Patch 1.24: Starstorm First Custom Taste & Pirate Derpl!

This Halloween Update [full patch notes here] has some really special things in store for you guys! We’re hard at work creating all the features we unlocked during the Starstorm Kickstarter, and now it’s time to get your first taste in-game!

Presenting: Custom Games! *crowd cheers wildly*

Custom Games will be available for everyone to try out for a limited time. Once Starstorm releases, onlypeeps rocking the Expansion will be able to host customized games!

For now you can set up a match of Awesomenauts just the way you want it. No Drop-pods? Go ahead. Want a bazillion creeps or more health pickups in-game? Your party!

We’ve even included one of the first extra game modes (more will be added over time):
Team Deathmatch!

When selecting Team Deathmatch from the drop-down menu at the top, the settings will change and you can tweak some pretty crazy stuff! For example, Arena Walls will change every map in Awesomenauts to a bloody confined arena where teams duke it out ‘naut style!

Sorona, for example, will turn into the smallest of the four arena’s. Added solar and health drops will help you stay in the race for top killing team! Be sure to try out all the maps!

If you backed Iron Tier or higher you will be able to Beta Test all these game modes and features before anyone else! Missed the Kickstarter? We’ve decided to keep our Paypal donation pages open for just a bit longer, so hurry if you want a shot at the cool pledge rewards to be had there!

For our next goodie, we released the most terrible scourge of the galactic seas! Pirate Derpl is ready to swab the deck with anyone treading water in anything but a piraty manner!

Donning his trusty M.A.T.I. (Maritime Aviary Tactical Interface) called Polly, there is no escaping his Cannonball Strapped Cat attacks!

Get the Ahrpl Premium skin, featuring new custom sounds, now!

Shiver them deathmatch timbers!