Clunk gets physical!

Look, games are great, they allow you to dive into a fantasy world and blow off some steam whenever you like. But sometimes these universes are just. so. AWESOME, you want to reach in there and pull something out, into reality! And then hold it tight, run across the room and shout WOOSH SWOOSH PEW PEW PEW BOOM!

And finally put it on your desk as an act of defiance against ‘the man’, proudly proclaiming a love for the fantastic! What better character to use for these awesome deeds than our very own Clunk?! Exactly.

Just pre-order the lovable metal menace right here at Gametoys, if there’s enough interest the figurine will go into full production! If not, then no harm done. To the wallets at least.

For more details on this awesome chunk of vinyl, click here.