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 Post subject: new 4vs3 glitch
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:20 pm 
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This is some kind of 4vs3 bug and I can't remember this happening (ever since 4vs3 was fixed). So it's probably a once in a lifetime thing.


I was in blue team: Gladiator Leon (me), Qitara, Frog
vs. red team: Sentry, Leon, Chucho

There was a host migration and the game became glitched:
- There was now a blue Leon bot (default skin).
- My stun and silence stopped working (tongue still pulled people but didn't interrupt their abilities).
- My damage numbers stopped showing
- Creeps and droids I last hitted dropped solar on the ground instead of giving it me directly
- There was no healing glow from my heal blade.

After another host migration, the bug seemed fixed although silence still didn't seem to work.
Blue Qitara complained that she couldn't play due to host lag and she can't use her build(?) Maybe she lost all money idk. She left.

The replay didn't get saved, unfortunately.


 Post subject: Re: new 4vs3 glitch
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:14 am 

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mugg1991 wrote:
The replay didn't get saved, unfortunately.

how convenient for you :thumb:

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