Aiguillon released! And stirrings in the deep!

Legend tells the story of a giant cranky porcupine wandering through space. Furious at the sun for burning his eyes, he charged and killed both the light and himself. His prickly remains now orbit the dead sun and gave home to the Kremzon, a crude and devious species that spend most of their time in bustling cabarets and smokey caf├ęs. Aiguillon’s thorny rings conceal a mythical temple, rumored to hold the power of invisibility!
Something is stirring in the deep! Out of shadow and flame steps Demon Skolldir, vanquisher of hope and bringer of doom! Standing in his path is no conjurer of cheap tricks, however! Behold, Genji the Grey shall let none pass! Which side will be victorious? Only you can help decide!