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Announcement: forum closure

We regret to inform you that these forums have been hacked. Currently the list of names, email addresses and hashed passwords is available publicly.

If you used your forum password for any other service: please change it now.

Since this forum's safety can no longer be guaranteed we have made the painful decision to shut it down. We are as of yet undecided if it will ever return and what form that would take. We are very sorry and bummed about causing you a hassle and cutting everyone off from lots of shared memories.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for playing our games and hanging out in our forums. In the meantime we encourage everyone to join our discord (discord.gg/ronimo) as that's were the hanging out takes place nowadays. It's also where we'll soon start talking about our next game!

The following pages have been preserved


FAQ / Troubleshooting
Customising the replay-to-video encoder
How to configure your network for best online play
Patch notes Steam (page 1)
Patch notes Steam (page 2)
PS3/360 patch notes
PS4/X1 patch notes
PS4/X1 FAQ/troubleshooting
Youtube Monetization Permission
Rules for making fan-games and fan-animations

Swords & Soldiers 2

Patch notes
Youtube Monetization Permission
FAQ / troubleshooting

Swords & Soldiers

Patch notes