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 Post subject: Blinky the Next Next Era! (Rolling from galaxy to galaxy)
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:06 am 
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Blinky in re-defined color!

(Rendition by Pockets!)

Blinky's Theme

Blinky's Official Wiki Page!

Play Daynar's little prototype game!

Congratulations Blinky! You have grown arms!
-With Blinky's new arms he can tickle his foes and inflict small amounts of damage over time!

Quick Description of Blinky-
Blinky is a pink blob entity that loves to eat fast food. He use to live on a meteor he named "Kevin" and rides inside of a mechanical space orb that unintentionally malfunctions and hurts the people around him.

Shortened Back Story
After the health controversy of Mc Spaceburger's pink slime insta-burgers, they were forced to return to fresh beef from the Bovinian star system. Fearful of the radiation from their pink slime, they filled hundreds of little trash disposal orbs and launched them into the deepest parts of the galaxy. One of these orbs never made it to Mc SpaceBurger's orbiting dump site and instead found it's way to a distant meteorite populated entirely by even older piles of Mc Space trash and hideous mutations. A combination of mold, fast food, radiation, and possible voodoo curses formed a creature unlike any other...
An intelligent yet clumsy, pink, space mutation, with horrible depth perception, known as "Blinky" can now be found riding along in his unintentionally broken space craft in the shape of a ball, eating a life time's supply of unhealthy burgers and fries while attempting to help the Awesomenauts in their efforts.

Blinky Lore
It was during the 2060s when the Earth was plunged into a nuclear armageddon that within a series of unrealistic events sent the local US "McSmileyBurger" establishment into space.
1000 years later the building found it's way into the orbit of a distant alien moon and was turned into a local Burger joint for the many speices of space aliens outside of the galaxy. Its head owner "Glorp the destroyer" designed the debris and factory remains into a historic memorial restraunt of the 2050 second nuclear war on Earth and renamed it "McSpaceBurger".

"Music! Food! Friends! Come one, come all, to the greatest Burger shop in the universe!"
-Glorp the Destroyer

Since his unexpected birth Blinky lived his life in peace without his awesome, high powered, and "fully funtional" space ball! Without it he was a simple pile of mush on top of an old trash meteorite (which he named Kevin) destined to one day drift far away from all existence, UNTIL... Another meteorite by the name of Tyler collided into Kevin, sending Blinky flying into space.
During a very long (and very boring) drift along the galaxy, Blinky found many pieces of a lost space cruiser and an old jukebox from the early 1980s. He later turned the pieces from the jukebox and broken ship into his "working" orb-craft. The ship was operating so well in fact, it led him straight towards the robot wars instead of where he originally wanted to go back to: "Mc' SpaceBurger."

Its almost as if Blinky isnt intentionally trying to harm anyone out in the field of war, but his many flaws and broken space ball create all sorts of problems as he goes. Even in battle he cant help but pull out a quick snack to calm himself. Fast food is simply his desire in the universe and the reason why he wants all the solar he can get... that and to one day be reunited with his old meteorite friend Kevin.

Stats, Abilities, & Gameplay

Health: 115
Speed: 6
Role: Brawler, Harasser, Assassin

Info: Because Blinky has no legs (or a normal body at that), he can be found hopping around like a small rabbit inside of his round space cruiser, and is able to effectively dribble himself like a basketball. Upon the floor he has a relatively slower movement speed but is capable of dodging attacks by using his impressive bouncing movements.

Auto attack- Oily Tickle
Info: Blinky tries to tickle his foes by directly aiming his stubby little arms at his desire, spreading some nasty left overs of Damage over time all over his target with a very short range and little effect.

Base DoT: 5 damage over 5 seconds
Range: 2.5

Oily Tickle upgrades

Burger Crumbs (1/2)
-Ill ask myself why these are even rellevent later
+1 damage

Century-Old Slime Burger (1/3)
-Found it in the cushion of my sofa
+10% slow for 0.5s

Extra Large Space soda (1/2)
-Found half a french fry inside, im so lucky!
Foes tickled by Blinky's hand for longer than 2 seconds in one sitting take +5 damage

Carbonite Burger (1/2)
-"Bring me Burger and the cookie. They will suffer for this outrage."
+3 DoT (8 damage over 8 seconds)

Deluxe Space Burger
-I can taste my heart failing already!
+60 health healed for any nuats killed by tickle

Meteor-Salmon Sludge Burgers (1/2)
-Leave your breath smelling like the sea for months!
+5 DoT after using Meteor Dash or Blink (10 damage over 10 seconds)

Primary Ability- Blink
Info: Blinky can fire a ball of moldy slime that will inflict damage to enemies on impact and has the ability to teleport Blinky to where he desires.

