished from his homeworld and carved a path of destruction through the galaxy. Worlds that fell victim to his rage were swallowed by lava or entombed in ice, leaving none alive. Supposed to wield both fists of undying flame and the cold of an eternal winter, Jotunn Skølldir truly is one of the last remaining legends of the galaxy. Those who have witnessed the destruction left behind by him are never the same. The skin-design and sound effects vary depending on whether the player is currently playing for the Red or the Blue team, with Jotunn Skølldir assuming his fire-form in the Red team, and an ice-form in the Blue team. The Jotunn Skølldir skin does NOT have a unique voice over. Jotunn Skølldir was designed by community member CrimsonYeti for the Design-a-skin competition and was chosen by the community as one the runner-ups to Grim Genji from more than 250 submissions!
This is a paid DLC

NEW skin: Leon Legionnaire
My name is Leon Legionnnaire, commander of the Armies of Aiguillon, connoisseur of fine cheese and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor: Blabus Zorkonius. Owner of a stolen space yacht, winner of the 3586 jeu de boules cup. I will claim my glory, in this battle or the next. Leon Legionnaire was designed by community member Lautaro Aglione for the Design-a-skin competition and was chosen by the community as one the runner-ups to Grim Genji from more than 250 submissions!
This is a paid DLC

NEW premium skin: Wraithlord Scoop
Once an avatar of Justice itself, Wraithlord Scoop is the twisted resurrection of a once benevolent warrior. On his new dark path this once noble spirit has now been consumed by an unending vengeance. Ancient prophecies have been discovered that speak of the Wraithlord's legendary dark weapon, Doomblade. It is said that unless a being of pure spirit exorcises this Doomblade, the dark powers within it resurrect the Wraithlord each time he is slain... This DLC comes with a fully customized voice set
This is a paid DLC

NEW: Removed Rematch option after public matches
Since only part of the players in a match used the Rematch option, this resulted in lots of half-filled matches. Matchmaking functions better if instead all of these players just enter the matchmaking pool again, giving the matchmaker a chance to put them in the matches that fit their location and rating best. This also removes the irritating timers from the post-game screens.

NEW: Damage multiplied by 10!
We multiplied all the damage numbers by 10. Apart from Clunks hitting badass numbers like 1000, this decision was made so we could do finer balance changes. When an attack hits 2 per second and we want to nerf it, it would be nerfed by half. Now we can nerf things much more subtly.

Rewards for kills
The reward for killing someone felt too weak for us, so we increased the bonus amount for a killing blow from 30 to 40. Also, killing someone with a killing spree now gives you a bonus 40 solar instead of 20. The player dying now loses more: from 30 to 40 Solar. Bots will still drop half the amounts.

-Fixed that host migration failed if the new host left the game during host migration (host migration can still fail for other reasons, like if players don’t have a connection with the new host)
-Important gameplay data (like bullet creation info) is now sent twice, greatly reducing the impact of packet loss on gameplay. This increases bandwidth by around 5%. (Explanation: if a packet is lost it takes a while before the game can know this. The game waits with resending until it knows the packet is likely lost, which results in lost data on a really bad internet connection getting a very high delay. Now important data is immediately sent twice, so even if the packet is lost, another packet comes in immediately after that also has the data.)
-Improved throttling

Modified bot difficulty
We want to remove as much bot cheating as possible. With the new improved AI’s the bots are a lot smarter and don’t need to cheat that much anymore, so we have removed most of the cheats. In some leagues the bots won’t cheat at all and in the lowest leagues they even get negative cheats. So this is quite the improvement. The full breakdown on botcheats is as following:

Practice/custom games
-Difficulty 0: really dumb, 3x as high cooldowns, items 3x more expensive, 15 seconds OtherSkillCooldown, never buy utility items, don't buy any upgrades in first 5 minutes (bothandicap1+2)
-Difficulty 1: much less smart, 2x as high cooldowns, items 2x more expensive, 5 seconds OtherSkillCooldown, never buy utility items, don't buy any upgrades in first 3 minutes (bothandicap1)
-Difficulty 2: less smart
-Difficulty 3: maximum smartness, 19% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2)
-Difficulty 4: maximum smartness, 35% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2+3)
-Difficulty 5: maximum smartness, 55% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2+3+4)

-Leagues 7-9: maximum smartness, 2x as high cooldowns, items 2x more expensive, 5 seconds OtherSkillCooldown (bothandicap1)
-Leagues 5-6: maximum smartness
-Leagues 3-4: maximum smartness, 10% lower cooldowns (botlevel1)
-Leagues 1-2: maximum smartness, 19% lower cooldowns (botlevel1+2)

OtherSkillCooldown means that if a bot uses skill 1, skill 2 goes on cooldown, and the other way around. So Froggy cannot do tornado and dash immediately after each other.

-Bot difficulty, changed see design notes above
-Bots don't respawn quicker anymore
-Bots don't deal increased damage against turrets anymore
-Bots don't receive extra max health

-Blind has been changed.
-Shop music now starts at a random position in the song for more variation
-Particle forces have been tweaked to make particles move less far. This especially fixes particles blowing several screens away after Coco’s Ball Lightning explosion.
-Fixed that the full-screen red flash when you are hit was always shown twice
-If an ally or enemy makes a triple kill, it no longer displays “Source” instead of his name
-Made the error message clearer when trying to play splitscreen with a controller that is not logged in to PSN
-Fixed that some buttons and menus were visually stretched
-Fixed that sometimes the controls configuration menu mixed up which controller is which player
-Fixed that creating a game sometimes caused the game to freeze for several seconds (this issue still exists when joining an existing game)
-Fixed that when re-joining a match with a splitscreen group not everyone automatically got the same character and upgrades as before
-Fixed that some sounds occassionally did not play
-Fixed that muting sometimes did not have any effect until several minutes later
-Fixed a crash when joining an existing match
-Fixed several other rare crashes
-Fixed that not all friends were shown in the leaderboards when sorting by friends
-Fixed that the leaderboards did not wipe correctly on the season reset

General balance
-Air max values of Ayla, Gnaw, Derpl, Swiggins are now showing the correct value in the description
-Killing spree bonuses for killing Penny, Vinnie, Genji, Swiggins, Ted McPain, Skree and Sentry now work
-The scoreboard now takes into account when a player has lost Solar due to being killed. Previously the scoreboard would show a too high Solar amount because Solar loss on death was ignored there. Important: this makes the difference between teams look bigger in this patch even in cases where it is the same as before!
-Minimum respawn time increased by 3s (8s total now with 5s camera movement)
-Maximum respawn time reduced by 5s (25s total now with 5s camera movement)
-Turrets now have 15% reduced health.

