4.0 news, founder rewards, and offline mode!

Awesomenauts 4.0 has been out on Steam for over a week and we are happy to read about all the feedback you gave us. We’ll give you a full rundown of all the news covered this week. If you prefer to watch the Streamisho on Youtube, you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s73jBDe_bQ

Offline mode
After receiving feedback from a large part of the community, we decided that an offline mode is very much wanted by the community. Some people think we’ve removed botmatches and splitscreen with the latest update, but that’s not the case: you can still play with and against bots in Update 4.0, and you can still play local splitscreen multiplayer. The only change here is that you need to have an internet connection to start the game, since your unlocks are now stored in the cloud.

We’ve decided to permanently leave an offline-only version of Update 3.5 available on Steam. And the nice thing is: it’s available already!
For the full announcement on offline mode, click here

New Founder Reward
You are a founder of Awesomenauts, if you owned a copy of the base game on Steam before April 26th. We decided that we will add another Founder Reward for the people that supported us for such a long time. We have not announced what this reward will be, but this will be done on our social media channels in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Awesomenauts Rumble: Gathers
Cute Men, consisting of Niki, Ubi, and DaveW, won the April Gathers tournament! Cute Men took away the Grand Prize in an intense final against the Xipang Disciples. Congratulations on winning this edition of the Gathers tournament!
Be sure to check out the Awesomenauts Rumble: Scrim Show for competitive scrims and updates about their tournaments. Find them on: www.twitch.tv/awesomenautsrumble on the 4th of May, 18:00 CET, 17:00 UK, 12AM EST, 9AM PT.

Guide Contest
The guide contest started on the 2nd of May and anyone who owns a copy of Awesomenauts is eligible to participate in the contest. The contest runs until the Wednesday, May 31st, 17:00 EU / 16:00 UK / 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM PT. Check out the announcement for extended information on the Guide Contest!