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 Post subject: Learning to play with assassins
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:50 pm 

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I'm a decent-ish player (L2-3) trying to diversify the characters I'm playing with. Currently I'm a Raelynn main and I can sub to similar types like Chucho, Lonestar, Swiggins, Skree, etc. Basicly I can play most pusher/harasser nauts.

I would like to get into the burst/assassin types as well. Not Leon or Ayla, since friends of mine main those, but all others are open. I tried Froggy G and Vinnie, but that was an absolute disaster. After a couple of games with Penny she seems to suit me better and I haven't tried Ksenia or Nibbs yet. Perhaps Dizzy could be in there as well?

Now from the games I've played I'm having a lot of trouble adapting. Especially in the early game I don't really find myself having a good way to sustain. I'm trying to follow niki's beginner's build, but that isn't working out too well.
Every match there is something keeping me from a decent start. A Rocco AA-spamming me will put me at half health before I even get within pounce distance, a Skree whose blade just shreds me and so on. Overall I still manage to stay somewhat on-par in terms of solar, but I'm dying too much, my droid kills aren't nearly enough and my damage output is pathetic for such a strong naut.

So all in all I have 2 questions:
1) Which naut would you recommend to get into the assassin types knowing I'm a harasser/pusher main? Excluding Leon and Ayla since my friends play these.
2) Penny seems to be a decent choice for me. What tips can you give me on playing her, especially in the early game?
I'll include a code to a replay which basicly shows all my flaws. The Rocco keeping me out of the match in the first 4mins or so which caused me to go a bad build with Herring AND Med-i-Can first. Quite a few bad choices throughout the match and bad teamplay since I didn't know how aggresive/passive I should be in fights. A few of these will be adressed as I get more familiar with the character, but not all. So my main questions here are: In general, how should I behave? Be more aggresive or be more passive so I don't lose so much hp all the time? How can I still be usefull at half hp and waiting around for regen/health droids? Running back to the base every 30secs doesn't seem to be a good strategy either.
Replay code: KPFM6F0

Thanks for all the advice you can give me!
Any recent video's, replays or guides on this are welcome too!

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 Post subject: Re: Learning to play with assassins
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:19 pm 
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If you feel like you are falling behind in games the best thing you can do is focus on clearing droids and staying alive.

Playing an assassin naut doesn't mean you need to go around killing people the entire game. With that Penny build your entire job is to land pulse on as many people as possible in the teamfights. With practice you will start to work out how much damage you can deal and how much you can take more accurately so you can take fights with more initiative.

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