Removal of solar items
"Some Solar items have been removed from the game because they felt unfair and didn’t require the player to play the game like they should be playing. Items replaced are: Flashy Glasses, Solar Magnet and Solar Tree. Read more at the specific upgrade note."
-Solar Tree is replaced by Wraith Stone
-Wraith Stone costs 155 solar
-Wraith Stone increases healing by critters by 200

Killing Spree Ending
We increased the combined bonus Solar that a team gets for killing someone that's on a killing spree (3 kills without dying). The killer gets a bit less and the rest of the team gets more as it is mostly a team effort to take down such a strong opponent.
-Killing Spree bonus gold given to killer is reduced from 40 to 20 solar
-Killing Spree bonus gold now also goes to teammates, 20 solar for each teammate

-Fixed an issue where you could use rage to fly out of the landing area
-Rubberband Ball, tooltip now displays Movement Duration instead of Duration, to clarify what time is bound to what effect
-Ion Blowtorch's, tooltip now explains you deal extra damage if enemy Awesomenauts with 40% health or less are close, instead of saying wounded Awesomenauts
-Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

-Power Converter, heal over time increased from 150 to 200 health per stage
-Thermonuclear Cleaner, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Clunk’s Power Converter now heals 400 like shown (instead of 393)

-Chuck's board, removed a stage
-Super conductor, attackspeed reduced from 200 to 160
-Super conductor, price increased from 170 to 180 Solar per stage
-Shock, damage is increased against turrets from 80% to 100%
-Fixed an issue where Blaze was cancelled if you detonated Ball Lightning with the Heavenly Fire upgrade active
-Voltage Amplifier, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Trap, lifetime increased from 9s to 11s
-Hollowpoint bullets, added a stage
-Deployment pads, added a 0.1s stun to the pulse (staat niet in de tooltip)
-All Derpl skins now have teamcolour glows on their traps
-Hydrocollision Lava Lamp, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Froggy G
-Mutant worms: limited ninja edition, whirlwind will now also increase the damage of your next shot for 5 sec
-Hydro Smash, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Boom Box, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Fixed an issue where Mutant Worms gave too much attack speed
-Bio Fuel Cells, now has 3 stages
-Bio Fuel Cells, price reduced from 130 to 90 Solar per stage
-Bio Fuel Cells, reduced duration 0.6 to 0.4 seconds per stage
-Boom Box, price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar
-Twister Tweeters, price increased from 185 to 210 Solar

-Removed delay on shooting cocoon
-Gettin'out of the hood, resolved an issue which caused it to last for 4s instead of 3s
-Fixed an issue where The Last Pieridae Transformae would spawn droids if you shoot near droids but miss them
-Bronco Yeast, now has 3 stages
-Bronco Yeast, price reduced from 155 to 130 Solar per stage

-Weedlings, health reduced from 45 to 40
-Weedlings, max health gained during the course of a game, reduced by 6
-Weedlings, reduced the max health Weedlings gain over time by 10%
-Weedlings, health regen reduced from 240 to 200 per min.
-Aggressive acid, removed the additional lifetime
-Aggressive acid, increased the spawnrate of drips (3 drips total)
-Tentacle Soup, slow power reduced from 20% to 15% per stage
-Fertilizer, stats now show the correct amount of max health (32)
-The health of weedlings increase over time during a game; there was an issue where the timing wasn’t correct for some of these increments. They have been altered to trigger at the correct times (300s.-600s.-900s.)
-Weedlings, fixed an exploit where weedlings could be used to block droids
-Fixed a double text in Gnaw's backstory in French
-Fixed a text issue in Gnaw's backstory in English
-Fixed an issue where Chattering Teeth gave too much attack speed
-Fixed an issue where Flex Neck gave too much attack speed
-Rotten Teeth, damage is reduced from 100 to 75 per stage
-Rotten Teeth, price is reduced from 230 to 210 Solar per stage
-Corrosive Spores, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

“What we tried to do with Leon is amplify his dueling potential while removing some of his “All Round” powers. Now tongue deals less damage against droids and his Chainsaw no longer works on droids and towers, Leon has to think about his build and playstyle, while staying an excellent Assassin.”
-Solar Magnet is replaced by Spectacles magnet piercing
-Spectacles Magnet, price increased from 60 to 190 Solar
-Spectacles Magnet, blinds enemy Awesomenauts on hit
-Chainsaw Addon, damage now only works against enemy Awesomenauts
-Cloaking Skin, can no longer be used to de-stealth while the skill is active
-Morning Star Piercing, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Hungry Sword, lifesteal reduced from 25% to 20%
-Changed the outward travel speed of tongue from 80 to 60
-Tongue can be used out of stealth again
-Party mask, price increased from 140 to 160 solar per stage
-Clover of Honour, now works on the 2nd hit instead of the third
-Clover of Honour, damage reduced from +6 to +4 per stage
-Clover of Honour, removed damage reduction against turrets
-Clover of Honour, now won't work on turrets anymore
-Clover of Honour, price increased from 165 to 200 Solar
-Steel false teeth, lifesteal reduced by 50%
-Fixed a bug where Leon’s tongue dealt 118 damage on the first hit

-Cattle Rebooter, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Dynamite now deals 175 damage instead of 200 damage per charge

-Penny, her base health is increased from 1200 to 1250
-Pounce, stats now show the base damage aswell as the damage per charge
-Claw, damage against turret is increased from 80% to 100%
-Claw, now has a very small unnoticable knockback, which will allow Penny to deactivate flying enemies, same way as other melee nauts can
-Energy Pulse, now deals 100 damage per charge
-Energy Pulse, changed the description to only state the added amplified damage per charge
-Chicken in lunchbox, price reduced from 180 to 145 Solar per stage

”Raelynn is one of the characters that didn’t cost a lot of effort but was always strong in the midgame. We are giving her more of a roll decision, she could be a pusher or fighter. Giving the players the choice to play her the way they want. We reduced some prices since she can no longer get solar from Flashy Glasses”
-Flashy Glasses now increases the damage of Snipe by 20% and reduces the range by 8
-Flashy Glasses, increased the price from 50 to 230 Solar
-Pump rifle, reduced the price from 200 to 175 Solar per stage
-Laserpointer, reduced the price from 160 to 140 Solar
-HC-Bomb, reduced the price from 215 to 200 Solar
-1.21 Gigawatt Battery, reduced the price from 190 to 160 Solar
-Fixed an issue where Higgs Grenade’s tooltip said it increases the height by +1 while it increases by +2 per stage
-Pump Rifle, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Gryc Lubricator, removed a stage
-Casettedeck Magazine, reduced cooldown reduction from 1.5s to 1s per stage

"Basically Sentry is one of the strongest nauts in the game at the moment and he excels at being a tank, in our opinion his sustain was a bit too much with the lifesteal on tactical vest, that’s why we nerfed it a bit also the damage reduction shield of microfilm was a bit too much. The idea of Sentry was to make him tanky but his main survivability must come from his teleport beacon, which requires skill to time correctly instead of just plain health/shield/lifesteal. So we buffed the cooldown of beacon by 25%. Lastly we did some changes to counter intellligence cross, although we liked the original idea on paper, practically it felt clunky and gimmicky to detonate the mines. With the turrets being able to counter outranging we did some changes to long range attacks counter intelligence is one of them, but you will find other changes in the patchnotes, machine gun range for instance that got buffed for to the same reason."
-Tactical vest, lifesteal reduced from 20% to 15%
-Dog tags, attackspeed reduced from 20% to 15% per stage
-Dog tags, price reduced from 190 to 170 solar
-Counter-Intelligence cross, removed the detonate, mines will now automatically start homing after time out
-Counter-Intelligence cross, price reduced from 295 to 200 Solar
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets now also deal aoe damage
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets now also deal 50% damage to turrets
-Counter intelligence cross, homing bullets will now fly to same direction as they are shot in, when no target is found
-Circuits of Time, removed a stage
-Teleport beacon, cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s
-Microfilm, damage reduction reduced from 15% to 10% per stage
-Microfilm, price reduced from 160 to 140 Solar per stage
-Black hole sun, damage absorption from the inferno device, Solar boss and turrets is halved
-Disguise Moustache, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Earthquake, reduced the duration of particles when they hit the floor

-Lightning rod, using the rod will now slow your movement by 20%
-Steeldrum, price increased from 160 to 190 solar per stage
-Steeldrum, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Air Freshener, price reduced from 185 to 140 solar per stage
-Mask of Fear, range increased from 8 to 10
-Saw blade, collision size is now correct with the animation
-Spare blade and air freshener's particles now work together
-Alien hula girl, slowtime increased from 0.5s to 1s
-Alien hula girl, slowpower increased from 12,5% to 15% per stage

"Swiggins is definitely the ‘naut with the most changes this patch, and you probably going to love the complete overhaul on the way anchor drop now works. A lot players complained about not being able to pick up the anchor when you want instead of the automatic return of the anchor after a set amount of time. With the new system you can decide when you want your anchor back, creating new ways for Swiggins to play instead of the hook & drop combo. You can throw down your anchor and get the movement speed increase to get into the action, wait for the best opportunity to get your anchor, recall it and hook, and if you planned it correctly you can drop right after that. Also losing the anchor to get away and don’t have to worry about a returning and slowing anchor you can safely run away and recall your anchor when needed. Treasure lotery map was a really crappy item and with debuff immunity on it, hopefully will make it more attractive in fights against strong teams with cc’s. Bovinian skimmed milk now adds amplify damage which is going to make teamfights a lot more interesting, we put the old speed increase from Bovinian skimmed milk on Krill biscuits, because we liked the upgrade but it fits better in that row, it should also give some incentive to divert from the cookie cutter damage build. Last thing, the double glazed royal porcelain was an upgrade we didn’t find very suiting for Swiggins, so we went with a chain utility item for it instead."
-Anchor drop, the anchor will now stay on the floor until the cooldown has run out. After that you get a new skill (anchor recall) that when activated returns your anchor to your hand. When you touch the anchor when anchor drop is on cooldown the anchor recall skill becomes directly active. If you pick up the anchor before the end of the cooldown you will still need to wait until the end of the cooldown to throw another anchor drop.
-Drop anchor, duration of the chain reduced from 4s to 3s
-Drop anchor, base range of chain increased by 10%
-Royal toy castle, damage reduction reduced from 12.5% to 10% per stage
-Treasure Lottery Map, now adds debuff immunity for 1 second after hitting an enemy 'naut with Anchor Hook
-Treasure Lottery Map, price increased from 80 to 175 solar
-Ancient octant, fixed an issue where it wouldn't trigger when both anchor drop and hook were used at the same time
-Anchor drop, fixed an issue where it dealt double damage
-Bovinian skimmed milk, now adds damage amplification of +10% per stage for the duration of Anchor Drop (2 stages)
-Bovinian skimmed milk, price increased from 145 to 160 Solar per stage
-Krill biscuits, now has the old effect of bovinian skimmed milk where it increases movement speed when not holding Homboldt
-Magnetic Anchor, damage increased from +3.3 to +5 per stage
-Double Glazed Royal Porcelain, now reduces the lenght of the chain by 25%
-Not seeweed, increase blind duration from 0.2s to 0.4s
-Inkshot, Slightly increased the collision size of the inkshot bullets
-Energized hook, price increased from 155 to 180 per stage
-Chain no longer interrupts Leons Tongue and Swiggins Hook as long as you stay within the max range.

Ted McPain
"Over the past few patches we have tried to make stimpack better, but overall the skill was lacking enough uhmpf to get picked over shot upgrades and airstrike. This is the reason why removed the self inflicting damage on stimpack to remove the downside of the skill, obviously this made the skill a no-brainer with the short cooldown, so we increased the cooldown so give players more choice when to use the skill, instead of just activating it after every cooldown. With the longer cooldown it made sense to bring back the full clip angel wing toilet paper and to balance the removal of selfdamage on ammo weekly we increased the price a bit. Armpit shaving cream could not stay the damage reduction obviously so we went with a shield instead. Puffed spider eggs was an underused item and doesn’t really fit shotgun ammo theme so instead went with an extra shell to increase your burst with the shotgun and with the side effect of increasing the stimpack duration while holding the machine gun, to make stimpack work better with machinegun mode and reduce the pain of having to wait on the gun switching animation. Grenaide pour homme, was one of the worst items in the game, very underused and we did a revamp as well to a short stun pulse to give ted either a better escape or a great opener."
-Stimpack, removed the self damage
-Stimpack, changed the description of stimpack
-Stimpack, removed the healthrestriction on stimpack
-Shotgun, damage against turrets is reduced from 60% to 50%
-Armpit shaving cream, now adds a damage reducing shield for the duration of stimpack, 2 stages 10% damage reduction per stage
-Armpit shaving cream, price increased from 135 to 165 Solar per stage
-Machine gun, increase base range from 6.4 to 7.5
-Puffed spider eggs, replaced the reload time reduction with a max ammo increase +1
-Puffed spider eggs, price reduced from 190 to 135 Solar
-Slightly increased the acceleration on Ted's boots
-Sniper toothbrush, price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar
-Ammo Weekly, removed the old selfdamage stat
-Ammo weekly, price increased from 160 to 175 Solar per stage
-Fixed an issue where holding airstrike while firing your machinegun would cancel the movement penalty for shooting
-Added ammo setting to base stats shotgun
-Double RPG, cooldown between airstrikes reduced from 2s to 1s
-Angel wing toilet paper, now fully reloads shotgun
-Grénaide pour homme, now emits a stun of 0.2 seconds
-Grénaide pour homme, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar
-Wheelbarrow with Ammo, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
-Ted McPain now spawns with machine gun so you can use the extra movement speed to get to the action
-Switching stance icon now shows the right cooldown 0.6s
-Fixed a bug where Ted could have a double airstrike if it would hit something at the max range

