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 Post subject: 6 min. queues
 Post Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:50 pm 
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It as a bug, because new matchmaking was supposed to improve the balance between matches.
There are still many completely 1 sided matches, that sometimes end within 4-5 minutes.
A 6 minute queue for a match that isn't just as long is stupid.

Easy way to resolve this, revert to the previous queuing system.
Were the match started as soon as 6 players joined the lobby.
Sure, makes for unbalanced matches too but the queues would only be 10-30 seconds long

k thnx bye.

 Post subject: Re: 6 min. queues
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:06 am 
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Hey Noeabe,

I think you're confusing feature implementations as bugs; this is an intended mechanic designed to provide better quality matches than the previous one, and theoretically it does just that. A lot of other MOBAs actually do use certain matchmaking queues and wait times (Overwatch comes to mind, tho it's not exactly the same gameplay mechanic wise or "technically" a MOBA), and this is not uncommon.

The reason for the prolonged queue times and somewhat unfair matchups is simply due to the playerbase itself being small; there are a lot of factors matchmaking has to consider when finding the right matchups, and it cannot reliably do it with 150 or 200 people online (many of whom may not even be candidates for your team or opponents due to excessive latency). Reverting to the previous matchmaking system would only exacerbate this issue, causing even *more* unfair matchups. This is an unacceptable solution, hence why the system itself was changed in the first place to avoid this.

Hope that resolves any confusion or doubt here, thanks!

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