The Awesomenauts Guide Contest has started!

Hey there, as we hope you’ve heard: Awesomenauts will be going free to play on May 24th. Lots of new players will be playing Awesomenauts for the first time after the transition, and we look forward to welcoming them to our community and hearing from them.

In order to help them learn more about Awesomenauts, we’d like to invite all existing players, our grizzled veterans, to participate in our brand new Guide Contest!

Write great guides, help new players, win awesome prizes! It’s that easy! Your contribution will not only make it a little easier for new players to join the community, but it’ll also earn you more skilled teammates to fight alongside on the battlefield!

We’ve opened the window for guide submissions on Steam as of today! Everyone who owns a copy of Awesomenauts and abides by the rules is allowed to participate in the contest, which will run until Wednesday, May 31st, 17:00 EU / 16:00 UK / 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM PT.

Be sure to support guides you like by giving them an upvote, as the Grand Winner of this contest will be decided based on the number of upvotes a guide gets. You can check out all submissions here:

We encourage everyone to submit a cool Awesomenauts game guide to help new players learn more about Awesomenauts. The topic of your guide is up to you, and everyone is welcome to join the contest as long as they follow the rules below!


  • There are no restrictions on creating guide for specific game modes, Awesomenauts, maps, or any other features
  • All the guides must be uploaded under the Awesomenauts guide section on Steam, and have [CONTEST] in their name. This tag may be removed after the contest ends
  • While there’s no restriction on language for this contest, creating a guide in English (or translating to multiple languages) might help gain yourself more upvotes, as it potentially reaches a bigger audience
  • The guide content must be created by yourself
  • Only 1 creator is allowed per guide
  • Several guides of one creator are allowed
  • All the guides must include relevant thumbnails, adding additional images to support the guide is encouraged
  • Only guides that are created after April 26th are eligible for the contest
  • Content in the guide has to be relevant for the current version of Awesomenauts
  • The guide with the most upvotes in the end wins the contest
  • There are other prizes for honorable mentions
  • Ronimo holds the right to disqualify a guide from the competition, if they conflict with any rule of the contest or the EULA

Winners will be announced on our Streamisho on May 31st, right after the window for submissions closes.


Now, it’s time to announce the contest rewards! Go check the information below to see what you can win!

The Grand Winner
The creator of the guide with the highest number of upvotes wins a limited edition Clunk statue, all three Awesomenauts costume party DLC bundles, as well as an exclusive Roboscoop skin. On top of that, you receive the in-game Golden Gearlyfish medal.

Honorable mention
An honorable mention will be rewarded if we think a guide deserves a mention due to creativity, originality, overall value to the community, etc. All the honorable mention winners will get the exclusive Roboscoop skin and a Silver Gearlyfish badge!

Good luck with the competition, and may the best guide win!