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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Zyras the Forgotten Support/Brawler
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:18 pm 
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I've only briefly checked some suggestions but it's worth a try, as I've had a few ideas floating around.

Zyras was a clone who faught in a war on the designated war planet, Zyras 4. After the war was over, all clones made for the war were ordered to be destroyed. However Zyras was stuck in his position, A malfunction.
After being stuck for a while, his processors united and allowed him to gain self-awareness. After having his nanobots fix him, he quickly found a way off the planet.

Arriving on the nearest city, people were fascinated with him. War clones were a rare sighting and this one had an unusual weapon- a previously outlawed type of weaponry. After being indoctrinated to the local gang, Zyras found rumours of the Awesomenauts, and joined as soon as he could.

Health: 1400
Speed: I don't have a grasp on speed so pretty average, Acceleration doesn't have to be great.
Jumps: 1 (I'd say just higher than rae jump)
Zyras uses his servos to propel him into the air!
Pressing jump again will launch him towards the ground.
Power Pills Turbo
Space Air Max
Barrier Magazine
Piggy Bank
Baby Kuri Mammoth

Light Blast
Zyras fires his Solid Light rifle to quickly dispatch foes
Damage: 110-55
Attack speed: 1.3/s
Decent range, don't have a good grasp on how it's measured but it should be simple for him to poke, except with the decreasing damage it'll become much more manageable.
Damage decreases over distance.
Level 1 dps base: 143-60
Level 1 dps fully upgraded: 219-129 | 234-136 (With projector buff)

(1)Vial of Congealed Darkness: [1/2] Increases damage of Light Blast by 13%/26%
Collected from the highest quality Zork boxes. May contain cats

(2)Beetlejuice: Every third shot will cause a muzzle explosion, which stuns nearby awesomenauts for 0.15s
Use with caution, may cause death

(3)Wobbly Worm Canister: When you haven't fired for 1.5s, your next attack will always deal maximum damage.
Worms canned alive for maximum freshness

(4)Zurian Canned Whips: Allows Light Blast to hit 2 additional targets
Useful to keep the warzone sparkling clean!

(5)Hardtack Brick: Hitting a target with Light Blast will drop 3 projectiles that deal 10 damage when stepped over. (0.3s arming time)
Both practical and deadly!

(6)Rusted Serum: You and Awesomenauts around you will gain 15 health per second while near allies
(Basically if you're tightly grouped you heal faster, weird meme upgrade so I'm gonna add another one)
Now with complimentary bandage

(7)Rusted Serum: While near an enemy Awesomenaut your movement speed is increased by 15%

Plasma Projector:
Set out a field that will disperse all projectiles, and reflect 15%(20 seems a bit too much for base) of damage taken while inside it.
(By reflect I mean you still do full damage but you take a portion of it.)
Duration: 2s
Size: A horizontal blob roughly the size of the ribbit hiding areas. Will have a pronounced outline and a more faded background, as to not clutter things up.

(1)Melted Lens: [1/2] Slows all targets who pass through the projector by 8/16% for 1.5 seconds.

(2)360^2 Degree Receptical: Increases the height of the barrier by 35% and width by 25%
See in dimensions that don't exist yet!

(3)7 Terrawatt Laser: Increase reflection damage by 5.
Smelt your retinas like you couldn't before!

(4)Shard of Glass: Plasma Projector reflects an additional 7% damage.

(5)Church Window Keychain: Allies inside plasma projector will deal 8% more damage to enemy awesomenauts

(6)Luxors Dullest Crystal: After Plasma Projector ends, all allied nauts inside will recover 120 health.

Ability 3:

Switch your power armour into overdrive. Can be toggled on and off. You will take no damage for the first 2 seconds. After 2 seconds you will take up to 250 damage per second at 6 seconds uptime.
Cooldown: 3s-8s, after ending. (If you somehow live the 6s dps it'll be a total of 14s between uses)
Increases minimum damage by 75. You take 25% of inflicted damage.
Plasma Projector will only have 70% of its effect.
Level 1 dps base: 143-169
Level 1 dps upgraded: 293-382 (this also pumps up the self-damage tons, and i'm like 90% sure I did something wrong)


(1)Decorative Medal: Hitting an enemy while in Overheat will increase attackspeed by 3% per hit, stacking up to 30% at 10 hits. Resets when Overheat is cancelled or exceeds its time limit.
Morale does wonders!

