KseniaDragon Huntress KseniaCosmic Captain Ksenia

Originals are available on Steam, PS4, PS3 and Xbox360. Extended characters are only available on Steam and PS4.
Starstorm characters are only available through the Starstorm Expansion. Skins are available on Steam and PS4.

Ksenia was the best hair dresser in the galaxy. Every year she won the renowned Venus hair style tournament with her outrageous creations.

Unfortunately her father Vladimir Pewchenko a rich weapons manufacturer had other plans. With a virtual reality hood dryer showing her a hair cutting simulator, he made her into a dangerous assassin. While thinking she was cutting hair, in reality she was cutting down Pewchencko's enemies. With no competition left, her father assigned her to the Awesomenauts.

She still wears the hood but many suspect that Ksenia just watches soap operas on it.

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