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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:08 am 

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Daisy, the Dancing Diva. (Brawler, somewhat of a Tank)

Daisy is a hippopotamus ballerina who’s larger than life, quite literally…
Her dream was to become the best dancer in the galaxy and beyond and has trained long and hard during her travels while moving to the music of all her favorite Divas.
Appearance: tall and fat, she is a hippopotamus dressed as a ballerina, with beautiful, charming eyes. Her voice is giggly and sweet, until she gets angry.

Initial HP: 1800.

Speed: 8.0
She prances and hops (similar to Vinnie), while she twirls a wand with ribbons attached to it, trailing behind.
Jump: Single, high jump, can activate a glide with her tutu.

Special abilities.
1. Furiosa! Daisy has a ‘Fury Road’ bar, which fills up every time she is hit. It is the only way she can activate her Hungry Hippo ability.

AutoAttack: Deathly Dance.
She twirls her ribbon around her, first horizontally, then vertically (uppercut) and then the twirls her body to land a kick. Dmg 75-85-120(kick is an area attack)

RightClick: The Swan Dance
Daisy raises her arms and stands ‘on pointe’, she twirls her body and dodges attacks that way. During this time, she still registers attacks to power up Furiosa. While active, she receives reduced damage (damage reduction 20%, while slowing her movement speed by 10%, as she dances towards the attacker)
Duration: 0.8 seconds
Cooldown: 7 seconds.

MidClick: Hungry Hippo
As she accumulates Fury, she may activate her HH attack. Her animation changes, she attacks now with a huge bite, time and time again, as her Fury Bar depletes quickly. Dmg 200 per attack


The Swan Dance.
1. Pirouette. 2 stages. Adds 0.5s duration to Swan Dance
2. It Tickles. Single stage. Adds a horizontal knockback.
3. The Polka Dot Swan. Single stage. Eliminates speed loss, then performs a small dash on her tip toes immediately after it ends.
4. The Black Swan. Single stage. Increase damage reduction by 15% during the dance.
5. The White Swan. Single stage. Small healing over time 2 seconds.
6. Killer Moves. Single stage. Tutu blades do dmg 20 per 0.5 sec

Hungry Hippo
1. Hungry, Hungry Hippo. 2 stages. +12% dmg per stage.
2. Tasty! Single stage. Lifesteal 15%
3. A Thousand Little Kisses. Single stage. Bite inflicts Slow 10%
4. Open Wide!. Attack pierces enemies.
5. It’s Mine! Single Stage. Speed increases 10%
6. Ravenous Hungry Hippo. 2 Stages. Attack speed increases 10%

AA row.
1. Look at me, look at me!! 2 stages. Increase damage by 7.5%
2. Rehearse!. One Stage. Increase attack speed by 10%.
3. Stretching Exercises. Single stage. Increases the range by 20%
4. Soooo beautiful!. 2 stages. Slow 5% 0.5s
5. Stunning Performance! Single stage. Increases attack power by 10% when there’s 3 or more awesomenauts in range. (includes allies)
6. Performance Tickets. Single stage. Get +20 extra solar per Awesomenaut killed.

1. 130 pills.
2. 90 Regen.
3. Grand Jete. Increases movement by 12%
4. Solar Krab Burgers.
5. Piggy Bank
6. Baby Kuri mammoth


1. 2.

1. I see you sell slippers, do you have them all sparkly?
2. Time for a break, can I get Popcorn and Soda, SUPER size?
3. Time for a break, can I get Popcorn and Soda, SUPER size? TWO of Each!
4. I love shopping!

Attack. Melee.
1. I will EAT-YOU-UP!!
2. This is MY TERRITORY!!
3. Will you dance with me?
4. Let’s not talk about YOUR performance.
5. I am the Dancing Queen.

Attack. AK.
1. Even if it won't fire you always can bash'em hard!
2. Having fun? I am!
3. Try to outsmart my bullets!


1. I will EAT YOU UP
2. “I’ll give you my autograph after the show.”
3. “Hit me with your best shot”
4. “You’re just a backup dancer!”

1. “They’re swarming the stage!”
2. I CAN do it wizout you!
3. Sure! Leave me, you cowards!

1. Prepare for my grand entrance!
2. Paparazzi, get off my tail!

1. “I will survive”
2. “I am jiggly, and TOUGH!”
3. “Oh girls, just wanna have fun!”

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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:06 pm 
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OMG I love the theme! The animations would be so fun to look at and it maintains the wonderfully goofy style of Awesomenauts! And hungry hippo :chew: :chew: :chew:
Could you please elaborate on Swan Dance a little? "Dodges attacks" is a bit vague.

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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:08 pm 

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Thank you for the positive comment. I'm far from an expert in Awesomenaut design, but I feel this would be a great addition to the game.

Edited the Swan Dance. Essentially it is similar to the Refract found in IX.

 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:18 pm 
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Although I like the design (and the resource-based state-change ability), I'd shy away from simply copying other 'Nauts' abilities—in this case, Ix's Refract. The Swan Dance is a slightly weaker version with a shorter cooldown. I'd even argue that its duration is too short to be of much use outside of the best reaction times known to man, which would warrant a buff, which in turn would make it even more like Refract. It also has anti-synergy with Furiosa!, unless it's simply a 100% damage shield that still registers hits.

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 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:42 pm 

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Thank you for the suggestions.

While I disagree the abilities are anti synergy (it’s supposed to be used to dance your way closer to the opponent before becoming Furiosa), I adapted the abilities better to make it less like IX.

Instead of being 100% damage resistant, I added a small damage reduction time (she’s trying to dodge, but she’s, well, huge). During this time she registers hits for Furiosa, perhaps more than when attacked normally? I increased the duration time, since it does not offer complete protection, and added a small speed boost during the dance.

While some may argue that the speeds up and slows down, and that might also be anti synergic, anyone who watches just even a bit of ballet can see the changes in speed and dashes I’m trying to reproduce.

With that in mind, Polka Dot Dance eliminates her speed penalty and adds a small dash at the end.

I also changed Black Swan, so instead of stunning it adds extra damage reduction.

 Post subject: Re: [Fan Naut] Daisy, the Dancing Diva
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:15 pm 

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Really love the idea of this naut :lol:

I feel the concept of the character as a whole is very well put together so I'm just gonna give some options for her dance / refract to be less similar to that of IX.

Maybe her Swan Dance could reduce more damage / negate damage completely for 50% of shots or something while still incorporating the slow.

The slow, while relating to real life ballet, seems counter-intuitive for her design as you want it to be more of a gap closer? Maybe at the end (after suffering the slow) she could do a leap as a gap-closer?

Really love her though ahaha, the deadly ribbon 3 hit combo + fury is a great concept!

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