Aftermath: Digital G, Cyber Coco, PayPal and the First Rewards!

We needed the weekend to wind down from the overwhelming success that was the Awesomenauts Starstorm Kickstarter campaign! We partied with you guys during the closing hours of the campaign last wednesday, and thanks to the wonderful internets, it’s saved for posterity for evers!

During this streaming event we also revealed the mystery skin that ALL the backers will receive: Froggy’s Killer Koala outfit, Digital G!

As opposed to the Kickstarter exclusive skin Cyber Coco and Ghost Leon, Digital G will be available in the Steam Store for all to buy when he’s introduced into the game!

Yesterday we had Claire King back in the recording booth for the Cyber Coco Premium Skin! Expect another solid performance out of her while surfing cyberspace! Totally rad!
If you missed Cyber Coco and Ghost Leon, you can still, for a limited timeget in on the skins with our PayPal pledges! We don’t know how long these pledge stores will remain open, so act fast if you’re still on the fence!

Speaking of PayPal, we got another $5000 over the weekend! You guys keep amazing us! For everyone calculating along at home, this would put us at $417k and well above the Fifth ‘naut Goal. But, sadly, the way the financial world works, we haven’t received confirmation on all Kickstarter Payments yet, so the total amount will be lower. How much lower? We can’t say yet, as there is still time for payments to come in.Keep an eye on the Kickstarter Updates for more info!

On a brighter note, we’ve started sending out the first backer rewards! All Awesomenauts Game-Keys, Wallpapers, Costume Party Packs and Swords & Soldiers keys are going out the door right now! There are7500 of you however, so give it a day or two for the keys to arrive in your mailbox.

The Premium skins are coming along nicely and should be ready in a few weeks at the most! For everyone in Iron Tier and up, your Beta Access will start in a few weeks with the Ted McPain Beta! So lots to look forward to, and we’re just getting started!