Design A Skin Contest & APL 2nd Season

It’s no secret the Awesomenauts like dressing up when they head out to blast alien scum. It’s also no secret that there’s tons of cool ideas for new costumes floating around in the Awesomenauts community. And now we want to give you the chance to design a skin for your favourite Awesomenaut and see your idea implemented in game!

You have until the 27th of February to send us your best ideas, up to a maximum of 3. You can use drawing, clay, or even actual clothes, whatever you like! As long as the end result is a digital image of how you’d like the skin to look.

After the final date we’ll make a pre-selection, post the results and let you decide the final victor! The winner will get a framed and signed print involving their skin design! And of course the honor of having their skin implemented in game! To celebrate, you’ll also receive Steam keys for the skin DLC to use and give away!

So get drawing and email us your finest works at, and win!

A couple things to keep in mind

  • You can create costumes for any Awesomenaut, but keep in mind that the ‘naut still has to be recognisable ingame.
  • Parodies and inspired works are ok, but blatant copyright infringing submissions won’t be considered for obvious reasons. So keep it original if you want to be safe.
  • If you want to send something that’s bigger than 5MB, make sure you host it yourself somewhere and send us the link.
  • Finally, we would like to point out that all ideas and suggestions submitted to us are automatically property of Ronimo Games. This is to prevent any legal entanglements if an idea or suggestion is actually used in a final product.

APL Season 2

Season 1 of the Awesomenauts Pro League has concluded and the second season is already well on its way. Team Ronma is still going strong in their quest to be crowned Awesomenauts Champions, with four wins out of four matches (granted, one of those was a forfeit). If you’re not participating in the APL yet, make sure to round up your friends and sign up for Season 3!