Vinnie & Spike
"Overall Vinnie & Spike have been the character(s) with the highest winrate in the game for a long time now. We think he is not overpowered though but there were some concerns that the pricing of his items were a bit too cheap, giving him early access to endgame strength, this is the reason why we nerfed a bunch of items we think were a bit too cheap and did some small damage nerfs here and there. Also the range of his main gun was a bit too much, and made poking at enemies a bit too easy. Mammoth sock was worthless at 1 stage so we combined that one into 1 item and last but not least, the beloved double dive found its way back. This time we replaced the rigged casino games with something more appealing the double dive, big difference with the old double dive is that this one reduces the damage of both dives with a flat amount to be able to make it not too strong."
-Spike dive, cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
-Sharky & Remora, range reduced from 4 to 3
-The Codfather, damage reduced from 3 to 2
-The Codfather, price reduced from 175 to 150 Solar
-Smoke screen, will now hit faster, which should counter some issues where players would be able to do skills even while they should be silenced by Red bandana
-Antique machinegun, price increased from 160 to 175 Solar
-Alien abduction kit, lifesteal increased from +25% to +30%
-Red bandana, price increased from 185 to 220 Solar
-Rubber mask, price increased from 70 to 100 Solar
-Withered president mask, price increased from 150 to 185 Solar
-Rocketeer, now also increases duration by +1s
-Mammoth sock with holes, removed a stage
-Mammoth sock with holes, duration increased from +1.2s to +2.5s
-Mammoth sock with holes, price increased from 175 to 235 solar
-Rigged casino games, removed a stage
-Rigged casino games, now adds a second Spike Dive 2 seconds after the first for -20 damage
-Rigged casino games, price increased from 125 to 225 solar
-Chrome File, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

-Voltar’s, health is reduced from 1350 to 1200
-Euphoric Throughs, price reduced from 360 to 250 Solar
-When being cocooned by Genji, your drones will not die anymore
-Suicide drones, removed the text about the detonation of the drones
-Suicide Drones, tooltip now clarifies that you can shoot your drones that get spawned by Voltar
-Fixed an issue where Voltar couldn’t heal when standing against the wall
-Energy Drink, no longer increases the longevity of the healbot
-Energy Drink, price is reduced from 205 to 170 Solar per stage
-Healbot, heals is increased from 40 to 50 health per second
-Healbot, cooldown is increased from 14 to 17 seconds
-Healbot, duration is increased from 6 to 7 seconds
-Weaponised Hull, extra damage now only applies against Awesomenauts

-Laser, damage against turrets is increased from 40% to 50%
-Fixed an issue where Instant Charge Battery gave too much attack speed
-Giant Monocle, price increased from 160 to 180 Solar
-Gave him a little bit more acceleration while jetpack is on
-Uranium Spikes, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Map: Aguillon
-Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be pushed out of the droid spawning area at blue side
-Fixed that there was a spot where Yuri would sometimes glitch through terrain

Map: Sorona
-Fixed an issue with the jump pads not being equal
-Reduced the health of both front turrets on Sorona by 10%

-First Turrets, health is increased from 7000 to 9000 health
-Second Turrets, heal is increased from 13000 to 14000 health
-Turrets, now deal reduced damage against droids

Melee Droids
-Melee Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids
-Droids will now only attack when they are on the ground
-Sawblade droids, health increased from 60 to 70
-Sawblade droids, health regen increased from 120 to 150 health per min.
-Turrets will now hit droids instead of Nauts when they are bunched in front of a turret. You can still tank the damage of the turret but you need to actively walk into a turret to do this.
-Droids will now move faster and will start combat faster without pushing each other
-Fixed an issue where droids would not spawn on the same location to form nice droid waves
-Sawblade droids, base health increased from 700 to 850 health
-Sawblade droids, bonus health per 5 minutes played reduced from 150 to 100 (stacks up to 3 times, so the late game max health is still the same as before)
-Fixed a bug where super droids would fall off their first platform in Aiguillon
-Fixed that droids did damage too early in their animation (while their saw was still behind them instead of at the moment they actually hit you)
-Increased the melee droid health regeneration by 20%
-Fixed an issue where droids could get stuck on Ribbit and Aquillion

Flying Droids
-Flying Droids, now turn the way they shoot
-Flying Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Super Droids
-Super Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids
-Super droids, will now be affected by blind
-Fixed an issue with super droids getting stuck above enemy team jumppads

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PS4 patch 1.2
Discuss here!

Note that DLC will go into the store either today or tomorrow depending on the region, so you might not be able to get new characters right away.

NEW character: Sentry
Sentry is a robot built for infiltration, fooling enemy troops by mimicking anything from an umbrella to a phone booth. After re-activating aboard the Starstorm and finding it overrun by hostile mercenaries, Sentry chose to join them undercover. Biding his time to exact revenge, gathering enough Solar to buy a very serious tank. One with a shark printed on the front!
-Warbots from the X-58 line come with a high powered photon mine launcher.
-Black Hole Sun: Enables a damage collecting black hole that can be placed with a second press, pulling enemies toward it and dealing the collected damage.
-Teleport Beacon: Sentry deploys a beacon to which he can teleport. Sentry deals a damage dealing pulse at arrival.
-Standard warbot energy thruster, for short leaps in combat.

NEW character: Skree
Skree, the powerful but superstitious techno shaman!
-Shoot lightning from your mechanical rod!
-Summon a robotic wall that blocks movement!
-Shoot a spinning blade, that stays in one position for a limited time. You can place it and pull it towards you!
-Skree floats on a swirling set of blades, by holding the jump button he can stay on the same altitude in air!

NEW skin: Giga Sentorii (for Sentry)
Giga Sentorii is the combination of the five Galactic Turbodinopowerzords: Tyrannozord, Galactozord, Electrozord, Fourswordzord & Grammarzord. Handcrafted by the elite Zurian battle team known as the Power Strikers, Giga Sentorii is only called upon in the most dire of situations. The Giga form is therefore rarely seen on the battlefields. This DLC contains a custom skin for Sentry X-58 in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW skin: Skreeletor (for Skree)
In the deepest of evil lairs, the infamous villain Skreeletor can be found trying to turn his dreams of universal conquest into reality. Having found hints of a powerful artifact known only as 'the Golden Weedling', he will do everything in his power to locate and claim this galaxy-conquering tool as his own. The only obstacle in his path is a small tribe of He-Mon'grahs from planet Skrultor Prime trying to obtain the very same artifact. This DLC contains a custom skin for Skree in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW: Brazilian Portuguese language support
Thanks to the help of the awesome Brazilian community all texts in the game have been translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

NEW: Particle forces
Certain skills will now affect certain particles around them. For example, Ayla’s rage bubble will now pull sparkles and smoke towards it. Effects have been added to: Sentry black hole, Froggy dash, Clunk explosion, Derpl nuke explosion, Ted McPain shotgun, Ayla rage, Yuri timebubble, Vinnie & Spike dive, Penny pounce and Coco ball lightning.

