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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Hulex, Rotten One
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:46 am 
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This is gonna be a bit of a meme. A tanky meme.

Hulex was a desert nomad, and went off in an expedition one day as part of a bet that he could go and retrieve some ice crystals from the cave not too far away. He got there no problem, collected the block of ice as he needed and went to sleep. He awoke to a raging earthquake which was shaking up fine sand that was rushing into the cave entrace, causing him sandburns.
He retreated further in and went to sleep, not knowing the cave would soon be filled in. The villagers send out a rescue party to retrieve his body. When they had excavated it they found half the cave was full of sand, which had been majorly disturbed by something large.
After searching the depths of the cave they found his tools and some worm blood. He had been swallowed whole.
A year later poachers had come to the planet for the rare type of desert worms, which had brilliant scales worth a ton on the black market. After poaching one they found a body, preserved perfectly in its stomach. After a mysterious buyer had purchased this mummy for a small sum of a million solar, he had him swiftly revived.

Jumps: 1, medium height.
Health: 1500
Movement Speed: Around nibbs-speed, bit slower. Should have a long acceleration time. Think of genji and scoop.

He has no special boots, and barrier, you don't need the rest nerd.

Hulex lashes out, quickly hitting nearby foes
Damage: 30
Attacks per Second: 5.5
Every hit will inflict a stack of curse, which reduces health by 15, up to a maximum of 150. Up to 10 stacks. Curse lasts 3s.

Damage Upgrade: [1/2] You do 8%/16% more damage with Flurry
Stacking upgrade: You can store 3 more stacks on a target.
Utility Upgrade: While near a target with more than 5 curse, you gain a 15% movement speed bonus.
More damage: You deal 15% more damage to enemy awesomenauts with more than 7 stacks.
Morer damage:Increase attack speed by 30%, reduce damage by 17%.
UTILITY:Increase size of the flurry by 40%

Take all stacks of curse off your target, and gain 35 maximum health per stack. You heal the same amount. Lasts 12s or till you preserve again.
Cooldown: 8s

Healing upgrade: You heal 55 health per stack instead, maximum health bonus stays the same.
The EHP upgrade: You gain a 15% shield if you removed 10 stacks off a target.
Upgrade 3: [1/2] You deal 20/40 damage per stack taken off a target.
The combo one:Preserving on a target will retain up to 5 stacks.
maxhp bonanza sale: You gain 12% more health from Preserve.
Healing Store, population: You: For the first 2s after preserving, you regenerate at 400% the speed.

Desert Mark:
Mark your target for cursing. Has different effects based on role. General upgrades will affect all of them.
(Fighter)Locust Swarm: Rapidly deals 115 damage per second in an area for 1.5 seconds. Damage increases by 12% per curse stack the target has.
(Harasser)Silent Watcher: If the target heals, damage will be dealt instead. Lasts 5s or till the maximum damage is dealt. Maximum damage is 200 plus 20 for every Curse stack they have
(Support)Devour: You gain lifesteal against marked targets. Lifesteal is based on how many curse stacks they have. 10% base and 3% more per curse stack. Lasts 2.5s
(Assassin)Toxic Ways: Inflict a damage reduction effect which reduces 10% of their damage for 2s, increases by 2% per stack of curse.
Cooldowns: 10s.

General Upgrade: [1/2] Increases the effect of all abilities by 9%/18%
(Base values and stacking values, basically if you'd inflict the 30% weaken you'd get 35.4% instead.)
Cooldown upgrade: Reduce the cooldown of Desert Mark by 1.5s
General Damage: [1/2] Marking a target will deal 180/360 damage to them
why would you add this uio: All effects of Desert Mark last 15% longer
the exp system: Slow targets who are marked by 15%.
good aim = hacks: Activating Desert Mark will turn your next attack into a ranged attack which pierces targets, deals 160 damage and inflicts 3 stacks of curse.

Upgrade names soon.

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