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 Post subject: Re: Customising the replay-to-video encoder
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:46 pm 
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01271 wrote:
I've put the ffmpeg exes in every position I could imagine but it still went out of the game when I clicked on the h.264 encoder option. I thought it was a glitch until I figured out it was the correct behaviour?
Here's my filesystem after putting ffmpeg in every conceivable folder with all the names I could think of. ... ed82d4.png

You should have a note in the first post about how the game tabbing out is normal & doesn't indicate that the search for ffmpeg was a failure.

It tabs out because it's opening the encoder (which is a separate program from awesomenauts).

 Post subject: Replay-to-video encoder (doesn't work with long videos)
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:30 pm 

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I used the replay-to-video encoder a few times and I have never had any problem with it. However, last time I wanted to record a whole match - is it even possible with encoder? Because the tool behaves like it is not possible. :GnawCry:

First of all, the videos after encoding are empty (0 kb) and the tool says that the whole work has been done. Moreover, during the encoding, I can see the progress and estimated time matches to the replay's length. The size of the encoded file increases over time, ONLY AFTER the message that the work is done, the video makes *PUFFF!* and weights only 0kb! Nothing works!

Otherwise - I tried to encode smaller amounts of time - instead of 30 minutes only 5 - and what is the result? I get videos that are only 40 seconds long! Is this a joke? :table:

I use Windows 7, I have a lot of space on HDD and my PC is quite fast and clean. What is the matter? Any tips, solutions? :think:

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