-Massively reduced bandwidth and packet count used by the game. The exact results vary depending on the gameplay situation: the less opponents are in view, the stronger the effect. Bandwidth has been reduced by between 35% and 50%. Packet count has been reduced by between 20% and 65%.
-Fixed that quite often premades did not end up with the entire team in the same match
-Increased AFK timers from 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes for not pressing any buttons and from 2.5 to 3 minutes for not interacting.
-Removed network throttling entirely. "Throttling" means sending less if the connection is bad. Although throttling reduces network errors it seems like it also makes the game feel more laggy, so we are removing it now to see whether this makes characters warp less. We also think throttling might not be as relevant anymore now that general bandwidth usage has been reduced so much.
-Fixed that the "players met" feature of the PS4 was not filled in by Awesomenauts

-Fixed that the game crashed when playing several splitscreen matches in a row (DOH!)
-Tweaked league sizes to fit current playing patterns. Leagues 2 and 3 have been made 15% smaller, leagues 4-7 have been grown.
-Fixed an issue where characters that can float would sometimes not be able to jump when standing on a platform that was moving down
-Improved jumping responsiveness when already pressing jump just before actually hitting the ground
-Fixed that bullet detonation did not work anymore if you had been stunned after firing the bullet
-Fixed that the flying droid created by Genji or Raelynn would very rarely become invisible and invincible for other players
-Shop will again close automatically when the droppod is launched.
-Fixed an abuse where leaving a match would not always result in a decrease in ranking
-Fixed that it was possible to overwrite another player's progress by switching accounts in the game
-Fixed that Solar and kills/deaths in the HUD overlapped if you had more than 1000 Solar
-Fixed that Blind did not look as intended

-Improved control schemes configuration flow for splitscreen
-Fixed that control schemes for players 2 and 3 could not be set in the main menu, only in the lobby screen
-Fixed that the game could get stuck in the splitscreen lobby screen depending on the order of joining and leaving
-Fixed that scrolling the control schemes menu was broken in splitscreen
-Fixed that setting starting Solar in Custom Games responded too slowly
-The forum button in the main menu now directs the player towards the PS4 subforum
-Fixed that if you pressed back from the Leaderboards History menu, you went to the main menu instead if to the Leaderboard menu
-Fixed that splitscreen players could open and control the in-game menu, but could not control the announcer submenu
-Fixed that the names of some characters overlapped the timer in the character select screen
-The droids have returned from their vacation and are back in the menu. They got some well deserved rest
-Fixed visual and audio issues in Raelynn's and Gnaw's unlock screens

-Fixed that Clunk's explosion sometimes kept looping forever, even in next matches (this only happened with Clunk's skins)
-Fixed that Penny's theme song did not loop in the loading screen
-Fixed that the spawn sound of stealth orb on Aiguillon was not audible throughout the entire level
-Fixed that music sometimes shortly stopped playing and then continued
-Decreased volumes of low health warning, shooting turrets, damaged turret electric effect, turret under attack alarm.
-Fixed that announcer lines “first blood” and “double kill” often were not played
-Fixed that in splitscreen the killing spree music was not stopped if the player who had it died

General balance
-Droids will now slowly heal over time
-Baby Kuri Mammoth now also affects amplified damage
-Power pills, health reduced from 15% to 12%
-Turrets no longer receive damage when they are not shooting
-Turrets stop taking damage while firing if they haven’t been able to hit a target for 3s

-Butterfly shot returning butterfly will now return to Genji’s staff instead of the location it was shot from

-Fixed an issue where Ayla’s evil eye would hit targets behind her instead of the front

-Pinot noir, now correctly heals +100 hp per minute in combination with med-i’-can

Ted McPain
-Jump height slightly increased
-Space air max now shows the correct speed increase
-Shotgun, spread and range slightly reduced
-Baby Kuri mammoth replaced with Starstorm Statue
-Angel wing toilet paper, price reduced from 195 to 145 Solar
-Angel wing toilet paper, reload reduced from 4 to 2 shells
-Commando Ted Figure, price increased from 175 to 190 Solar per stage
-Ted Mc Pain figurine, shotgun damage reduced from 5 to 4 per stage
-Shotgun, damage against turrets reduced by 20%
-Shotgun, attackspeed reduced by 20%
-Stimpack, attackspeed increased by 5%
-Made voice lines for skills play less often and less loudly

-Space air max now shows the correct speed increase

-Health reduced from 140 to 135
-Weedling parts now keep regenerating after completing the first weedling
-Weedlings already planted, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of replanting them

Penny Fox
-Reduced health from 130 to 120
-Energy pulse, damage per charge reduced from 10 to 8
-Energy pulse, cooldown increased from 6s to 7s
-Energy pulse, base amplify damage effect reduced by 5%
-Increased collision box slightly
-Heartshaped net, price reduced from 165 to 115 Solar
-Pounce, removed invincibility during pounce
-Pounce, stun reduced from 0.65s to 0.4s
-Reduced the explosion range of pounce slightly
-Claw, damage reduced from 10 to 9
-Sentient rock, price increased from 95 to 135 Solar per stage
-Fixed a text error in Penny’s movement description
-Made voice lines for skills play less often and less loudly

-Fixed an issue where continuous firing of suicide drones would block the skill completely after having max drones
-Drones already in play, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of resummoning them

-Deployment pads, fixed a bug where it could be triggered multiple times

-T-800 Dome, droid health reduced from 60 to 40
-T-800 Dome, price increased from 145 to 200 Solar

PS4 patch 1.1.1 (hotfix)
Discuss here!

-Fixed that splitscreen often crashed
-Fixed another rare crash during gameplay
-Greatly improved framerate during splitscreen
-Fixed that if as client you opened the Custom Games Settings menu, you could not back out of it
-Fixed that Ted McPain’s killing spree did not play
-Fixed that several other sounds did not play
-Fixed that Ted McPain’s items did not unlock correctly, resulting in empty unlock levels
-Button for jump-down can now be changed to something else then jump+down. To set it back to jump+down you have to reset your control scheme.
-Shop button can now be set in the controls configuration menu
-Fixed that shop button was same as shooting button, resulting in that you could not shoot anymore if Shop Anywhere was enabled in Custom Games. This is only fixed for new players: existing players will have to manually change their shop button to fix this (we didn’t want to force everyone to a new button unexpectedly for a feature that is rarely used anyway)
-Fixed that Voltar Drone Explode with Disco Voltar caused huge particles over the entire screen
-Fixed that damage reduction showed a * instead of a little shield in the damage numbers popping up during attacks
-Fixed that if you opened the PS4 menu during a Practice match the game would not pause and would keep playing the background

PS4 patch 1.1

This character is sold separately as a DLC. Everyone can play against Penny, but you need to own the DLC to play her yourself.

Honorary Star Scout Penny Fox is on a personal quest to rid the galaxy of all evil. In pursuit of these lofty goals, she has traveled all over the worlds to collect weird aliens and put them in jars for her private collection. During her

latest travels her scooter broke down in the Raki system, forcing her to scour for spare parts on the nearby starstorm station. It is there that she found a mysterious robotic claw, which would lead her to the adventure of a lifetime!

Consume all charges to charge forward, knocking back enemies you come in contact with. Each charge spent increases range and damage.

Energy pulse
Consume up to 4 charges to shoot a piercing energy pulse that deals damage and amplifies the damage affected targets take for a short duration. Each charge spent increases the damage and damage amplification

Penny strikes with her claw awarding a charge when hitting an enemy. Max 4 charges.

Being super agile, Penny can leap up and perform a double jump.

This character is sold separately as a DLC. Everyone can play against Ted McPain, but you need to own the DLC to play him yourself.

