Watch these awesome showcase matches between teams 3HM, JIS and BBQ, commentated by the talented casters FourCourtJester, SlowWolf, Weazel. These videos are made possible by the new Replay System, that we introduced in Awesomenauts Patch 2.4! We will be continuing to polish up our replays system to make sure it provides the best possible game commentary & rewatching experience possible!


JIS fields EggPlant as Clunk, shierzhi as Skølldir and Tuwiuu as Coco Nebulon

BBQ fields Fudge as Skølldir, Henke as Derpl Zork and Maecus as Raelynn


3HM vs BBQ

3HM fields Kingrichard as Penny Fox, MrPOW! as Ted McPain and Steve as Sentry

BBQ fields Fudge as Penny Fox, Henke as Ted McPain and Maecus as Sentry


Thanks to the teams and FourCourtJesterSlowWolf & Weazel for these awesome showmatches! We certainly hope there’s many more commentaries to come!