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 Post subject: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:44 am 
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"Incriminating Dirt" (Dirt) and "Addresses of the Stars!" (Stars) have a stacking inconsistency when factoring in "Galactic Police Scanner" (Scanner).

Dirt will multiply the 90 base damage and the 90 burst damage added by Stars by *1.12 or *1.24, meaning they stack multiplicatively. This is due to the bonus burst damage from Stars being flat while the bonus damage from Dirt is a percent effect.
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster = 90
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster*BoizorBlastDamage1 = 1.12
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster*BoizorBlastDamage2 = 1.12
Bullet:BoizorBlast_damageBonusFromFirstBulletFromCluster+!BoizorBlastChargeCharging&BoizorBlastChargeDamage1 = 90

Dirt will also multiply the damage bonus from Scanner (+24% per pellet damage), as will Stars (+100% per pellet damage). However, both of these damage bonuses are percent effects meaning they stack additively with each other (the scanner damage will be multiplied by *2.24 instead of *2*1.24=*2.48 as expected).
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*!BoizorBlastChargeCharging&BoizorBlastChargeDamage1 = 2
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*BoizorBlastDamage1 = 1.12
DamageBoizorBlast_damage*BoizorBlastDamage2 = 1.12
DamageBoizorBlast_damage@BoizorBlastLandMore1 = 2.43

This is the smallest bug of all time I know.

 Post subject: Re: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:39 am 
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balance issue? :thinking:

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 Post subject: Re: Max Focus AA Damage Inconsistencies
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:04 pm 
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FishmanDerP looking for those Max Focus buffs.

Thanks for reporting.

I do Tech Support stuff now. PM me any issues you have.

I'm more likely to check on Steam Discussions than here, so if
there's something urgent be sure to report it there.

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