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 Post subject: Ayla build and playstyle?
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:57 am 
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How do you build Ayla? AA, rage or evil eye?(or utility :aylaroll: )

Also what kind of play style would I try?

 Post subject: A way to play Ayla
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:33 am 

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Hi! I'm an Ayla main with ~160 hours of playtime as her. My playstyle is a bit uncommon, but if you've got a decent team composition that can work with you, it isn't too hard to pull off.
First, if you want to play Ayla, you have to make sure you have someone on your team that can keep enemies in their places. For example: Derpl, Admiral Swiggins, Yoolip, or Smiles. You'll need to work with them to get early kills and upgrade yourself.
Once you're in, you'll want to get some upgrade to aid with your relatively low HP. Your main choices are the Solar Krab Burgers, Med-i'-can, and Sonic Listening Device. I'd recommend going Sonic Device first on Ribbit IV, AI Station 205, and Aiguillon. You should get the Solar Burgers on the other maps, Starstorm and Sorona, because of how much Solar they usually have lying around. After that, you'll want to max the Med-i'-can. (Generally you'll want to have all of them before finishing your Rage, which is next.)
To get enough Solar to build up your Rage, stay with your designated 'naut(s) mentioned earlier, and remember not to overextend without them. If things go well, you'll have enough Solar to put into your Rage. I highly recommend going with either the Blue Three-wheeler or Rip-apart Bear first, but if you're doing fine on handling the self-damage and you can keep up with your enemies, put your Solar into Angry Drawings to lessen their chances of escape.
Once you've got the Blue Three-wheeler and either Angry Drawings or Bear, you should start putting some Solar into your Evil Eye. With your Evil Eye, 99% of the time, you'll want to buy the Dummy Prisoner first. It makes your eye travel longer and faster. Next, you'll want to choose either Toothbrush Shank, Biter Mask, or Jail Food. If you need raw damage, get the Toothbrush Shank. If the enemies are still too fast for you, get the Biter Mask. Finally, if you want to do the most damage but over time, go with Jail Food. After you get the Dummy Prisoner and one of the other three options, you'll want to go ahead and max your Rage with the option you didn't choose earlier. After that, max your Evil Eye.
Finally, the Chain Whack. If you've gotten this far in the game, chances are you've grown far enough to handle the enemies all on your own. Although, I would still advise sticking with your team, just in case. Honestly, to build your Chain Whack, the Thief Tools and Explosive Neckband, allowing you to do more damage, while also dealing it faster.
Thanks for reading my guide! Sorry that I'm posting this around 4 months after you asked, but I hope it still helps! I'll leave some tips here.
If your health is around 700, you'll want to heal up or find a teammate before you find yourself running into an enemy 'naut that will (usually) end up killing you.
If all the turrets in their respective lane are still up, don't push the enemies too far, you'll usually find yourself taking a lot of damage from the turrets, and not doing much damage to the enemy 'nauts, either.
If you're in a bad situation at the top lane and you've got enough health to go into rage for a few seconds, fly to the top of the map and back over to your side.
In the beginning of the match, let your teammates do some of the damage for you. Early game, you usually won't be doing enough damage to kill someone at max HP.
This guide is very flexible! Try to counter the enemy 'nauts while also aiding your team with all the options you have.

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