Awesomenauts Overdrive expansion is OUT NOW!

Awesomenauts has always been a game about awesome intergalactic mercenaries doing awesome things. Well today, they’re taking it on to a whole new level, they’re taking it into OVERDRIVE!


Today we start out the Overdrive expansion by launching some of the primary components:

– Three new premium Awesomenauts: Professor M. Yoolip, Chucho Krokk and Jimmy and the LUX5000
– A complete audiovisual overhaul for Sheriff Lonestar and his skins
– The Mind Collection announcer

Other stuff that is coming soon:

– Free Awesomenaut, Ix the Interloper
– A completely rebuilt matchmaking system
– The Starstorm map

To follow development on these upcoming features, tune in to our daily DevStreams at

To grab the premium Overdrive characters either click here to open the Steam client, or click here to open the Steam webstore.