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 Post subject: [Idea] Gaming Overdrive
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:09 pm 
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This is just a dumb idea I had at 9 PM two days ago.

16 Bit Chucho
Seeing as Chucho is Yoolip's rival, it makes sense to me that Chucho should have a 16 bit skin, as the 16 bit era was meant to rival the 8 bit era.

Ramona could be replaced with a horse, and her turrets could be replaced with crossbows on either side of her. (The horse would be shooting at the enemies when you get off your bike.)
Sticky Bomb could be replaced with the sterotypical powder bomb seen in games like Zelda. It could have a fuse that works in-time with the sticky bomb's explode time, and even flash when it's about to explode.
Nitro Boost could make little arrows appear behind Chucho, similar to Arcade Hecarim in League of Legends.
Chucho should also probably make references to famous 16-bit era games, such as Mortal Kombat ("Get over here!" when calling for help), Super Mario RPG (make a reference to a talking sword or a living puppet found in a forest), Final Fantasy VI ("Run, run! Or you will be well done!" for a taunt line), and Chrono Trigger (there's a purchase line for Chucho where he hums something. He could perhaps hum Gato's song from Chrono Trigger when buying an item)

64 Bit DeLUX5000
The next obvious era of gaming to reference is the 32/64 bit era, and I thought that Jimmy/Amy would be a good pick for this as this era was introduced to a lot of new gamers in the 1990s. The references to make with this skin are obvious.

LUX would have to be some sort of low-poly early 3D mess like what the N64 and Playstation were famous for. :lolstar:
While charging, LUX could turn into a Go Kart from Mario Kart.
LUX's missiles could be replaced with Star Fox ships. Micey and the Missile Factory (tripple shot) could also turn the smaller missiles into (huge) Starfox-esque lasers.
And honestly: We need a LUX skin that makes the babies sound decent. Not like they were doing their first audio take, and not like they're drowning. :ugeek:

Maxern Warfare 3: Digital Delux Edition
Finally we're left with Max, who I figured could represent the sixth generation of consoles (PS2/Gamecube/XBOX), but perhaps with more of an emphasis on PS2 and XBOX and the rise of the shooter genre.

Scene Illumination could force Max into a "turret section" where he fires a gun straight forward.
It would be really funny if Slow Mo Shot go turned into a giant A button: the joke being "Press A to skip cutscene"
And instead of shooting with a camera he could just shoot a regular shotgun

This idea isn't really fleshed out, and I don't have any art, but I did want to share it.

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 Post subject: Re: [Idea] Gaming Overdrive
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:35 am 
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