Kickstarter: Second and Bonus Stretch Goals Reached!

WE REACHED THE CUSTOM GAMES GOAL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE YOU!! Prepare your imagination for the insane possibilities coming your way as soon as possible!

But let’s not sit down and rest just yet, we also added a new BONUS Stretch Goal at $290.000 which will add a Fourth character in the Startstorm pack!

Speaking of Bonus goals, the last one we introduced at the $250.000 mark fell in record time, unlocking aSecond Announcer for everyone in Bronze Tier and up! These announcers were revealed to be none other than Voltar and Gnaw! Get ready for some supportive heckling during your matches!
For all you Coco players out there, Ghost Leon just got a new Killer Koala Squadmember: Cyber Coco! If you pledged $50 you now get the choice between Cyber Coco and Ghost Leon. If you up your pledge to the$75 Silver Tier, you get both!