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 Post subject: Flux, The Elemental Shifter (Contest Submission)
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:24 pm 
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First off, wow there are a lot of great naut ideas in that list. There's even another Flux besides mine! Mine is number 292 on the list. Flux is pretty complex for 400 character limits, so I thought he deserved his own thread like many others are doing.

Backstory and General Info:
Flux is an elemental shifter. His only memory prior to being found by an order of monks is a vision of a place he calls "the center of all worlds." The monks trained him to control his elemental shifting and he has joined the Awesomenauts to fund his efforts to discover his true past.

His role will be more defensive/utility than pure damage. His abilities depend on the form he is in, along with the upgrades chosen. HP and speed are base 150 and 7.2 but they change depending on his form.
Earth +60HP -1.2sp, Air -40HP +.8sp, Water +0 HP +0sp, Fire -20HP +.4 sp.

Auto-attack: Elemental Force - varies by form (Earth punch - 15 dmg slow melee, Air blades - 4 damage fast long range, Fire breath - 3 damage very fast melee (hold attack similar to Coco), Water jets - 7 damage medium range.
1. Elemental Residue – enemy takes on the element hit, bonus damage if hit by opposite element
2. Chaos Amplifier – +1 damage +3 for Earth form, 3 stages
3. Hot Coals – adds 5 burn damage over 2 seconds / 10 over 4 - Fire form
4. Box O Rocks – fists do damage in an area, 4 damage/8 damage - Earth form
5. Frozen Mug – Water jets slows 15%/30% - Water form
6. Rusty House Fan – adds a small knockback to Air form’s attack - 2 stages

Earth and Water Forms cannot jump. Earth form turns into a bolder that blocks 75% of damage. Water form sinks into ground and re-appears a short distance away. Fire and Air forms hover similar to Yuri.

Right Click ability- Elemental Casting – unlocks skills for Earth and Air forms. Earth form creates a 50 HP Rock Wall that blocks all damage from any source. This is useful to aid escapes for allies, protect the turret from non burst damage, or seal of an area for a short time. Air form creates a circular Vortex that pulls enemy nauts towards them. This is not instant like Leon's tongue pull. It's a steady pull toward Flux but they still can move. They can either try and run at their speed minus the vortex, or close in quickly at their speed plus the vortex. Flux cannot move while the vortex is active.
Upgrades - 3 available for each form:
1. Flying Buttress - +20/40 HP to Rock Wall
2. Embeded Solar Crystals – 3/6 damage/second when touching the wall but gives solar when destroyed at 1/10HP
3. Skyscraper Souvenir – Adds Height to rock wall
4. Antique Propeller - increases the speed of Vortex pull
5. Thunder Head – 1/2/3 damage while in Vortex
6. Hurricane eye – Wider radius of Vortex

Center Click ability- Elemental Mastery – Center click activates Elemental shifting to change forms. Holding center starts shifting and release to keep the current one. Forms are available for .5 seconds and you take 50% damage while shifting. There's a 3 second cooldown. The ability to shift is available by default. In its place is an unlock for 200 solar that opens up Fire and Water forms and their left click abilities. Fire form tosses a fire seed that lays on the ground until touched, when it does 10 damage plus immolates them for 2 damage/sec for 5 seconds. Enemies touched by the immolated character get the immolation damage themselves. Water form summons a geyser that does 30 damage and throws enemies into the air. They take half damage if they are a distance off the ground when hit.
1. Red Hots – +1 fire seed
2. Tabasco sauce – +1/+2 immolation damage
3. Molotov - +5/10/15 initial damage
4. Humidifier – Fog created by the geyser blinds enemies
5. Pressure cooker - +10/20/30 damage
6. Leviathan Tail – widens the geyser, 2 stages

Obviously with the array of options Flux is a skill based player. I really like the idea of different forms and thought a naut should take it a step further than Derpl. There's a trade off in how you upgrade him. For example, you can pick all fire upgrades and make that one very effective, but then you lessen the CC ability of the water form. Not sure how much chance he has, especially considering the extra coding and visual work he would need. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think or what needs more explanation!

Steam ID: GamrDadKinsey
Currently wavering in leagues 2 and 3 though I don't deserve it.
Main: Lonestar
Learning: Raelynn

My 1st Character idea: Engineer Cyrus Fiddle
And my contest submission: Flux the Elemental Shifter

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