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 Post subject: New Naut: Lagginator 6000!
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:34 pm 
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New Character: Lagginator 6000


Lonestar was tired of getting sniped behind the turret, so he went to the Support forum. Joost kindly directed him to the FAQ, which didn't help the cowboy much. He went to the Awesomenauts doctor, where he was diagnosed with latency and got his ping extracted from him.The doctor did so with all the other nauts, too.

One night, the pure liquified pingus evolved into a strange lifeform and took over control of the nearby machinery. Thus Lagginator 6000 was born. The doctor was scared and tried to lure the creature into Awesomenauts HQ, which is where it went but not without absorbing all of the forumers' and players' latency and lag switching abilities along the way.

Lag Switch: Makes everyone freeze for 2 seconds, allowing you to deal damage to your enemies while they are frozen. Cooldown: 14 seconds.
Shout: Produces loud trolling noises from your smartphone head which deals damage to nearby enemies around you. Cooldown: 7 seconds.
Lag Ray: Shoots rays of light through your enemies, damaging and slowing them and increasing their ping by 200 for a short time.

Upgrades for Lag Switch:
Lagger's Pride - Increases the freeze duration by 1 second.
P*rn Download Link - After the attack ends, causes your teammates to be shown as "reconnecting" on the enemy's screen, while they are moving alright on your screen.
Error Code 64 - If you have not used Lag Switch for 40 seconds, next time you use it, it will kick a random player from the match with a troll message.
Super Gaming Computer - After the attack ends, allows you to zig-zag lag away from the enemy.
Flawed Report System - When enemy player reports you for lag switching, that player will die.
Downloaded RAM - Reduces cooldown by 1.5 seconds, two stages.

Upgrades for Shout:
Never gonna Give you Up - Changes the game music for everyone to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna give you Up". Muting the music does not work.
Trololo - Increases damage by 15%, two stages.
Deadlift's Megaphone Horn - Increases range by 4.0
Flash Backward - Makes nearby players move back in time by 1 second.
Got Em - While shouting, you will gain health when nearby lagging players.
Noob's Fury - Automatically taunts and posts an irritating message in the chat to confuse your enemies. Muting the chat or the player does not work.

Upgrades for Lag Ray:
Konnichiwa - Increases enemies' ping by an additional 100 ping.
Yet Another Missile - Shoots a missile every 4 seconds that deals 100 damage and permanently increases enemy's ping by 10, with a possible maximum of 200. Resets when you die.
Nihao - Increases enemies' ping by an additional 150 ping.
Smartphone Toaster - Increases range by 1.0 and attack speed by 50%.
True Canadian - Players from outside your country will deal 12.5% less damage to you when tagged by Lag Ray.
Nerf Vinnie - If you tag an enemy Vinnie & Spike with Lag Ray and then use Shout, he will get disconnected from the match.

Please add this naut in Awesomenauts 2.0.

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 Post subject: Re: New Naut: Lagginator 6000!
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:48 pm 
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Feel free to put this in Fan Made at some point.

EDIT: Much better. Can't have good fan-'Nauts sitting in a pool of garbage on the main page.

Say no to SAM wrote:
Give this guy a duck for making such a good job with this thread

Nekomian wrote:
Give this guy a duck lololol

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Nobody can see it. Maybe instead of asking for ducks, you should put it in your signature.

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