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It was a dark and stormy night. You run around the Awesomenauts base, but too late you realize that remote spot in the back where you forgot to place a torch. You look around frantically but can’t spot a thing... until... SSSSSSSsss BANG! Creeper Clunk is all up in your grill!

This new skin for everyone’s favorite Awesomenaut, Clunk, can’t be bought or downloaded anywhere! The only way you can get it is to hunt one down in-game and kill it dead!




Creeper Clunk Screenshots


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The Creeper (ˈkriːpə(r))

Creeper Clunk is based on the most loved/hated mob from the popular game Minecraft; The Creeper! Whenever you venture out into the caves or turn a blind eye while building your latest masterpiece, you know that the moment you drop your guard, the creeper's telling hiss will be right behind you!

His explosive personality has made plenty of keyboards feel the stinging fists of rage, setting many a building back to the crater-age!

Be sure to avenge all those innocent blocks that gave their lives in the line of duty and hunt down every last Creeper you can find, claiming the title of King of all detonators for your own!

Minecraft Trailer


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