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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Kale
 Post Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 11:48 am 
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You might be wondering, what a weird name.


Health: 1350
Movement speed: Slightly above average
Jump: Single floaty jump. Holding down jump will allow him to glide, but not as well as swigs and volt can.
Special item on that row: Wraith Stone

Wind-up Shotgun
Kale spins his shotgun, unleashing waves of bullets.
Shots: 4
Damage: 8
Attacks per Second: 3.3
Spread: 7 Degrees between each shot (21 base, then 28, then 35)
Pierces two targets.
When you land more than 4 bullets you deal an additional 20 damage.

Damage up: [1/2] Increases damage by 12%/24%.
Projectile up: [1/2] Increases the amount of projectiles by 1.
Clearing upgrade: Killing anything will recover 90 health.
Range up: Increase range of projectiles by 35%
Pew pew pew: When not firing for 2s, you will fire 60% faster for 1s (5.6 attacks/s instead of 3.3)
More Damage: Increase bonus damage for landing 4 projectiles by 40%

Clockwork Bomb
Kale throws out a bomb which explodes. As bombs do. Kale recovers 115 health per enemy hit by the bomb. The bomb will linger on the ground for 1.5s or until something hits it.
Cooldown: 4.5s

Healing up: Increase healing from hits by 20%
TUYS: You throw three bombs instead of one. Each bomb has 40% of the effect.
Radius Up: Increase explosion radius by 60%
Drain damage: You deal 75% of the drained health as damage. (86 damage at base)
Qitara spray: Each hit will recover 65 health over 10s. This effect can stack with itself.
Spammerino: While Battledome is active the cooldown of Clockwork bombs is reduced by 1.5s

Drop a large dome. Enemies entering or exiting the dome take 150 damage. Projectiles will have their damage reduced by 35% when entering or exiting the dome. All allies within battledome recover 15 health per second. Every person within the Battledome increase its lifetime by 20%. Should be pretty large, maybe slightly bigger than derpl nuke, but smaller with the size upgrade.
Cooldown: 13.5s
Duration: 3s

Size Up: Increase the size of Battledome by 15%
Entering Damage: [1/2] Increase the damage apon entering battledome by 85/170
Exiting Slow: Enemies exiting the battledome will receive a 15% slow for 3.5s
Black Hole Dome: When deploying Battledome, enemies will be pulled towards it. (Shouldn't be fast, a slower suck works)
Being a useful teammate: Allies in the Battledome deal 7% more damage, enemies deal 7% less damage.
Even more helpful tbh: Allies in the Battledome receive 8% lifesteal on all attacks.

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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