(2)Armour Polish: While in Overheat, you deal 20% more damage and take 12% more self-inflicted damage.
Made on Planet Russia, Contains spit

(3)Titanium Kettles: [1/2] While Overheat is active, you deal 45/90 damage over 3 seconds to all nearby enemy nauts
A necessity for any vessel.

(4)Snake Coolant: At the end of Overheat you will receive 30% of self-damage as healing.
If it's expensive it's worth it.

(5)Holographic Sixpack: [1/2] While in Overheat you and nearby allies will have their cooldown speed increased by 11/22%
For when you need a bit more macho

(6)Non-Retractable Cleats: While in overheat you deal 25% more damage but you become immobile while shooting.

Anyway, my idea was to make a long-ranged char who didn't seem to overbearing who could jump in fights and buff them-self to deal massive damage with their projectiles. The projector is just a utility ability to let the team to engage more often

Wanted to have a weird mix of buffs and nerfs during Overheat cause I'm weird.

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Zyras the Forgotten Support/Brawler
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:21 am 
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How does the min and max damage on AA work? Is it random? Does it depend on how far the projectile traveled? Does it depend on the time between your last shot?

I'm not so much of a fan of the projectile stopping wall. It is an extremely polarizing ability, which is a common complaint of Sentry's Black Hole Sun. It is amazing vs some nauts, and absolutely useless vs others. Imagine playing Zyras vs Leon, Deadlift, and Skolldir. Now while BHS can work against Froggy if his dash is on cooldown, against this team, you may as well not even use Plasma Projector as it would do absolutely nothing. The only reason Froggy's Right Back At Ya' works is that if you are playing against Leon, Deadlift, and Skolldir, you simply don't get RBAY. You say that this ability is a way of letting him get closer, but there's many other ways to do that. A dive or dash, invisibility, teleportation, speedup, all do the job just fine. And by all means create some fresh new way of getting into combat quickly.

I do like Overheat quite a bit. (10% is a bit small) In fact, my only problem with it really just stems back to Plasma Projector. If you're going to have a buff-type ability (at least through upgrades), it makes it much more interesting if it affects your other two abilities. That's what distinguishes Rocco from Qi'Tara. Rocco's Vengeance is interesting because it modifies both the AA and the Precision Shot. On the other hand, Qi'Tara only increases the attack speed of her AA, which makes the ability pretty bland. All you seem to be doing is getting close to opponents and left clicking them to death. And if Plasma Projector were replaced with something that could be influenced in an interesting way by Overheat, I would be a much bigger fan of this fan naut. ;)

I would also be wary of the cooldown system of Overheat. Were you to change Plasma Projector, you could just toggle Overheat on, use an ability, and toggle it off. I like the versatility of the cooldown system, but it could be a bit much (maybe have transition time like Derpl siege mode).

Also, keep working on those upgrades. They often times can make or break a naut design.
*cough qi'tara cough*

On overall naut design, I'm somewhat confused as to why a long ranged char needs to be jumping in fights. Ideally they would be kiting/outranging opponents and staying safe. Maybe projectiles do less damage the farther they travel? I'm still confused as to how that works :P

Sorry to be ripping into it a bit much, I do like the character, I just don't like Plasma Projector.

P.S. Nautsbuilder is a wonderful tool for looking at and comparing stats for balancing and creating new characters. It breaks down basically everything including speed and range of abilities, DPS, etc. I used it quite a lot while making mine.

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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Zyras the Forgotten Support/Brawler
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:40 pm 
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Joined: Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:45 am
Posts: 517
Location: inside my house
Being totally honest, I thought I discarded this idea when I went to sleep. After looking through creations again I found that I had indeed posted it.

I reworked a few abilities and added 6 upgrades for each of them.
I tried to add as many interesting things as I could, but some could be stepped down for regular effects.

Also I made it a bit easier to read, and bolded the scaling part. <3

Making it reasonably balanced will be my next goal

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Zyras the Forgotten Support/Brawler
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:46 pm 

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Sounds like a really cool character concept, nice backstory.

I feel like the way he is built is very contradictory - being that you want him to be a medium / long range character, and yet the AA damage decreases over a distance. Could change it to be like Voltar where healing increases with range whereby damage would increase with range. This would promote staying at that medium / long range distance but could possibly allow for a hard time defending himself when enemy nauts get too close.

Also, the fact that he has two buff / utility abilities is interesting but could be very weak in terms of character design (Ted has Stim-pack but is accompanied by airstrike, Yuri has bubble but is accompanied by mines etc.) so he should prob have some burst / some sort of snipe ability.

I really appreciate this character though, very cool concept, even if you had planned on scrapping it, I love hearing different concepts.

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