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 Post subject: Re: Raelynn
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 5:54 am 
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I want to say something here, but I'm not quite sure where this one is going, all I know is, I can sort of see what would happen if rift became destructible, in short:
-Time Rift's model would have to be edited a bit so that half the melee naut cast could even hit it.
-Gigawatt battery would go from niche and neglected to actually useless.
-Gigawatt battery a patch or two later would be changed to extra rift health.
-Pretty much every Raelynn will just buy height and place rift in safer areas while still being able to catch out enemies.
At least, that's my prediction.
Looking at the idea at the moment, I'm honestly lukewarm, I don't like the idea, and I feel like if executed poorly it would just result in rift being useless outside of face rifting, but I'm not against testing it out in the beta. I still think it would be a better idea than simply nerfing it's duration, if that helps any.

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