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 Post Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 12:22 pm 
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badeun (placeholder) - support/tank

skill 1 - sap strength

after a short delay from using the ability, badeun releases a pillar of energy a set distance away from them.
this pillar deals damage and steals a portion of enemy nauts' max health. this steal effect has a long duration.

the distance the pillar will appear in depends on how long the ability button is held.
tap is 6, medium hold is 11, and long hold is 14.
the cooldown and damage scale based on the distance, with both being higher the longer the distance.

skill 2 - frost greatshield

this piece of metal that's covered in a thick layer of ice was once the door of a fridge, the very same door that was once part of badeun. it's now an extension of its arm rather than its chest.

tapping the ability key causes badeun to slam the greatshield forwards, dealing damage to the nearest enemy and applying chilled.
damage dealt is increased if the target is slowed, with the damage bonus scaling with the strength of the slow.

holding the ability key causes badeun to lift their shield, giving you a shield. while the shield is active, all damage
is reduced by 20. shields lasts until depleted or after a duration of 4 seconds. you also gain 30% damage reduction for the whole duration.

skill shoot - freeze ray

a hitscan, continuous laser that deals minor damage but amplifies the effects of badeun's other abilities.
freeze ray applies a slow on hit, with the strength increasing the longer the target is being continuously hit.
if a target has the chilled debuff, firing at them constantly for 2 seconds causes them to freeze.

utility/mobility - charge jump

hold jump button to charge up your jump, can release at any time during charge for a larger jump upon releasing. if fully charged, releasing the jump will cause you to dash in the direction that you are currently aiming at. has a cooldown.


cc explanations:

acts as a slow by itself, but has further effects with the other abilities.

frozen enemies are stunned, and take minor damage over time.
the target gains a small shield when frozen.
target stays stunned until the duration runs out or the shield gets broken.
while frozen, all healing effects on the target are reduced by 60%

first in a line of sentient kitchen appliances, badeun's life started as a test to see what would happen if your
fridge was alive. due to the programmer having made an error while coding, the targer of badeun's core function, of lowering temperature, was accidentally made to be everything that wasn't inside his cooling compartment. the first chance it got, badeun escaped the laboratory
and set out on it's quest to freeze the entire universe.

but to do so efficiently, it needed a new body. it decided that the best way to accomplish both goals at the same time was to work as an elite hitman, freezing targets while being paid with new bodyparts that gave it new and ugpraded functions.
once badeun had sufficiently upgraded itself that working as a hitman didn't have much challenge in it anymore, it decided to join the awesomenauts in their fight against the ones and zeros.

now badeun is truly glad, for it can kick back and relax without having to forgo its coded mission, and it is content at only freezing of the universe one awesomenaut at a time.

cool ice puns

tldr; imagine if you'd put undying, batrider and shadow fiend in a blender, added in a hint of braum, then threw half of that mix away and slapped it into a character.

Tech support volunteer.

Cool videos.
I stream. Sometimes.

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