Patch 2.4: The Eye Of the Storm is unleashed!

Today we’ve launched Patch 2.4, with two massive headlining features: a new character, called Sentry and Replays! All your replays can be accessed from the Main Menu. By default, the game will automatically save a replay of every match you play, enabling you to relive your very best Awesomenauts moments forever and ever and ever! This is our first step towards a full-fledged spectator mode, and we can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that you guys will be making with this!

Meanwhile, the new Awesomenaut Sentry is a powerful robot that can turn his enemies’ damage into his biggest asset! Check out his awesome moves in this showcase video:

To get even more info on what makes Sentry tick, check out the Vault page dedicated to Patch 2.4 here. Finally, if you want a detailed and complete list of everything what has been added with this update, check out the Patch notes here.