Patch 1.10, balance tweaks and Necro Voltar!

Patch 1.9 brought you minor fixes last week, and with Patch 1.10 we’re adding another batch ‘o bugkillers and balance tweaks. As always, you can read the entire patch notes on the official forum!

Now for a special treat! If you own a copy of our Award-winning debut title Swords & Soldiers HD on Steam, you will automatically unlock this new sinister Necromancer skin for Voltar!

Don’t own Swords & Soldiers but still want to rock this skin? Check out the Necro Voltar skin page for more info and screenshots!

Hey! Listen!
Today (that’s the 21st of November) Steam’s Pre-Holiday sale will kick off and bring you a 75% discount onSwords & Soldiers! Now you can get a kick-ass game for the price of a skin!