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 Post subject: Re: PSA: You aren't looking at your minimap enough
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:28 pm 
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I think you should just plaster this PSA as a quick-tip or something, maybe it would make teammates actually defend top when 3 people are pushing it and stop yelling at me for "soloing" when they're not defending :LeonWink: .

But honestly, I agree with Lucky in a sense; it gets to a point where you don't have to use your mini-map as much because you intuitively know and can predict where the enemies will rotate to and effectively be (to a degree; ex. they have a derpl / yuri, don't go mid via boosters). The main thing one needs to have though is map awareness, which the mini-map does bring and which without would be a lost cause. It doesn't provide total awareness, but the majority of it yeah. Just a glance helps, don't ingrain it into your eyesight :ayla: .

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 Post subject: Re: PSA: You aren't looking at your minimap enough
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:03 pm 
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Gameinsky wrote:
Competent minimap usage contributes to about 30-40% of whether you win a game or not.

Not to give the impression of undue combativeness, but I would go even further than that.
I've often though of "what wins a game" as being an intersection of 3 separate factors:

1. How well you maintain your map awareness
2. How "clutch" your play is, with the naut you are playing as.
3. How you spend your solar.

I'd say that anywhere from 50%-90% of a win is map awareness. In lower-league play, where it's more likely to be totally or partially absent in players on the enemy team as well as yours, it might be on the lower end. In higher-league and competitive, its going to be on the 90% level or even above. You simply cannot afford to not have it.

In contrast, I've found that I can afford to play "poorly" by other metrics and still have a halfway decent chance of winning a game. You can say a lot for just showing up and making an effort, even in a somewhat incompetent fashion. Here's the real difference between general (map) awareness and tactical (clutch) effectiveness - clutch play on the part of your allies can often partially or totally compensate for any lack thereof on your part. The same cannot be said for map awareness.

And I'm always amused by players in-game who criticize their allies on the basis of their upgrade choices. While they obviously make more of a difference the longer the game has been going, they are (imo) the least determining of the 3 factors in a win.

I think of it like a Venn Diagram of sorts - roughly 80% of what determines the outcome of a game is maintenance of map awareness. Roughly 80% of the remaining 20% is clutch skill. That leaves 4% for upgrade optimization. Counter-intuitively, what this also means is that at high-level play, clutch play and upgrade optimization are more likely to be the determining factors in a win, because you can really only get there in the first place on the back of consistently decent general (map) awareness.

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