Speed: 7
Base damage: 20
Range: 7.5
Cooldown: 7s

Blink Upgrades

Steel Balls (1/3)
-Ive got um'
+5 damage

TeleGrump System (1/2)

+1.5 flight speed on meteor dash after use

Short-circuited teleportation device (1/3)

Creates a storm effect after Blinky teleports +1 damage (1s duration)

Not So Hidden Leaves
-Too squishy to swallow
+25% damage reduction after teleport

Space Core Attachment
+1.5 Knockback

Broken TV antenna
-Another day of being homeless is guaranteed treasures like this
Allows Blob projectile to bounce off surfaces

Secondary Ability- MeteorDash

Info: Blinky takes the strength of meteors and unleashes it by stopping in place for a few seconds then blasting over in any desired direction at high speeds, dealing massive damage to anyone he bumps into. He can prematurely stop this ability by activating another ability in mid flight or chain it together with Teleporting.

Speed: 10
Charge Time: 1s
Base Damage: 30
Range: 12
Cooldown: 11s

MeteorDash Upgrades

Enchanted Rock Recipes (1/2)
-Only used by the BEST chefs!
Deal extra damage to nauts that were hit by Blink +5 damage (effect lasts for 3 seconds)

Disorienting Meteorite Sample
-Jhhhhjjjjjjjj 88jdjdjjddd
Enemy nauts hit by dash get a Scramble debuff (messes up their control scheme for 1 second)

Moldy Rock Remedy (1/2)
-Eating rocks increases the strength of your teeth
+10 damage

Friendly Pet Asteroid (1/2)
-The perfect pet who you never have to look after
Creates a small splash effect on impact to surfaces +5 damage

Flying Star (1/2)
-Make a wish honey
+1.5 speed

Dances with pebbles
-Blinky's first hand experience with the inanimate objects of space
After bouncing off a surface with meteor dash damage is doubled

Theme Idea
Suggested by Chrismas95 (thanks!)
KILLING SPREE idea (thanks Fishman)
Theme idea from Tbluepikmin25 (thanks Pikmin!)
2nd idea from Pikmin
Jaditron's Theme Suggestion
Captain Freezer's Theme Idea XD
Original Theme Idea
Another Idea For a Theme
Wargreymon's Theme Suggestion
Gamerguy09s theme suggestion

(Most of them inspired by fast food slogans!)
When Blinky Buys Something in the Shop-
"Id like to place an order."
"That's blinkin' expensive!"
"Does that come with a free Awesomenaut toy?"
"Now that's better."

When Blinky Spawns out of Pod
"Awesomenauts, ROLL OUT!"
"Finger Lickin' Good"
"Thinkin outside the Bun!"

When Blinky Teleports back to base-
"Blink out!"
"Space Burgers, better ingredients, better heart disease."
"Back to the White Castle."

When Blinky Gets killing blow
"Ah Blink yeah!"
"Ive got Balls of Steeeeel!"
"Blinkin Wonderful!"
"Eat Fresh!"
"Mmmm.... Toasty!"

When Blinky Dies
"Ah Blink!"
*coughing* ... "Have it your way." *cough*

When Blinky gets a Killing Spree
"Kevin Would be Proud!"
"Im thinking different, Im thinkin Death!"
"Im Lovin it!"

"What are you eating today?"
"Nothing can do it like McSpaceBurgers."
"Wheres the Beef?"
"Blink you!"
"Eatin' Good in the neighborhood."
"Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined"


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 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:10 am 
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If you give Blinky Lumpy Space Princess quotes I will endorse this wholeheartedly.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:14 pm 
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marzipansadness wrote:
If you give Blinky Lumpy Space Princess quotes I will endorse this wholeheartedly.


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketcup.
Follow me to Leon's Van.

Restless Frager wrote:
No, you're a manly girl, that's why I like you.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:35 pm 
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I dont know... LSP says stuff like "Lump off! I lumping hate them!"
Wonder if it could be used... Blink off, Blunk you, or Blinking.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:41 pm 
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Best. Naut. ever.

I would main in a heart beat! :D

Joost wrote:
I occasionally lick my keyboard

Im just typing words none will see.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:02 pm 
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Lol. This is great. :)

Forever lurker.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:57 pm 
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Well if anyone has any ability ideas for a ball... Id love to hear some.
Before the gravity pull was in my mind i was thinking a magnet could actually attach Blinky to a targeted enemy. For a few seconds Blinky could ride on top of any Awesomenaut (no creeps) and use his auto attack on them to deal some damage.

The other idea was where Blinky transforms himself into a mortar and launches himself. Anything he hits will cause more damage. The aiming would resemble the mechanic of an arched line... hasnt been used in Awesomenauts and I think it would be interesting.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:54 am 
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Used to lurk Balance and Tactics before I realized Ideas, Concepts and Fan Art is where it's at.

 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:58 am 
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 Post subject: Re: This Awesomenaut...
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:07 am 
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Seriously, we need to get this idea to Ronimo. It honestly looks like a very balanced and well-rounded class.

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