Ted McPain was one of the great heroes of the first AI Wars, a long time ago. Long after his eventual heroic demise, he lived on as he became the star of various video games: Ted McPain I through XVII, Ted McPain: Zombie Blast, Ted

McPain vs. Evil Ted McPain and Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting. Now Voltar managed to re-materialize Ted. The Ted McPain that appeared, though, was missing his pants for unknown reasons.

Call in an ion cannon airstrike for maximum damage.

This stuff hurts, but stimpacks make Ted go berserk, enhancing his attack speed.

Weapon Switch
Ted can alternate between his shotgun + Stimpack setup and his Assault Rifle + Airstrike setup

A heavy hitting short range area of effect weapon that has a limited ammo capacity that slowly regenerates bullets

Assault Rifle
A medium range spray of bullets!


-Private matches have been replaced with custom games, where you can adjust all kinds of game settings! Go check it out!
-New custom game mode: Team deathmatch - The team that reaches the kill limit first wins!
-New custom game mode: Randomnauts - start out with a random 'Naut and get random item upgrades during the match. WHen you die you respawn as a random other 'Naut!


-Cheerleader Penny
-Cynical Vinnie
-Desperado Penny
-Digital G
-Party Boy McPain
-Private Mels
-Titanium Ted


-NEW: SUSI announcer DLC
-NEW song: Spanking Stars
-NEW song: “I'll Make You a Star, Baby”
-When rejoining a match the player will be forced to play with the same naut, loadout, bought items and amount of Solar. Plus a small Solar bonus depending on how long it took to get back in the game.
-Added botnames for Kickstarter backers (Thorium Tier and up)
-Added Special Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Gold Tier and up)
-Added Very Awesome Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Awesomantium Tier and up)
-Whenever you receive solar from any effect the amount will pop up at your character (solar pickups, kills, specific item effects etc).


-Removed in-game DLC store
-Slightly changed the colour of various in-game texts, such as in-game notifications, character names, and the K/D counter(experimental)
-Intensified the shine on solar
-Decreased the size and duration of in-game notifications. The in-game notification box now can also hold 3 notifications. This should solve the announcer desync to a degree (experimental)
-Increased the resolution of healthbars
-Damage number sizes have been overhauled, tweaked and resized and are now anchored to the world instead of the affected character.
-Fixed an issue where damage numbers would become unreadable when a lot of instances of damage were dealt. 
-Damage numbers will now show damage blocked (Indicated by a shield icon).
-Various effects that cause your next hit to be improved (such as Swiggins’ Poolboy) now also cause the affected skill’s icon to change until the improved hit is done. 
-If you try to use a skill while silenced, the game now plays a sound to indicate that it does not work.
-Amplify Damage effect has been visually overhauled.
-Most Lifesteal effects have been visually overhauled.
-Improved the visual effects of the droppod sequence.
-Added a spawn animation for critters.
-Bots’ nameplates are now a different colour and have an icon before their name and level.
-The name and skill for which you unlock an upgrade when levelling should be better visible.
-Added a pickup, respawn and despawn animation to health orbs and improved the visuals of health orbs.
-Silver Solar coins now leave silver particles when picked up.
-Added a spawn and despawn animation to silver and gold Solar coins.
-Fixed that the joystick crosshair for player 2 was also visible on the screen for player 1


-Reduced healthdrops of creeps from 30 to 25 health
-Characters can’t shoot through terrain anymore (except for area of effect damage) e.g. Gnaw’s weedling placement through teamwalls
-All boots speed reduced by 0.2
-Base speed of all characters increased by 0.2
-All ‘nauts now have a small healthregen from start (60 health per minute)
-Med-i'-can, health per minute reduced from 100 to 70
-Med-I'-can, price reduced from 120 to 90 Solar per stage
-Piggybank: we put some extra Solar coins in the bank from 115 to 130 Solar
-All pills now are now percentage based instead of a flat health increase (15% health per stage)
-Blind effect has been visually overhauled.
-The infamous “sliding bug” is fixed (This is the bug that in some cases nauts could drag other nauts, creeps and droids along with them.)
-Fixed that for some characters (probably Voltar, Genji and Swiggins) downjump and jump would sometimes not work when standing on a platform that moves down.
-Bots now take 20% less damage on every difficulty instead of an increasing percentage per difficulty.
-Killing a Solar boss now gives 500 hp instead of 2000 hp
-Droids won't heal anymore when being pushed out of turret range, only if they would be killed by the health decrease they are given 25% of their health back (15hp).
-Solar tree coin regen reduced from 20 to 17 per minute
-Baby Kuri Mammoth debuff resistance increased from 20% to 25% per stage


-Aiguillon stealth duration reduced from 30s to 20s
-Added two moving glass platforms to middle area Sorona
-Fixed an issue where the sound and screen would glitch when jumping through the glass platform on Aguillion and on Sorona.
-Removed the creeps in the bottom tunnel on Aiguillon and replaced it with a healthpack
-Fixed an issue on Aiguillon where characters from team blue would be unable to jump while standing on the teamwall in the neutral zone of team Red.
-Fixed the depth of a specific platform on Ribbit IV so characters no longer walk behind its edges.


-Health reduced from 135 to 130
-Evil eye, collision reduced to match graphic
-Rubberband ball, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
-Rubberband Ball speedup time increased from 3s to 5s
-Rubberband Ball description now states duration and life time
-Blue three wheeler, price reduced from 220 to 180 Solar
-Jail food damage over time duration increased from 3s to 4s
-Jail food first tick of damage over time is not applied on impact anymore
-Explosive neckband price reduced from 260 to 220 Solar
-Blowtorch price reduced from 190 to 175 Solar
-Mammoth sock with holes stealth won’t affect Ayla anymore when she is in rage.
-Fiery Jawbreakers text now also states the 50% self damage increase
-Ayla's Evil Eye attack has some new glow effects and now vanishes properly when no target is hit.


-Health reduced from 205 to 190
-Clunk will not be able to be stealthed while exploding anymore
-Changed the description of missiles to not state that they are guided anymore
-Clunk's missiles got a little polish and are now a bit sleeker with more teamcolour friendly effects.
-Improved Homing Sensor, price reduced from 110 to 60 Solar
-Reactor Cooler, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
-Universal charger price reduced from 170 to 160 Solar
-Quick'n Cleaner, price reduced from 155 to 145 Solar
-Power converter, price reduced from 150 to 140 Solar per stage
-Fix jump exploit that would make it possible to fly very high
-Vacuum Bite description now states the range


-Health reduced from 140 to 130
-Speed reduced of conducting gel from 1.4 to 1.2
-Explosion radius of lightning ball slightly reduced
-Blaze, cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
-Hoover hands, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Wave raiser, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
-Flashing lights, reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
-Power Gloves description now states ‘structure’ instead of ‘turret’ damage
-Thunder Striker description now states the stun duration it provides
-Wave Raiser description now states the cooldown increase
-Melee movement slowdown increased from 50% to 75% of normal slowdown (so she is slower while shooting than before)


