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 Post subject: Locked out after it disconnect & Better support for macs.
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:06 pm 
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Hey Ronimo and Forum readers,

I have some problems with the queues. I get sometimes disconnected (or the game crashes) from the queue when the timer is done and it says: "Joining...". It shouldn't be a problem, since I suppose I can rejoin another queue, but I always get locked out of matchmaking (I don't know if it affects my rank). Is it possible to fix this? (For example: You get only locked out if you leave when the game started or you choose to leave by yourself (in nauts selection).)
It is not that common (it happens for me about once a month) but it is noted now and it shouldn't be to hard to fix (?).

Another thing is that the game isn't really supporting macs when the game runs on full-screen. You can't switch to another program. Normally you can swipe between programs/desktops (see image) but that isn't possible when Awesomenauts is running in full screen.


If I happen to leave Awesomenauts by clicking on a link on the main menu and return to it, it only shows the bottom half of the screen...

Another 3 small bugs, Chuchos bomb disappears after a migration of the host, the boom gas upgrade on Chuchos bike doesn't explode sometimes (yes, without silence). And the bots get full health after a migration of the host.

I hope you can look at those 2 (5) things. :)

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