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 Post subject: Re: Lets talk about Dizzy.
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:27 pm 
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+1 to stuns during dash, since other cc already applies and she's *way* too slippery without being punished as it is. It would make fighting her a little more fair so you can actually stop her with some additional nauts, without crippling her so badly that she would have no recovery (since she still has dashes ofc).

Sam! wrote:
Why does blowfish nozzle even exist anyway? Giving sentry AA to a fast dash character to enable them to area deny, kite and wall off pushes all at once. Why tho?

Tbf she already area denies and dmgs well with clone, so it's moreover just a nuisance compared to sentry AA; that being said, wouldn't be opposed to hearing suggestions to change blowfish, though I have no good ones of my own for her atm.

+1 to slevens as well, *PLEASE* don't start making more nauts have mandatory upgrades; it's better to just change their base values or mechanics directly than require them to purchase upgrades, and a lot of nauts struggle with this just due to how severe their nerf cycles have been over time. Again, her aa with blowfish is moreover just, as slevens put it, "random damage you have to walk through". Nerfing the duration to 1.5s would be a good start actually, but ultimately it should probably be changed to better fit her character rather than be another area denial annoyance at her disposal.

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