-Health reduced from 195 to 180
-Rapidly pressing siegemode won’t mess with the cooldown anymore
-Fixed an issue where you could teleport while going out of siegemode
-Derpl's cats now vanish in a puff of teamcolour.
-Derpl's Siege Mode Shot has a new impact and vanish effect.
-Siegemode gunfire base range increased by 1
-Siegemode gunfire damage reduced from 10 to 9
-Sniper bullets, replaced with Sweet syrup bullets, that adds slow to gunfire with 20% slowpower for 0.5, price 195 Solar 
-Split Cats, price reduced from 230 to 190 Solar
-Longcat, price reduced from 160 to 145 Solar
-Trap, reduced the lifetime of trap fom 10s to 9s
-CC immunity now activates directly when switching to siegemode and ends after having fully unsieged
-Siegemode description now states the nuke detonation mechanic and debuff immunity
-Solid Fist Bullets description now states the homing value
-Empowered Grid Trap price increased from 115 to 150 Solar
-Lead Casing price increased from 150 to 180 Solar
-Fixed that pressing the Siege Mode button during cooldown would have weird effects


-Viridian eel cartridges, price reduced from 140 to 90 Solar
-Thornfish now works with Viridian Eel Cartridges
-Thornfish now works with Swirling Octopus Cartridges
-Swirling Octopus Cartridges now increases the range of shots by 75%
-Bio fuel cells, price reduced from 150 to 130 Solar
-Golden watch, cooldown reduction increased from -0.6s to -0.7s per stage
-Golden Watch, price reduced from 110 to 100 Solar
-Clock necklace, cooldown reduction increased from -1.2s to -1.4s
-Clock Necklace, price reduced from 200 to 190 Solar
-Twister Tweeters, price increased from 150 to 185 Solar per stage 
-Hammer Pants price increased from 130 to 160 Solar per stage
-Hydro Smash, price increased from 280 to 300 Solar
-Whirlwind description now states movement instead of speed
-Turbo Tape description now states movement instead of speed
-Right Back At Ya! description now states “most projectiles” instead of “fire”
-Can't Touch This is now a flat damage shield with 40 hitpoints
-Resolved a bug where Froggy wasn’t able to shoot when being pulled out of whirlwind by a tongue pull of Leon
-Improved the visual look of Froggy G's Splash Dash.
-Froggy G's idle animation has a more sparkly watertank.
-Froggy G leans a bit less while shooting.


-Health reduced from 135 to 125
-Stormdrum glitch where two clouds would spawn is now fixed
-Main attack glitch where you would be able to hit 3 times is now also fixed
-Genji's Butterfly Shot now has an impact effect when it passes through a target.
-Genji's Butterfly Shot now returns to the staff instead of his hand.
-Genji's Butterfly shot, base damage increased from 5 to 6
-Plastic Praying Beads damage reduced from 2 to 1
-Plastic Praying Beads price reduced from 230 to 120 Solar
-Shooting a cocoon now has a 0.1 delay
-Cocoon bullet collision size slightly decreased
-Cocoon bullet range slightly increased
-Cocooned targets can not be pushed anymore
-Cocoon doesn’t shut down damage reduction shields (Royal Toy Castle, Force Field and Brim Force Field)
-Moon nectar, price reduced from 200 to 175 Solar
-Prefab cocoon, price reduced from 205 to 190 Solar per stage
-Removed a comma in the flavour text of misfortune cookies
-The last pieridae transformae, price reduced from 200 to 185 Solar
-The last pieridae transformae description now states information on the hummingbird droid
-Jagra eggs, Heal effect when cocooning an enemy now only triggers after purchasing jagra eggs
-Jaggra Eggs price increased from 150 to 175 Solar
-Monarch Blessing duration reduced from 4s to 3s
-Spiritual cooking's extra maximum health effect now lasts until death
-Hidden Leaves price increased from 155 to 175 Solar
-Bronco Yeast price decreased from 185 to 155 Solar
-His character select description now states that he can hover after jumping


-Changed text about rabbit teeth to state all enemies
-Gnaw's Bite attack has new effects added.
-Rabbit Teeth duration increased from 1s to 1.5s
-Rabbit Teeth now also work on creeps and droids
-Rabbit teeth description now states movement instead of speed
-Base spit damage over time increased from 25 to 30
-Added 5 direct base damage to spit
-Overcharged Metabolism now adds a negative debuff to direct hit enemies where they take 10% more damage for 4s (+10% per stage, 160 Solar per stage)
-Spike slime, added damage over time reduced from 10 to 7 per stage
-Spike Slime now also increases the direct damage of spit by 2
-Tentacle Soup slow time increased from 1s to 1.25s
-Gnaw has a new Acid Spit bullet and now sizzles a bit more actively when on the ground. Spit puddle now also has a vanishing animation.
-Feather Ball, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
-Split Spit, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
-Fertilizer's weedling health bonus effect now increases in strength over the course of a game. 15hp for the start and an extra 15hp every 5 min with a max of 60hp at 15min
-Fertilizer extra health reduced from 15 to 8
-Placing weedlings delay reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s
-Placing weedlings cooldown reduced from 1s to 0.3s
-Weedlings now grow stronger during the course of the game, placed and new ones (every 5 min +12hp, max +36hp)
-Weedling base health reduced from 60 to 45
-Weedling health regen reduced from 4hp/s to 2hp/s


-Fixed a bug where a Leon with Pinot Noir would keep regenerating health after going out of stealth by keeping the attack button pressed and fixed that invisible Leon had massive regen when he had both Pinot Noir and Health Regeneration (these upgrades still stack now: before this fix they did much more than stack when combined)
-You can now go out of stealth by clicking cloaking skin while stealthed
-Both Leon's slash attack and enhanced muscle fibers now show the correct amount of attack speed
-Leon can't use tongue pull anymore while cloaking skin is active
-Leon’s Tongue Snatch icon will no longer disappear whenever Leon enters stealth, instead it is now marked as unavailable (you can see tongue cooldown while in stealth).
-Leon and Ghost Leon's swords got more shiny and have a new particle effect/trail.
-Leon and Ghost Leon's Slash attacks have new effects.
-Health reduced from 130 to 125
-Leon won’t uncloak anymore after being hit by a friendly smoke screen with the upgrade mammoth sock with holes
-Fixed that Magnet Piercing wouldn't get solar from a killed target
-Clover of Honour, price reduced from 175 to 165 Solar
-Tongue stretcher, price increased from 145 to 175 Solar
-It’s now possible to activate skills at any time while auto attacking melee
-Tongue damage description now states correctly “x2”
-Hungry sword lifesteal increased from 20% to 25%
-Pinot noir now shows the correct amount of regen 100 instead of 300


-Lonestar’s Blaster has a new shoot effect which also fires a brand new bullet featuring new impact and vanish effects.
-Ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
-Mature ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
-Booming Bullets, price reduced from 190 to 180 Solar
-Booming Bullets description now state bullets as well as missiles in the description
-Crystal eagle bullets, price reduced from 360 to 300 Solar
-Crystal eagle bullets, damage reduced from 4 to 3
-Eagle bullets, price increased from 200 to 215 Solar per stage
-Missiles now deal damage in the same range as bullets with Booming Bullets upgrade
-Missiles description now state their homing value


