Community news and gameplay!

During the Streamisho we covered some Awesomenauts news and played custom games with viewers. You can read the stream recap here! If you want to watch the whole stream, you can do so here:

Community news
The Skolldir Showdown was played last weekend and the 1st place was taken by niki! Paulo! and Starsan finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Congratulations to niki, who proved to be the best Skolldir in this tournament! We would like to thank the Awesomenauts Rumble team for hosting the first ever custom map Awesomenauts tournament.

You can watch the final match between Paulo! and niki here

The Awesomenauts Rumble completely overhauled their website. Check it out for VODs, tournaments, and updates:

In addition, their Scrim Show will be live on Twitch at 18:00 EU, 17:00 UK, 12:00AM EST, 9AM PT over at

Custom maps
Two dev-made custom maps were played during the Streamisho. Both of them are team deathmatch maps that show the possibilities of the level editor!

Sorona Express
This dangerous Deathmatch map is set on a run-away train crossing the deadly Sorona deserts!
Only venture away from the train’s relative safety at your own risk, as strong crosswinds might turn you into premature wormfood!
Try it out on the Steam workshop

Skull Station
An enclosed deathmatch map where you cannot hide from the enemy. Go in and show off your skills!
Try it out on the Steam workshop

Level Editor
We want to remind you on the level editor contest which runs until the 19th of April. The level editor maps need to have (contest) in their title, have a thumbnail, and show in-game screenshots on their Workshop page. There have been great submissions so far and we encourage everyone to upvote the maps they like the most!

The link to all the contest submission: