New skins incoming & The APL Tournament Winners!

Coco and Raelynn are getting new skins! Coco’s McFly skin was chosen in our Facebook poll, letting the community decide her next look. Raelynn is suited up in her furutisitc tactical spec-ops outfit! Be sure to look for both skins in the upcoming patch!
A big congratz to team NerfPlz who managed to come back out of the losers bracket to take the win! Also a big thank you to all the teams who participated! We hope you guys had a great time playing, and watching, the Awesomenauts Pro League Tournament #2!Grand Winner
Team Nerf: MrEsc, Clever Girl, NerfPyroPlz

Second Place

Team AWFUL: Niko, Sam!, BFIR, Cole

Third Place

Team 3 Headed Monkey: King.Richard, Mr.POW!, Raork, Muzzo

Fourth Place

Team BadAku: SlowWolf, Reset, FrailElement, Varna

There’s a list of streamers on the APL website, be sure to check them all if you want to review the matches!

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