Level editor contest submissions!

The level editor contest has been underway for a few weeks now, and you still have a few more days to submit your own contest map! Contestants have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or one of the honorable mentions, and we’ll reveal these during the Streamisho next week! We’ve gathered all the maps that have been submitted so far we will add new contest maps to the Steam announcement page, if people decide to upload them later!

You can find all the contest maps below with an accessible link to check them out, and remember to upvote the map(s) you like the most!
All contest submissions can be found here

Countdown Timer
The deadline for the submissions will be before the start of the Streamisho on the 19th of April, 17:00 EU time. We will look at all the submissions before the start of the stream and will announce the winner and honorable mentions. If you are not sure about the times, check out the countdown timer here