Patch 2.9: Nibbs is here! And she’s gonna set the stars on fire!

Great news! We just launched Awesomenauts 2.9 onto Steam! That means that the long-awaited fifth Starstorm ‘Naut is now available! Hide everything flameable, because Nibbs is here… and she’s gonna set the stars on fire!

Nibbs is the fifth character to join the Starstorm line-up, and she was unlocked as one of the stretch goals of this crowdfunding campaign.

With Nibbs we’re also presenting the most powerful Zurian in the Universe: He-Zurian! Riding his trusted Battle Nibbs into the frey, he will stop at nothing to rid the galaxy¬†from the evil Skreeletor!

But that’s not all, patch 2.9 brings a droppod-load of balance changes and even a few complete character overhauls. Gnaw’s plants are now on a timer and can be buffed by his spit attack and Ayla’s rage ability got some reworks as well!

For the full 2.9 patch notes listing all the changes, head on over to our forums and for the awesome Nibbs’ Premium Skin check out the Steam store!