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 Post subject: Re: Tips for soloq noobs?
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:17 pm 
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ScR wrote:
Ok, last one.
How do I win matches solo? It happens too often. I get "well, not bad" enemies that stick together and teammates who never group up, no matter what.
So, basically I'm trying to clear and push both lanes and fight enemies at the same time. And it's not working, ofcourse, I get outpushed.
What exactly should I do in games like that? I know they could be won. But I don't know how. What are my priorities?

I find if you're losing, just defending isn't enough as they'll still chip your towers down. You wanna be as far out as you can, trying to clear waves and following your teammates around. a 3v2 can still be won if they * up. Usually I try build sustain to just try make up for lost time. When you're out there trying to defend your turrets around mid, you must not let them get near you. Usually I try not to cross anywhere near their turrets.

However, you gotta try set up kills, if your teammates are near you and a wave is mostly dead, instead of finishing it off make sure they don't get ganked and die. Even if they're new to the game you still must protect them.
If possible, try catch one out and burst them down. If they're low and their team is near don't bother chasing unless you're totally confident. Even chasing one back will greatly improve your chances.

There are matchups you can't do this against. Don't try to be a hero and don't let your teammates be. If you can halt their progress on your towers you can eventually rubberband back or get wiped trying.

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