-Health reduced from 135 to 130
-Raelynn will not be able anymore to be stealthed while sniping
-Removed a stage of HC bomb and fixed bugs that caused her HC bomb shot to output triple and quadruple damage.
-Raelynn's Protoblaster has a new impact animation plus shots now vanish properly when no target is hit.
-Overhauled Raelynn’s Denny’s Boots sprint effect graphic.
-Flashy glasses, price increased from 60 to 120 Solar
-Denny’s Boots description now show the correct speed increase value and the out of combat value
-Time Rift description now shows the attackspeed
-Retro Spaceship description now states “slowing power +” instead of “slowing power”
-Snipe description now states the arming time and knockback
-T-800 Dome now spawns a hummingbird droid instead of a sawblade droid.
-T-800 Dome removed one stage, droid spawns with 100% health
-T-800 Dome price reduced from 180 to 145 Solar
-Nuclear Warhead now increases the attackspeed of timerift (250% per stage)
-Base damage of timerift increased from 1 to 2
-Base attackspeed of timerift reduced from 600 to 150
-HC Bomb now deals X3 damage for 215 Solar


-Health reduced from 170 to 160
-Improved Mighty throw consistency
-Throw, reduced size of hitbox
-Crankin' Dumbbells, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
-Iridium Bricks, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
-Enhanced Muscle Fibers, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
-Stone twins, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
-Backwards earthquake range with stone twins increased, the graphic and damage area’s are not more similar to the front earthquake
-Iridium Blocks description now state damage over time instead of just damage
-Flaming fist range reduced from 3 to 2
-Homeless gnome damage reduced from 25 to 20
-Electric hammer price increased from 180 to 220 Solar


-Health reduced from 155 to 150
-Positioned his health bar a little lower so he can hide better in the bushes
-Added a little bit of stun to Anchor hook to make it feel more similar to how it was before 2.3
-Fixed that Anchor health upgrade only updated max health, not actual health
-Swiggins' Ink Spray has a new inktrail and has a vanish animation when no one is hit.
-Bag of gravel, is now called energized hook
-Fixed that Anchor Swing would be in slow motion when swinging right after using Anchor Hook
-Fixed that the Anchor Hook would sometimes pull an enemy towards Swiggins
-Double glazed royal porcelain, heal increased from 10 to 15 per stage
-Not seeweed blindtime increased from 0.1s to 0.2s
-Fixed that Swiggins could fly after an Anchor Hooked naut that just teleported to the base.
-Fixed that Swiggins couldn't pick up his anchor instantly when the anchor was trapping a naut that was killed
-Homboldt now automatically gains 15 maximum hp over the first 10 minutes of a match
-Double glazed royal porcelain, fixed an issue where heal wouldn't work after picking up the anchor instantly after shooting it
-Collision size of Ink Shot bullets slightly increased
-Magnetic Anchor description now shows the dps instead of the total damage
-Ancient Octant price reduced from 240 to 160 Solar


-Health reduced from 130 to 125
-Vinnie & Spike Bubble gun now states "attack speed" instead of "attackspeed"
-Red bandana silence time increased slightly, this should prevent buttonbashing to still do skills during silence
-Blind duration on smoke cloud increased from 0.375 to 0.38 to prevent flickering of enemies on minimap
-Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun now disappears in a small poof of bubbles and shows an impact effect when passing through targets.
-Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun no longer shoots in the ground when idling.
-Red bandana silence increased from 0.38s to 0.39s this should fix that in some laggy cases characters would still be able to break out of the silence
-Red bandana, price increased from 155 to 185 Solar
-Yakoiza, now gives +4 instead of +3 damage
-Yakoiza, price increased from 160 to 170 Solar
-Rigged casino games , price reduced from 135 to 125 Solar
-The Godfish, is now called the Codfather
-The Godfish / Codfather, extra damage now only applies to enemy 'nauts
-Antique Machine Gun description now states radius instead of range
-Godfish description now states the range in which it looks for wealthy enemies
-Fixed an issue where Vinnie could tank the top turrets in Aiguillon without taking damage.


-Health reduced from 145 to 135
-Yuri now looks in the corresponding direction when he’s flying up or down.
-Aerial Spring, price reduced from 140 to 110 Solar
-Carpet Bombs, price reduced from 175 to 145 Solar
-Time Primer, price reduced from 130 to 120 Solar per stage
-Chrono Rift, price reduced from 210 to 190 Solar
-Regeneration pod, heal reduced from 7.5 to 6 per second
-Regeneration pod, price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar per stage
-Laser description now states the pulling effect on pickups
-Laser description now states the charging time to next damage value
-Space time continuity device cc immunity now only works for Yuri
-Toaster timer time reduced from 4s to 3s
-Flash forward price increased from 180 to 220 Solar


-Fixed a bug where Voltar’s drones became visible again during invisibility from the Aguillion stealth powerup
-Fixed an issue where Voltar’s Suicide Drones explode animation would misalign with the effect.
-Voltar now plays an animation when shooting his Suicide Drones.
-Main attack now works differently: The heal effect automatically charges - This means that the longer you wait between heals, the bigger the heal will be.
-Happy thoughts, now increase the min and max heal
-Happy thoughts, removed one stage (2 stages now)
-Happy Thoughts price reduced from 200 to 160 Solar per stage
-Euphoric thoughts, heal increased from +6 to +8
-Euphoric thoughts, price reduced from 380 to 360 Solar
-Twisted nightmares price reduced from 200 to 125
-Twisted Nightmares now add damage to healing wave
-Fixed an issue where drones would disappear by rapidly pressing the skill button
-Psychokinetic Repulsion and Twisted Nightmares now work better together
-Psychokinetic Repulsion now only works on max charge
-Healing Wave description now states the charging of the heal
-Healing Wave description now states +3 healing to allied Awesomenauts on min heal
-Healing Wave description now states the base solar/heal percentage
-Warpgate overdrive, cooldown reduction increased from -1s to -1.5s
-Turret addon price reduced from 230 to 200 Solar
-Healthpack surprise price increased from 140 to 160 Solar
-Suicide Drones now show the correct cooldown (4s)
-Dreams of greed solar/heal reduced on heals from 10% to 5%
-Weapon clip-on removed one stage (2 stages now)
-Drones are smarter now and won't shoot, when they couldn’t hit anyways.
-Drones now also explode when they reach their maximum range (previous animation was too big and not working at all) 
-Drone explosion radius slighty increased
-Drones now directly explode when they hit a wall
-Drones can now be detonated with a second press
-Removed the delay on shooting suicide drones

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Patch 1.3 is coming March 18th! You can already read the complete patch notes above.

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Hotfix 1.3.1 should have gone live just now, if I understand Sony correctly. This patch will hopefully fix the problem with crazy long waiting times when trying to join a match. Let us know how it goes!

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:redcheer: :redcheer: Patch 1.4 is live! Go forth and enjoy! :bluecheer: :bluecheer:

The patch notes have been added to the starting post above.

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