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 Post subject: Re: BEST Awesomenauts moments?
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:16 pm 
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GuyBrush wrote:
仕方がない。 私のチームはすべてのばかだ。
(It's no use. My team's all a bunch of idiots.)

彼らは完全なプッシャーを実行している。 最初の砲塔を壊してしまう前に、すでに砲台を失ってしまいました。
(They're running a full pusher comp. We've already lost our T1 turrets before we even damaged theirs.)

私は私たちのチームで殺した唯一の人です。 私たちのVinnieは1V1のGnawもできません!
(I'm the only one with kills on our team. Our Vinnie can't even 1v1 their Gnaw!)

私が今できることは一つしかありません。 それは従事する時間です...
(There's only one thing I can do now. It's time to engage...)


I know this doesn't look that impressive but... these were the drills when* (three seconds before) the match ended:Image
Image Bloody 'ell. Anyone know where I can buy some tylenol? My back hurts a ton after all that carrying.

I was Chogi.
Emo Chapington wrote:
[Post brought to you by GuyBrush]
Alpha Z wrote:

Awesome :chucho: :scoop: :sleep: #BuffBoiCow
:think: [Femme :thumb: Fatal] Naut
Not a :glasses: :table:

Mafia stats.

 Post subject: Re: BEST Awesomenauts moments?
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:31 am 
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My team: Sentry, Swiggins, Gnaw.
Enemy team: Sentry, Swiggins, Derpl.

Our gnaw died first and right after that he ragequitted. We were left the entire match with a gnaw bot.

Our bot at one point in the game was 0/10, and it ended up being 2/13.

Guess who won? :D

MatchID: V2L1K60

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