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 Post subject: Reporting cheaters, griefing and verbal abuse
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:15 am 
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On rare occasions, you may encounter a hacker or cheater in Awesomenauts. Please report these to us as is described below, so that if we have enough proof, we can ban them.
We do not ban people for lag, so please don't report people for lag unless there is clear evidence that the lag is caused intentionally.

Verbal abuse
The same goes for reporting people who type extreme vulgarities or verbal abuse in the chat (racism, sex, illnesses, etc.). We will ban repeated offenders from public matchmaking. Please only report verbal abuse in the extremest of cases, though!

Repeated cases of intentional feeding/idling/"griefing" are treated the same as verbal abuse. Please think carefully before you report someone for griefing though, there may be a good reason why someone is idle for a while and just because someone has a lot of deaths doesn't mean he is feeding intentionally.

How to report
With the new replay system, reporting someone is easy!
Please send us a replay of the match in a zip/rar/7z file!
You can send the replay to:
Be sure to describe exactly what was happening and also in the case of cheating
please include the time within the match where you think someone is cheating.

You can find your replays by clicking "Browse replays" in the replay menu in-game.

Usually, replays are located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\awesomenauts\Data\Replays

Please do not open a topic to accuse someone here on the forum. These kinds of topics tend to quickly escalate into flaming, trolling and counter-accusations, so we have decided to forbid cheater accusation topics altogether.

The penalty for cheating is a permanent ban to the cheat league. You will still be able to play online, but only against other cheaters (which usually means you'll be playing solo).

For verbal abuse and griefing, we use a 3 strikes system. First strike: nothing happens. Second strike: temporary ban (usually 1 week depending on severity). Third strike: permanent ban or long temporary ban depending on severity.

Besides these manual bans, Awesomenauts also uses Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) VAC detects cheat tools running in the background and will automatically ban people if a cheat tool is detected. This will happen even if the cheat tool is not "turned on" but just running in the background.

People have been using various tools to mod the game, and we are okay with that as long as it's restricted to practice and private matches. However, please be aware that VAC might recognize some mod tools as cheats and automatically ban people for using those, even if you are just using the tool in a practice match. Modding is at your own risk and VAC bans cannot be undone by us.

Appeals to a ban can be sent to, but only if it is not a VAC ban. We have no control over VAC bans so appeals to VAC bans should be sent to Steam support.
When appealing to a ban please include a link to your steam profile page or alternatively, include your ApplicationPersisitent.log file.

Abusive reports
There have been cases of people reporting every little incident they encounter. Please don't do that! If we receive multiple reports that are clearly unjustified, future reports will be ignored and you will not get a reply from us.

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