PAX East roundup and a new map: Aiguillon!

PAX East ’13 was absolutely fantastic! We got to meet tons of fans and managed to get lots of new players interested in the game. Three days of complete Awesomenauts mayhem!

In our booth we had 6 laptops and a three-player TV hooked up on a local network where people could try out our new upcoming map Aiguillon. This map is proving to have some awesome ambush and chase opportunities!

Everyday our booth was filled up with people having a great time! We even had lots of peeps coming back for more in our little corner of PAX based in the Indie Mega Booth!
Jesse Cox showed up to dominate a match as his favorite character Genji!
And APL winners Team Nerf Plz also dropped by for some friendly matches and a sneak peak at our new map, Aiguillon!
The map is now in Beta Testing and will be released soon, but if you want a sneak peak yourself, watch this Dev-match commented by FourCourtJester and SlowWolf!