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 Post subject: Voltar (long term) changes
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:11 pm 
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Hello dear forumers! Hope you're having good holidays so far.

To spice up this festive season, I wanted to share with you my personal balancing approach to Voltar. There's a lot of changes that mostly revolve around a new auto-attack for him that is less pub-stompy but also more interesting in my opinion.

Goal: A rework for Voltar’s auto-attack and a lot of changes to his upgrades. Voltar can now opt for two main builds: combat-oriented and support-oriented. For each build choice, Voltar will need to purchase mandatory upgrades to initiate that type of build. The goal is for Voltar to be more well-defined and less of a pub stomper. Currently Voltar has access to both strong poke damage and healing mid-fight, making him hard to deal with.

Suicide Drones
- Weapon Clip-on, damage reduced from +6 to +5 per stage, price reduced from 170 to 155 solar per stage
- Weaponized Hull, damage reduced from +22 to +20 per stage
Slight damage reductions to lower Voltar’s offensive capabilities.

- Hyper Drive, swapped item slot with Warpgate Overdrive, now allows all drones to be fired simultaneously with a slight spread, this reduces explosion damage by 25%, price increased from 155 to 220 solar
Current Hyper Drive + Drone Army + Weapon Clip-on builds are turning Voltar into an anti-melee brawler and is not, IMO, how Voltar was supposed to be played. This replaces one of the DPS synergies in favor of a unique new hit-and-run upgrade that makes drones function like old Voltar. This allows Voltar to specify into a more bursty role, but with reduced total damage of drones.

- Dark Matter Shots, now increases heal output by 10% per drone active, price increased from 110 to 200 solar
This is where the new main healing output comes from. In order for a Voltar to keep his healing output at high he needs to keep his drones. If he uses them to deal damage in fights, he’ll lose a lot of healing potential. This upgrade will be a mandatory buy for the support Voltar builds and is role defining.

- Heal increased from 330 to 350
- Health increased from 250 to 300
- Healing now only affects allied Awesomenauts
- Energy Drink, health reduced from +125 to +100 per stage, price reduced from 140 to 125 per stage
These changes are aimed toward making Healbot more sustainable early-game without the requirement of buying health on Healbot. Also a slight increase to the healing potential since we’re reducing Voltar’s damage output. Making the heal ‘Nauts only will hopefully reduce Voltar’s dominance in less organized play.

- Overheal Potion, heal increased from +59.4 to +65 per stage, price increased from 170 to 180 solar per stage
An increase of Voltar’s healing potential to compensate for the removal of piercing heal from his auto-attack.

- Turret Add-on, now ticks +200/400 damage during the charge time of Healbot, this reduces the healing by 65/130
A reliability increase of the damage upgrade. Needs to be tested in a beta if it is too strong without a wind-up. A damage-oriented upgrade that sacrifices healing for strong DPS.

- Hydraulic Sugar Dispenser, cooldown reduction increased from 2.5 to 3s
With this item, Voltar can now summon his Healbot every 10s. It is now more worth the item slot.

- Bombshell, damage reduced from 280 to 250 per stage
A reduction of a very strong offensive item.

Techno Synaptic Wave
- Techno Synaptic Wave now fires two projectiles, one that heals allies for 30 health per hit, and another that damages enemies for 30 hit points on impact
This would make Voltar’s auto-attack much more versatile and allow for hitting enemies through allies and vice versa. Chain-healing with piercing is no longer possible and dealing twice the damage on stacked targets will be resolved.

- Happy Thoughts, now increases healing by 5 per stage
An overall increase to Voltar’s single target healing.

- Twisted Nightmares, now increases damage by 15 per stage but also reduces healing by 5 per stage
Twisted Nightmares now allows Voltar to take on a more offensive role but compromises healing for it. This way Voltar can’t keep high healing while still dealing significant damage in fights.

- Psychokinetic Repulsion, now increases damage and healing by 20% if the projectile has bounced off of a surface
Due to piercing not working with the aforementioned changes, this will grant Voltar a new gimmicky way of maximising his healing or damaging capabilities.

- Chili Flavoured Eye Drops, charge duration reduced from 2 to 1.5s, now triples damage, healing, and heal over time effects, price increased from 125 to 150 solar
A reliability change to make the upgrade more readily available and not give different multipliers for each stat.

- Psychothrust, now increases range and projectile speed by 15% per stage
A small buff to the upgrade will keep its relevance in the row after the new buffs to the neighbouring items.

Some changes were taken from the old data-collection document the balance group utilized some time ago. Let's discuss and see how we can make Voltar more enjoyable overall.

Happy Holidays!

EDIT: Added a new replacement for Hyper Drive since my previous suggestion wasn't solving the root issue of Voltar turniing into a walking DPS ball with no aim required. It was too favored vs. melee characters as well, making it even harder for some match-ups.

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