Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon is out now on PC, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™! In this 2D RTS you can battle your friends in split-screen mode or online, and enjoy the epic single player campaign which gives you command of Redbeard and his Vikings. Put away your shaving cream and get some roasted swine for it is time to boogie Valhalla-style!

title_sidescrollingstrategydonerightGather resources, send out armies and support your forces with a wide arsenal of magical spells. All from a side scrolling perspective, but that doesn’t mean this game is easy to master. Only the most cunning of Chiefs can lead their side to victory!

Every unit does their own thing, usually walking forward and attacking every enemy they see. However, some toss out poisonous snakes, some raise Skeletons and some shoot out lightning bolts. It's up to you to pick the right unit for the right situation. Finally, worker units can be bossed around by telling them to pick up extra resources.
Build all kinds of structures to stop the oncoming armies, and even advance yours! From Skeleton spawning Crypts, long range Cannons to unit-transporting Portals, Swords & Soldiers II has them all. Choose wisely as the right structure at the right time can mean the difference between defeat and sweet victory!

A wise man once said 'When things are going to get though, the tough get going' And the new Super units sure are tough! These powerful units not only packs a mighty punch on the battlefield, each one of them also offers their own special ability.

This action-packed strategy game lets you play frantic battles against other chieftains, either in splitscreen or online! You can invite friends or have the matchmaker find you a fair opponent. When playing against friends you can also change up the gameplay any way you like!
Yes we know actual Vikings didn’t have horns or wings on their helmets. These aren’t those horn-shunning ‘actual Vikings’. These are awesome Vikings and you can join their Chief, Redbeard in an epic quest that will lead them through strange lands and many heroic, and frankly, ridiculous battles often including sheep. We don’t know why there’s so many sheep in the campaign, there just are. Deal with it.
Play various minigame party-modes or change things up and create your own skirmish army. Combine any Viking, Persian and Demon units and spells into an unstoppable force. There’s even some extra unaligned units and spells. Ridiculousness guaranteed.